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Panasonic MC-UL594

Dust Removal: Dust bin; Canister / Upright vacuum cleaner; Equipment: HEPA-Filter

It's noisy but it's certainly powerful, and although the Panasonic MC-UL594 is on the heavy side, a flexible hose with a 15-stair reach makes life easier. GadgetSpeak's only grumble

1 review | 159 opinions (Above average)


More information at: GadgetSpeak, 6/2010 Panasonic MC-UL594 Vacuum Cleaner Panasonic might not be best known for their vacuum cleaners, but as they've done well in that department for 50 years, mainly in Asia, the MC-UL594 could well be worth a look. Single Test. One vacuum cleaner was reviewed and rated on features, performance, value, ease of use and design. … to review

Panasonic MC-CG881
Panasonic MC-CG881

Canister / Upright vacuum cleaner

“Good performance on hard flooring and from crevices, with ‘very good’ suction of upholstery fibres. HEPA filter. Limited engine durability.”

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More information at: test (Stiftung Warentest), issue 4/2009 Less energy, more cleaning Canister vacuum cleaners: the race for the highest wattage appears to be over, and the test results show that lower wattage doesn’t necessarily lead to a loss of suction. In test: The test consisted of eleven canister vacuum cleaners including one device with a dust box instead of an exchangeable cloth dust bag. Ratings ranged from “good” to “poor”. Among the test criteria examined were suction (carpeted flooring/ hard flooring, crevices/ corners and edges ...), handling (assembly, dismantling, grip/ switches, display, dust bag, changing the filter, emptying of the dust box ...) as well as environmental characteristics.

Panasonic MC-CG695
Panasonic MC-CG695

Dust Removal: Dust bag; Canister / Upright vacuum cleaner

“Suction on carpets only ‘satisfactory’, fibre suction ‘good’. Good performance on hard flooring, from crevices and with suction of upholstery fibres. ‘Very good’ durability. Short suction tube.”

2 reviews | 14 opinions (Excellent)


Panasonic AeroSpin MC-UL675
Panasonic AeroSpin MC-UL675

Dust Removal: Dust bin; Canister / Upright vacuum cleaner; Equipment: HEPA-Filter

"Pros: Motor protection feature, telescopic handle. Cons: Remains to be seen if this new method controls clogging for the long term."

1 review


MC-CG 882
Panasonic MC-CG882

Dust Removal: Dust bag; Canister / Upright vacuum cleaner; Equipment: Automatic cable winder, …

“The Panasonic vacuum MC-CG882 is a convincing model with its attractive appearance, its compact size and ease of use. With a HEPA air filter system, double high-performance floor tool with an easy

2 reviews


More information at: Plus X Award, 2010 “Hall of Fame: Best Products of the Year” - Small Electrical Appliances In test: In 2010, 40 products received a “Plus X Award Recommendation” for the category of “Small Electrical Appliances”. The products were honoured with the Plus X Award for special performance in the categories of design, user comfort, innovation, high quality, and ergonomics.


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