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PS 64 F 8500
Samsung PS64F8500

Plasma; Full HD; 64"; 3D-ready, Voice controlled, Gesture controlled, Face recognition, …

Quality doesn't come cheap, and supreme quality like the PS64F8500ST offers is supremely expensive, but if picture quality is your most important concern when buying a TV, few can top it. Expert


3 reviews


More information at: Home Cinema Choice, 5/2013 Samsung PS64F8500 TV There seems to be a consensus that plasma's days are numbered, but it seems that Samsung didn't get the memo, since it's just delivered the huge PS64F8500. … to review

UE 55 F 9000
Samsung UE55F9000

LCD; Ultra HD; 55"; 3D-ready, Internet TV, LED Backlight, 3D Conversion; 1000Hz

Apart from being cheaper than Sony's 65X9005A, the UE55F9000 is also a better all-around effort overall in Home Cinema Choice's opinion. Its picture quality is simply stunning, both with …


3 reviews | 5 opinions


UE 85 S 9000
Samsung UE85S9000

LCD; Ultra HD; 85"; 3D-ready, HbbTV, MHL support, 3D Conversion, 4K upscaling, Web browser, …

The features, size, price and specs of the UE85S9 are all in line with its flagship status, but what really swept Home Cinema Choice off their feet was its utterly stunning picture quality. Its …


3 reviews


UE 46 F 8000
Samsung UE46F8000

LCD; Full HD; 46"; 3D-ready, Web browser, Smartphone controlled, Voice controlled, …

Although Samsung's voice and gesture controls are both gimmicky and poorly implemented, the UE46F8000ST is a stunning TV in all other respects. Since there are no decent picture presets,


2 reviews | 12 opinions


More information at: Home Cinema Choice, 6/2013 Samsung UE46F8000 The UE46F8000 sits at the top of Samsung's 46-inchers, something you can tell just by looking at it, with its sliver-thin bezel and 'Arc' stand. But is it as amazing on the inside as it is on the outside? … to review

UE 32 F 6400
Samsung UE32F6400

LCD; Full HD; 32"; 3D-ready, Voice controlled, 3D Conversion, Internet TV, LED Backlight, …

"FOR: Sharp, detailed picture; great sound; excellent catch-up TV services; easy to use. AGAINST: Voice interaction is ineffective; whites could be punchier; 3D picture is wearing."


1 review | 9 opinions


UE 40 F 7000 ST
Samsung UE40F7000ST

LCD; Full HD; 40"; 3D-ready, Smartphone controlled, Voice controlled, Gesture controlled, …

"FOR: Nice design; breadth of smart functions; deep blacks; plenty of subtle detail. AGAINST: Tuner performance could do with a little more subtlety."


1 review


PS 51 E 6500
Samsung PS51E6500

Plasma; Full HD; 51"; 3D-ready, HbbTV, Smartphone controlled, Wi-Fi Direct, 3D Conversion, …

Samsung's PS51E6500 has little to envy Panasonic's ST range of plasma TVs, something that's quite a feat. Not only does it look gorgeous, but it's fantastically equipped


1 review | 5 opinions


More information at: S21, 12/2012 Samsung PS51E6500 Samsung's LED TVs usually look sleeker than its plasma sets, but truth be told, the PS51E6500 is a very stylish proposition. S21 put it through its paces to see whether its performance is on a par with its looks. … to review

UE 46 F 7000
Samsung UE46F7000

LCD; Full HD; 46"; 3D-ready, Voice controlled, Gesture controlled, Face recognition, …

While the picture quality of Samsung's UE46F7000 is not as sublime as that of the F8000 series, it's still jawdropping both with 2D and 3D material. Home Cinema Choice were also quite taken


4 reviews | 2 opinions


More information at: Home Cinema Choice, 8/2013 Samsung UE46F7000 The UE46F8000 is one of Samsung's best TVs ever, so if the UE46F7000 inherits even a fraction of its quality, it could be a truly stunning proposition for the money. … to review

PS 51 F 8500
Samsung PS51F8500

Plasma; Full HD; 51"; 3D-ready, 3D Conversion, Internet TV, Media Streaming, Smartphone …

Expensive as it may be, the price tag of the PS51F8500ST is well worth paying in PC Advisor's opinion owing to its extraordinary image quality, shadow detail, contrast and colour. There are some


5 reviews


More information at: What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision, issue 7/2013 Stellar performance kicks off the 2013 battle Samsung's quest for TV domination has never depended only on its range of highly capable LCD sets; the company has a fine track record with plasma panels, too. ... … to review

UE 55 F 8000
Samsung UE55F8000

LCD; Full HD; 55"; 3D-ready, Voice controlled, Gesture controlled, Face recognition, …

As far as picture quality goes, Home Cinema Choice reckon the UE55F8000 is Samsung's best LED TV ever. Black levels are deep but shadow detail is preserved, the backlighting is uniform, and


7 reviews | 17 opinions


More information at: Home Cinema Choice, 9/2013 Samsung UE55F8000 The jaw-dropping design of the UE55F8000 is a definite point in its favour, but its rivals in this price range don't look exactly bad either, so it'll have to be a lot more than just a pretty face to be a success. … to review

UE 46F 6500
Samsung UE46F6500

LCD; Full HD; 46"; 3D-ready, HbbTV, Audio return channel, 3D Conversion, Internet TV, …

All the TVs Samsung has released this year have been outstanding, and the UE46F6500 is no exception. You need a bit of work to optimise the picture, but once it's done, it's one of the best …


1 review


UE 32 F 6800 SB
Samsung UE32F6800SB

LCD; Full HD; 32"; 3D-ready, Media player, Web browser, Voice controlled, Internet TV, …

Even if you're not interested in having 3D in such a small screen, the UE32F6800 is still a fantastic buy and one that proves that Samsung isn't putting all its eggs only in the high-end …


1 review | 105 opinions


UE 40 F 6400
Samsung UE40F6400

LCD; Full HD; 40"; 3D-ready, Smartphone controlled, Wi-Fi Direct, Voice controlled, …

Despite its weak upscaling capabilities and slightly thicker than average body, the UE40F6400 is an excellent value TV thanks to its generous app selection, Samsung's excellent Smart Hub, and …


3 reviews


UE 40 F 6800
Samsung UE40F6800

LCD; Full HD; 40"; 3D-ready, Wi-Fi Direct, Voice controlled, 3D Conversion, Internet TV, …

It might have a few quirks such as its extra wide frame and relatively small size for a 3D set, but overall, the UE40F6800 is an excellent set. So much, in fact, that Trusted Reviews said it's


3 reviews | 105 opinions


More information at: S21, 5/2013 Samsung UE40F6800 The sheer amount of 40-inch TVs in Samsung's catalogue can make choosing one difficult, so S21 put the UE40F6800 through its paces to help you with your decision. … to review

PS 51 F 5500
Samsung PS51F5500

Plasma; Full HD; 51"; 3D-ready, Media player, Web browser, 3D Conversion, Internet TV; 600Hz

"... the PS51F5500 ... produces a truly superb picture for the money, it looks great, and it's as smart as many TVs that cost three-times as much. ..."


3 reviews | 152 opinions


UE 40 F6500
Samsung UE40F6500

LCD; Full HD; 40"; 3D-ready, HbbTV, PVR, Smartphone controlled, 24p, Wi-Fi Direct, …

"FOR: Good tuner and scaling; well-judged colours; excellent smart features. AGAINST: Needs more detail, subtlety and deeper blacks."


1 review


KE 55S9C
Samsung KE55S9C

OLED TV; Full HD; 55"; 3D-ready, HbbTV, Face recognition, Integrated camera, Audio return …

"The Samsung KE55S9C is a great TV. ... Then again, it’s eye-wateringly expensive, the curve isn’t all that necessary, and the lack of 4K means it’s not future-proof. There’s plenty to love …


1 review


UE 55 F 7000 ST
Samsung UE55F7000ST

LCD; Full HD; 55"; 3D-ready, Face recognition, Integrated camera, Internet TV, LED Backlight, …

If you can't go for the superior F8000-series model, Trusted Reviews think that the UE55F7000 is a great alternative thanks to its excellent pictures in all viewing conditions and from all …


2 reviews | 3 opinions


UN 50 F 5500 AF
Samsung UN50F5500AF

LCD; Full HD; 50"; Web browser, Internet TV, LED Backlight, Media Streaming, Miracast

Thanks to its excellent picture quality, impressive amount of smart features and large screen, the UN50F5500AF is a great buy for IT Reviews. Samsung's Smart Hub is as good as always, and …


1 review


UE 40 F 6740
Samsung UE40F6740

LCD; Full HD; 40"; Wi-Fi Direct, Voice controlled, Audio return channel, Internet TV, …

Thanks to its gorgeous design, top notch connectivity, great image quality and superb smart TV functionality, the UE40F6740 is one of the most attractive TVs on the market right now. Nevertheless,


1 review | 5 opinions


More information at: S21, 5/2013 Samsung UE40F6740 Samsung's range of 40-inch TVs for 2013 is massive, making it difficult to find your way among the maze of similar-but-different models. The UE40F6740 sits just below the F7000, offering most of its features for a more reasonable price. … to review


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Product information and further reviews

Samsung UE55ES8000 S21 12/2012 - The UE55ES8000 impresses with its sheer size and gorgeous looks even before you turn it on, but does it also make a good impression when it's running?

Samsung UE55ES8000 TrustedReviews 2/2012 - The 55inch LCD Samsung UE55ES8000 is an imposing TV and the amount of features on offer is massive. Is it too big to handle or could you be on to a winner with this flagship TV?

Samsung UE40D6530 TrustedReviews 7/2011 - Right from the off, the Samsung UE40D6530 has two points in its favour: it's drop dead gorgeus and it carries an amazingly affordable price tag.

Samsung UE40D6530 Expert Reviews 6/2011 - Not only is the UE40D6530 quite a looker, but, as its impressive spec sheet shows, it's also much more than just a pretty face.

Samsung D6530 (UE40D6530) 6/2011 - Samsung aren't usually one to leave you hungry for more when it comes to features, and with their Smart TV Internet portal, heaps of picture processing options, and 3D support, it looks as though the mid-range UE40D6530 is no exception.

Samsung PS50B650 50in plasma TV TrustedReviews 4/2009 - Samsung's new 50" Plasma TV looks bigger than it is courtesy the wide black bezel with dark red edging along the base. USB connectivity allows for multiple devices and a wireless dongle for broadband goes to Samsung's Media@2.0. And how does the image look on the PS50B650 ? Review details: Single Test. One Plasma TV was reviewed and rated on design, features, image quality, sound quality and value. An overall score out of 10 was given.

Samsung LE40F71B 3/2007 - Samsung offers some of the best-value televisions on the market and now it's getting in on the budget act with this 'Full HD' 40-inch LCD. With plenty of features such as a memory card reader, Picture in Picture and MP3 playback, the Korean giant is trying its best to show the more established manufacturers a thing or two about hi-def tellies.

Samsung gets broadcast blues What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision 1/2007 - The first thing you notice about a Samsung TV these days is how good it looks. We're not yet talking about picture quality - that comes later - but about the rather nifty styling.

Samsung LE-32R87BD 32in LCD TV TrustedReviews 6/2007 - Clearly, size matters. For surely if Samsung was anything less than the world’s largest maker of LCD panels it wouldn’t be able to sell a 32in LCD TV as packed with features and quality as the LE-32R87BD for south of £500. Right from the off the price/quality equation just doesn’t seem to make sense. The TV’s sumptuous high gloss finish, minimal fascia and subtle but telling curves all belong on a premium TV, not one priced at the ‘bargain basement’ level.

Samsung LE46M87 5/2007 - 1080p is here to stay -- for people who want to own the best possible equipment, it offers them the opportunity to enjoy some of the finest-quality images ever seen in the home. Samsung's M87 range of 1080p televisions offers top-of-the range features and high-quality picture processing. The range is also well styled and will appeal to people who don't just want a television, but a centrepiece for their lounge.

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