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Goodmans GDB300HD

Freeview (DVB-T); Integrated Modules / Features: Dolby Digital

For such a minimal price, CNet declared the Goodmans GDB300HD to be a decent Freeview HD box, representing a very good bargain.The menus look good as do the pictures but remote commands can be rather …

5 reviews


Goodmans GFSDTR320HD
Goodmans GFSDTR320HD

Satellite (Freesat & Sky); Integrated Modules / Features: PVR (Sky+ / Freeview Playback)

GadgetSpeak were satisfied with the features and performance of the Goodmans GFSDTR320HD receiver and PVR. Although it can take a while to get used to some of the functions of the GFSDTR320HD,

1 review | 19 opinions (Average)


More information at: GadgetSpeak, 5/2010 Goodmans Satellite Receiver and PVR This looks rather like the Grundig machine recently reviewed however there are differences; one is that it has features such as the ability to set HD recordings in advance for ITV programs via the improved program guide. … to review

Goodmans GFSDTR500HD
Goodmans GFSDTR500HD

Freeview (DVB-T); Integrated Modules / Features: Twin Tuner, Hard Drive, HDTV

"For: Good HDMI pictures; Upscaling; Easy setup. Against: Not great for non-Freesat channels; A little expensive."

1 review


More information at: TechRadar UK, 4/2010 Goodmans GFSTDR500HD This 500GB Freesat+ HD PVR comes from the same stable as Grundig's equivalent. Is there much to choose between them? … to review

Goodmans GFSAT200HD
Goodmans GFSAT200HD

Satellite (Digital); Integrated Modules / Features: HDTV

The temperamental first set-up, and the inevitable firmware updates via sattelite may cause problems for less experienced users, for whom What Hi-Fi? recommends Humax's offering instead.

2 reviews


More information at: TrustedReviews, 6/2008 Goodmans GFSAT200HD HD Freesat Receiver Goodmans joins the Freesat frenzy with it's first ever HD receiver. How does the GFSAT200HD work out? … to review

GHD1621 F2
Goodmans GHD1621F2

Freeview (DVB-T); Integrated Modules / Features: Hard Drive

"... Somehow, in upping the capacity of the hard disk and messing with the aesthetics of the product, Goodmans has managed to transform a bargain into an also-ran."

3 reviews | 11 opinions (Below average)


More information at: What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision, issue 3/2008 PVR can't match its little brother Its products range in quality from 'pretty poor' to 'really very good indeed', but one thing you can rely on from Goodmans is aggressive pricing. This GHD1621F2 'Freeview playback' (or 'personal video recorder' if you prefer) machine has twin digital tuners, so you ccan record from one channel while watching another or record two channels at once, and a 160GB hard disk drive so there's plenty of space for recordings. All for just £150. … to review

Goodmans GHD2521F2

Freeview (DVB-T); Integrated Modules / Features: PVR (Sky+ / Freeview Playback), Hard Drive

Integrating the best parts of the 160GB version including the attractive interface and strong picture quality from both live and recorded sources, Trusted Reviews felt the GHD2521F2 was a great PVR

1 review


More information at: TrustedReviews, 6/2008 Goodmans GHD2521F2 Twin-Tuner PVR Goodmans GHD2521F2 Twin-Tuner PVR looks promising with its 250GB hard drive. But can it really deliver like the popular Goodmans 160GB version? … to review

GHD8020 F2
Goodmans GHD8020F2

Freeview (DVB-T); Integrated Modules / Features: Hard Drive

"Its timeshifting mode isn't the most flexible of the PVRs in the group, but Goodmans' GHD8020F2 is still fairly capable. ..."

1 review


Goodmans GHD8015F2
Goodmans GHD8015F2

Freeview (DVB-T); Integrated Modules / Features: Hard Drive

"If you're more of a TV skimmer than couch potato, the £100 Goodmans GHD8015F2 will do you fine. Just don't expect full PVR functionality."

3 reviews


More information at: Computer act!ve, 1/2007 Goodmans GHD8015F2 personal video recorder When Sky+ and Tivo arrived almost five years ago, only the most committed of couch potatoes were willing to shell out big bucks for these tape-less recording devices. Fast forward five years and Goodmans is selling one for under £100. What's more, it's got two Freeview (digital TV) tuners, an 80Gb hard disk - good enough for about 40 hours of telly - and a seven-day EPG. … to review

Goodmans GHD8020DVBT

Freeview (DVB-T); Integrated Modules / Features: Hard Drive

"Weaknesses? There's only an 80GB/35-hour hard disk, and with some here boasting 250GB that seems paltry. There should be a 160GB model next year."

1 review


More information at: What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision, issue 10/2007 Freeview at your fingertips With easy-to-use on-screen Electronic Programme Guides, and hefty hard disks, today's PVRs make missing your favourite TV shows a thing of the past. In test: Four Freeview Playback capable digital set top boxes were reviewed and rated based on performance, features and build. Scores ranged from 4 to 5 stars out of 5. … to review

Goodmans GDB15HD

Freeview (DVB-T)

"The increase in quality of the Goodmans tuner over non-upscaling boxes is significant enough to garner a recommendation, particularly if you don't have a built-in Freeview tuner in your …

1 review | 18 opinions (Average)


Goodmans GDB6

Freeview (DVB-T)

"The Goodmans' picture is far more noisy, its overall contrast levels quite poor, and its lack of detail when viewing dark scenes much more obvious. ..."

1 review | 4 opinions (Average)



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