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Panasonic DMR-HW100

Freeview (DVB-T); Integrated Modules / Features: Twin Tuner, PVR (Sky+ / Freeview Playback), …

As far as the quality of its recordings goes, the DMR-HW100 is difficult to fault, say T3, praising also its 2D to 3D conversion technology. However, some details such as a stingy 320GB drive or its

3 reviews | 78 opinions (Above average)


More information at: T3, 12/2011 Panasonic DMR-HW100 After some time away from digital PVRs, Panasonic steps back into the fray with the 3D-compatible DMR-HW100. … to review

Panasonic DMR-HW120

Freeview (DVB-T); Integrated Modules / Features: DLNA, Internet TV, Timeshift, Twin Tuner, …

The Panasonic DMR-HW120 is not as fun as some other models but it is a solid and reliable machine. Trusted Reviews were impressed by its admirable picture quality and dependable recordings which are

1 review | 334 opinions (Above average)


More information at: TrustedReviews, 5/2012 Panasonic DMR-HW120 This PVR from Panasonic's new range has some serious competition but can its credentials prove it a clear winner? … to review

Panasonic DMR-BW880
Panasonic DMR-BW880

Freeview (DVB-T); Integrated Modules / Features: PVR (Sky+ / Freeview Playback), Hard Drive, …

"Pros: Great recording and playback quality. Huge flexibility caters for every need. Cons: Complex – so much so that it can be awkward to live with. Pretty damn."

6 reviews


Panasonic DMR-BW780
Panasonic DMR-BW780

Hard disk drive capacity: 250 GB

"Plus points: It's got it all - Freeview HD recording, Blu-ray playback and recording, surround sound, home media server and internet connectivity. Minus points: Very expensive, …

3 reviews


Panasonic DMR-EX769

Hard disk drive capacity: 250 GB; External Ports: USB, Card Reader

"For: Smart Styling, easy to use; good tuner, faithful recordings; decent 1080p DVD over HDMI. Against: Tired interface; low on frills; relatively small HDD."

3 reviews | 99 opinions (Above average)


Panasonic DMR-EX768

Reception Type: Twin Tuner; Features: Upscaling

While What Hi-Fi found the Panasonic DMR-EX768 to be a great recorder, delivering faithful copies from its digital tuner, the magazine warned that it couldn't compete with more capable players …

3 reviews | 63 opinions (Above average)


Panasonic TU-CTH100

Integrated Modules / Features: Hard Drive

"Maybe you can live with the noise but there's a bigger problem - this PVR is unable to record when in standby mode and suffers from software issues that cause frequent crashes. ..."

1 review



Product information and further reviews

Panasonic DMR-HW100 Expert Reviews 10/2011 - Panasonic's DMR-HW100 is a personal video recorder which features an integrated Freeview HD tuner. What other specifications does it have?

TV timelords What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision 12/2011 - Time-shifting, smart functionality, high-definition TV: master your own scheduling with a Freeview recorder. Review details: Four Freeview HD recorders were reviewed and rated. Final verdicts of 2 x "stunning all-rounder" and 2 x "well worth considering" were awarded.

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