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HDR1000S (500 GB)
Humax HDR-1000S (500GB)

Satellite (Freesat & Sky); Integrated Modules / Features: Hard Drive, Twin Tuner, PVR (Sky+ …

For those who depend on a satellite dish rather than an aerial, the HDR-1000S is a superb choice, as is for those who require DNLA streaming thanks to its amazing versatility and good integration …

2 reviews | 135 opinions (Above average)


Humax DTR-T1010

Integrated Modules / Features: Internet TV, Timeshift, Twin Tuner, PVR (Sky+ / Freeview …

YouView is a fantastic service, and Humax' DTR-T1010 is the best PVR for it you can get right now, thus making it also the best Freeview HD PVR. Expert Reviews loved its classy design and great

1 review


More information at: Expert Reviews, 6/2013 Humax DTR-T1010 Following on the heels of the company's previous DTR-T1000, the DTR-T1010 is exactly the same device in all respects, just with a nicer design and a more solid build. … to review

Humax HB-1000S

Satellite (DVB-S2), Satellite (Freesat & Sky); Integrated Modules / Features: Internet TV, …

Coming in at £100, the HB-1000S offers much more than other boxes costing just a bit less, making it amazing value for money in Expert Reviews' eyes. With it you get regular TV support, a

2 reviews | 96 opinions (Above average)


More information at: Expert Reviews, 12/2013 Humax HB-1000S Combining Freesat HD support, media streaming and a selection of online services for only £100, the HB-1000S looks like a huge bargain. But is it really? … to review

Humax HDR-1000S

Satellite (Freesat & Sky); Integrated Modules / Features: Hard Drive, Twin Tuner, PVR (Sky+ …

As far as the hardware goes, the HDR-1000S is a fantastic box that looks great, runs some excellent software and overall does what it's supposed to in an efficient manner. On-demand content is …

3 reviews | 135 opinions (Above average)


Humax HDR-1010S

Satellite (DVB-S2); Integrated Modules / Features: Hard Drive, HDTV, MHP (Multimedia Home …

Although reviewers at PC Advisor would have liked to see more on-demand services and criticised the temperamental controller, they said that Humax' HDR-1010S is a very good Freesat box at a very …

2 reviews


Humax PR-HD 2000C
Humax PR-HD 2000C

Cable (DVB-C); Integrated Modules / Features: EPG, Dolby Digital, HDTV

“Designed for Germany’s cable network. A Sky certified receiver for Germany’s cable network. Includes a USB connection but no hard drive recording option or ‘view later’ TV. Good picture, very good …

5 reviews


Humax DTR-T1000

Freeview (DVB-T); Integrated Modules / Features: HDTV, Internet TV, Timeshift, Twin Tuner

"... picture quality is excellent, with even upscaled SD shows impressing. Online streams are more varied, but HD stuff is exemplary. ... One of the T1000's few negatives is that it …

2 reviews | 168 opinions (Above average)


Humax HDR-Fox T2
Humax HDR-Fox T2

Freeview (DVB-T); Integrated Modules / Features: MHP (Multimedia Home Platform), EPG, …

Although the HDR-Fox T2 has a strong competitor in the company's own DRT-T1000 with YouView, it's still a strong Freeview+ box with a good number of features whose strongest point for S21

14 reviews | 559 opinions (Above average)


More information at: What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision, issue 10/2010 Humax's foxy Freeview HD PVR Humax already makes an exceptional Freesat PVR, the FOXSAT-HDR, but a Freeview HD model has been absent from its range, until now... … to review

Humax HD-Fox T2
Humax HD-Fox T2

Freeview (DVB-T); Integrated Modules / Features: MHP (Multimedia Home Platform), PVR (Sky+ …

GadgetSpeak found the Humax HD-Fox 2 to be a somewhat limited but nonetheless functional device for watching freeview HD as well as SD and analogue televison channels without resorting to Virgin or

9 reviews | 90 opinions (Above average)


More information at: Expert Reviews, 3/2010 Humax HD-Fox T2 It’s taken a little longer to arrive than we expected, but we finally took delivery of the first Freeview HD product: Humax’s HD-Fox T2. We first saw a working prototype at Humax's pre-release demonstration in early December 2009, and now we’ve had time to properly test out what this tiny box is capable of. … to review

iCord HD Plus
Humax iCord HD+

Satellite (DVB-S2), Satellite (Freesat & Sky); Integrated Modules / Features: EPG, HDTV

“A lot of features for a lot of money. At 650 euros, the Humax iCord HD+ is a lot more expensive than a standard entry-level model without a recording function. It would, however, be unfair to lump

4 reviews


More information at: STEREO, issue 4/2010 No fast -forwarding! A new TV age is beginning: some of the major broadcasters are now transmitting their programmes in high resolution. Everyone is getting in on the act, stepping onto the HD+ platform with hefty copy protection. ‘STEREO’ tests out the first HD+ compatible satellite receivers and tries to untangle the complexities that surround HDTV. In test: Three HD+ satellite receivers were reviewed.

Humax PVR-9150T

Freeview (DVB-T); Integrated Modules / Features: Twin Tuner, EPG, PVR (Sky+ / Freeview …

Considering its dirt-cheap price tag, the PVR-9150T is not a bad offering at all, CNET reckon. It lacks an HDMI output as well as stereo audio out and the user interface is blockish and ugly, but

2 reviews | 510 opinions (Above average)


More information at:, 8/2011 Humax PVR-9150T It's not that Humax' PVR-9150T is retro-looking, it's just that it's actually been around for quite some time and still hasn't been superseded by a newer model. … to review

Foxsat-HD freesat
Humax Foxsat-HD

Satellite (Freesat & Sky), Satellite (Digital); Integrated Modules / Features: Dolby Digital, …

Personal Computer World experienced a lag with some high definition material, which they thought wasn't the best showcase for an ostensibly HD-oriented device, add in the fact that there are

5 reviews


More information at: Personal Computer World, 7/2008 Humax Foxsat-HD Freesat receiver Humax is well known in Europe as a manufacturer of satellite set-top-boxes and with the introduction of Freesat in the UK the company is seeking to increase its profile in our shores with a dedicated Freesat box. … to review

Humax Foxsat-HDR
Humax Foxsat-HDR

Satellite (DVB-S2), Satellite (Freesat & Sky); Integrated Modules / Features: Twin Tuner, …

Not only is the Humax Foxsat-HDR cheaper and more environmentally friendlier than the Sky HD service, but Electric Pig were also impressed by its intuitive and slick menus, a huge 320GB hard drive,

1 review | 651 opinions (Above average)


More information at: Electric Pig, 6/2009 Humax Foxsat-HDR When on stand-by, the eco-friendly Humax Foxsat-HDR uses just a fraction of the energy used by a Sky HD box, so it deserves to be pleased with itself. … to review

Humax Duovisio PVR-9200TB

Freeview (DVB-T); Integrated Modules / Features: Hard Drive

"The Humax PVR-9200T cements its reputation as the king of PVRs with a set of new features that enhance its already unbeatable user-friendliness. Picture quality is superb by digital TV …

3 reviews | 69 opinions (Above average)


Duovisio PVR-9200 T
Humax Duovisio PVR-9200T

Freeview (DVB-T); Integrated Modules / Features: Hard Drive

"Overall, you wouldn't be disappointed to own one of these Humax PVRs. The only problem is you might be disappointed to discover you can get better for less."

7 reviews | 75 opinions (Above average)


Humax F2-Fox T

Freeview (DVB-T)

"Whether you are looking for a box for a 20in CRT or a 50in Plasma, this is the one. It's a true digital TV all-rounder."

1 review


Humax HDCI-2000

Satellite (Freesat & Sky)

"A decent solution for some, but too expensive for what it offers."

3 reviews | 1 opinion (Above average)


Humax PVR 8000

Freeview (DVB-T); Integrated Modules / Features: Hard Drive

"A quality Freeview receiver and hard drive recorder in one, the PVR-8000T is effectively the digital terrestrial equivalent of Sky+."

1 review



Product information and further reviews for Humax Set Top Boxes

Finally: plenty of HD to feast our eyes upon digital home 1/2010 - Public broadcasters have got their HDTV channels up and running just in time for the beginning of the Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver. But now there are plenty of other channels that are also available in high resolution. ‘digital home’ took a closer look and reveals which HD programming you can receive where. Review details: Five HDTV set top boxes were tested. They were rated 1.4 and 1.5. Among the test criteria were image (sharpness, colour fidelity, reception), sound and features (hardware, software).

For Free and Pay TV Heimkino 4-5/2010 - The launch of several of Germany’s main TV channels in HD means that now even cable customers are able to partake in the high resolution experience. ‘HEIMKINO’ tested out a set top box designed for Germany’s cable customers. Review details: Single test. Test criteria were picture, sound, features, build quality and operation.

First look: Humax iCord HD+ INFODIGITAL 5/2010 - With its iCord HD+ model, Humax has brought out a hybrid satellite receiver which is perfect not only for receiving high-resolution broadcasts but for displaying internet content as well. ‘INFOSAT’ gave this new device a closer look.

Humax says Sky's not the limit What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision 3/2007 - You've not switched to high-def yet? What's going on? Oh, right, you don't want to spend upwards of £600 per year on a subscription to Sky or Telewest, and you're convinced that's the only way of receiving HD material.

Humax blazes the Freesat trail What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision 7/2008 - Humax has a long history in manufacturing set-top boxes, with a large user base in Europe and since the introduction of their well-received Freebow PVRs are beginning to make a name for themselves in the UK too. The Foxsat-HD is their first satellite receivers to receive the Freesat seal of approval and with High Definition and Dolby Digital support could be the perfect match for your HD TV while the wait for Freeview HD goes on.

Humax Foxsat-HD (freesat) 5/2008 - With the analogue switch-off looming, many homes are finding their ability to receive Freeview hampered by among other things, the English bad weather and Freeview's weakened signal. Freesat promises to be the answer to these woes and offers a package of 80 TV and radio stations for a one-off payment. How does Humax's box compare to the BskyB service and can it do enough to really make the launch of Freesat a success?

Humax Duovisio PVR-9200T Computer Shopper 6/2006 - While England fans were celebrating their team's 2-1 victory over Uruguay, the Shopper team were commiserating an undeserved draw. The error was due to Humax's Duovisio PVR-9200T, which had finished recording the match at the scheduled time, thereby missing the all-important winning goal. But excepting this one error, it's a great device that will dramatically improve your Freeview TV viewing.

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