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TVonics DTR-HD500
TVonics DTR-HD500

Freeview (DVB-T); Integrated Modules / Features: Hard Drive, Dolby Digital, HDTV, Twin Tuner, …

"... it's not all puppy dogs and kittens. ... Still, as a no-strings alternative to the cable or satellite services, or an add-on for bedroom TV, the HD-500 makes a pretty solid case for …

10 reviews


TVonics DTR-Z500HD

Freeview (DVB-T); Integrated Modules / Features: HDTV, Twin Tuner, EPG, Hard Drive, …

CNET found very little to complain about in the DTR-Z500HD, citing some issues with SD video and its lack of support for music and video playback over USB as its only shortcomings. Luckily,

6 reviews | 14 opinions (Average)


More information at: GadgetSpeak, 5/2011 TVonics DTR-Z500HD This is the latest offering from TVonics, the 500GB machine has what some would describe as a bare interface with the front showing up to three pin hole LEDs; these appear in different combinations of red and green. … to review

TVonics DTR-HV250 DVR
TVonics DTR-HV250 DVR

Freeview (DVB-T); Integrated Modules / Features: HDTV

The most appealing aspect of the DTR-HV250 is its generous feature set, says Tech Radar, who cite its large hard drive, HDMI switching, and array of Freeview and recording functions, as highlights.

4 reviews | 40 opinions (Average)


More information at: TechRadar UK, 2/2010 TVonics DTR-HV250 Crammed with features and easy to use, the only thing taking the shine off this PVR, is its gauzy images. … to review

TVonics MDR-240
TVonics MDR-240

Freeview (DVB-T)

GadgetSpeak concluded that the TVonics MDR-240 puts performance above style, saying that despite its drab appearance, it offers good picture quality, power-conscious operation, and is one of the few …

3 reviews | 55 opinions (Above average)


TVonics DTR-Z500
TVonics DTR-Z500

Freeview (DVB-T); Integrated Modules / Features: Hard Drive, PVR (Sky+ / Freeview Playback)

Reg Hardware felt that if you can get past the pack of any sort of HD out provision, the DTR-Z500 makes a very attractive package. It worked without fuss and didn't require a degree in

1 review | 14 opinions (Average)


More information at: Register Hardware, 12/2008 TVonics DTR-Z500 500GB Freeview+ DVR With the digital switchover fast approaching, a lot of people with older television sets will be looking for a way of adding Freeview functionality to their pre-digital TVs. The DTR-Z500 from TVonics is a British-made, hard-drive toting PVR with a fair dash of style and solid construction. … to review

DVR 250
TVonics DVR-250

Freeview (DVB-T); Integrated Modules / Features: Hard Drive

"With a well-designed interface and a big hard disk, the DVR-FP250 is very reasonably priced. However, its inflexible recording and timeshifting options are a major drawback ..."

4 reviews


More information at: TrustedReviews, 7/2007 Tvonics DVR-250 - Freeview Playback Box The day of using VHS tapes for movie playback may be long gone, but there's still many a video deck going strong in households across the country, used for recording episodes of Corrie, Emmerdale and Eastenders. Despite the advent of recordable DVD, they've never seemed to really take off in the same way that VHS did all those years ago. Perhaps with the arrival of the hard disk-based PVR (personal video recorder) and widespread adoption of digital TV, the humble video recorder will finally die a death. They're certainly becoming more widespread. All the major media companies now offer some sort of hard disk-based recorder with their services, and the number of Freeview boxes in the shops is mushrooming. The latest to hit the TrustedReviews office is from Welsh firm Tvonics, a company specialising in selling homegrown Freeview equipment, whose products are manufactured for them by Sony in the UK. … to review

TVonics MFR-300
TVonics MFR-300

Freeview (DVB-T)

Working without the need for a SCART socket, the MFR-300 would be perfect for older television sets that only feature analogue RF inputs. Its picture quality is not quite up there with the best units

1 review


More information at: Register Hardware, 7/2008 TVonics MFR-300 micro digital TV set-top box With the analogue switch-off fast approaching in some areas, older television sets will need to be augmented with a digital set-top-box in order to receive any signals whatsoever. However, who wants to ruin their carefully crafted entertainment nook with an unsightly box ill-matched to their current d├ęcor? This tiny box from TVonics is sold on the fact that it can be easily hidden behind a TV with the only thing betraying its existence being a small IR receiver for the remote control. … to review

TVonics DVR-150

Freeview (DVB-T); Integrated Modules / Features: Hard Drive

"An amazingly 'right' product at a very attractive price; should fly off the shelves and deservedly so"

2 reviews | 4 opinions (Excellent)



Product information and further reviews

TVonics DTR-HV250 1/2010 - The popularity of the Freeview personal video recorder just goes to show how much consumers' use of television has been altered. The days when one would have to wait in front of the TV for their favourite show are over, since just pressing a few buttons ensures that it will be waiting for you, when you're ready.

TVonics DTR-HV250 Freeview PVR TrustedReviews 12/2009 - The MDR-240 was an already impressive Freeview receiver, but now, with their review of the DTR-HV250, reviewers get the chance to see whether throwing hard-disk recording to its feature set has changed things. As with a lot of products from TVonics, this one promises that ease-of-use was given the utmost attention. Review details: Single Test. One Freeview box was reviewed and rated on design, features, performance and value.

TVonics DTR-HV250 DVR Register Hardware 1/2010 - The British Freeview box manufacturer TVonics seems to have ignored the allure of HDTV or satellite content, and looks to be quite content with the production of quality-built, user-friendly Freeview and Freeview+ products. While these may not be the sort of devices aimed at tech fanatics, they're sure to have appeal for the man in the street.

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