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32 F 8030 T
Finlux 32F8030-T

LCD; Full HD; 32"; Media player, Internet TV, WLAN, LED Backlight, PVR

As far as value for money goes, the 32F8030-T is hard to top. Its smart TV functionality is pretty decent, the remote is fantastic, connectivity is great for the price, including a wi-fi dongle, and

3 reviews | 23 opinions (Above average)


More information at: TrustedReviews, 2/2013 Finlux 32F8030-T The 32F8030-T is one of the cheapest 32-inch TVs on the market, but does it punch above its weight? … to review

32 F 7020-T
Finlux 32F7020-T

LCD; Full HD; 3D-ready, Media player, PVR

"FOR: Crisp and clean picture in standard def and HD; decent colour palette; very good value. AGAINST: No smart TV or internet; 3D quality is patchy; black levels could be subtler; thin …

1 review | 13 opinions (Above average)


47 S 9100-T
Finlux 47S9100-T

LCD; Full HD; 47"; 3D-ready, Smartphone controlled, 3D Conversion, Internet TV, LED Backlight, …

"FOR: Price; colourful and detailed picture; passive 3D is comfortable and smooth. AGAINST: Black levels could be deeper; rivals have more insight; needs more smart content."

1 review


More information at: What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision, issue 6/2013 2013 TVs: Newer, smarter, slimmer, better From intelligent smart systems to stunning passive 3D and more, this year looks to be the most exciting yet for new tellies. In test: Four TVs were reviewed and rated. Final verdicts of 2 x "stunning all-rounder" and 2 x "well worth considering" were awarded. … to review

26 F 7030
Finlux 26F7030

LCD; Full HD; 26"; 3D-ready, PVR, Media player

"... The 26F7030 offers good performance, a decently sized screen - and the killer feature of 3D - for a great price. It'll be ideal for those who have a smaller living room and a

1 review | 19 opinions (Above average)


More information at: What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision, issue 12/2012 It's what you watch on it that counts Don't be fooled by their screen size - these six TVs are big on offering small-room HD thrills, 3D, and a few smart touches... In test: Six small-screen TVs were reviewed and rated. Final verdicts of 2 x "stunning all-rounder", 3 x "well worth considering" and 1 x "decent" were awarded. … to review

40 F 6050
Finlux 40F6050

LCD; Full HD; 40"; Media player, LED Backlight, PVR

For a set costing less than £300, the 40F6050's contrast and colour handling are brilliant. Unfortunately, this is still a budget TV through and through, and Trusted Reviews pointed out that its …

1 review


42 S 9100-T
Finlux 42S9100-T

LCD; Full HD; 42"; 3D-ready, 3D Conversion, Internet TV, Smartphone controlled

It might boast all the features that most consumers lust after these days such as 3D or internet services, but the 42S9100-T came across as a disappointment to PC Advisor due to its pedestrian image …

1 review | 1 opinion (Excellent)


55 S 9100-T
Finlux 55S9100-T

LCD; Full HD; 55"; 3D-ready, Media player, Smartphone controlled, 3D Conversion, Internet TV, …

Due to the slow performance of the 55S9100-T's user interface and Smart TV, it's best suited to those who already have a smart HD source to handle those functions. For the price, this is a …

1 review


Finlux 42F7010
Finlux 42F7010

LCD; Full HD; 42"; 3D-ready, LED Backlight

The Finlux 42F7010 42 inch passive 3D TV comes with eight bundled pairs of 3D glasses and 3D image quality is okay, though it does suffer from ghosting. TechRadar think it has a very attractive

2 reviews | 1 opinion (Average)


More information at: TechRadar UK, 4/2012 Finlux 42F7010 The Finlux 42F7010 42inch budget friendly TV has passive 3D support. What other features are on offer here? … to review

Finlux 32F703

LCD; Full HD; 32"; 3D-ready

The Finlux 32F703 TV has a 32 inch screen, passive 3D technology, video recording features and it comes at a very reasonable price. CNET say that though two 6W integrated speakers might not seem up

1 review


More information at:, 4/2012 Finlux 32F703 Although the Finlux 32F703 TV can only be purchase via the brand's website, they have created a very tempting proposition. … to review

32 H 503
Finlux 32H503

LCD; HD-Ready; 32"; Media player, PVR

If you have a tight budget, the Finlux-32h503 32inch LCD TV is an attractive proposition. While you can't expect the highest quality or largest range of features at this price point, it

1 review


More information at: TrustedReviews, 3/2012 Finlux 32H503 The Finlux 32H503 32inch LCD TV is available for a budget friendly price but can it offer a high quality performance? … to review

Finlux 55S6040-M

LCD; HD-Ready; 55"; LED Backlight; 100Hz

The Finlux 55S6040-M is a 55 inch TV with a slightly more affordable price, in comparison to the competition. It's quite well built but the thick, no frills bezel is an indicator of the more

1 review


More information at: TrustedReviews, 3/2012 Finlux 55S6040-M Finlux have dipped in and out of the UK market over the last forty years without making much of a splash. Now they are back with the Finlux 55S6040-M 55 inch LED TV. … to review

Finlux 42F701

LCD; Full HD; 42"; 3D-ready, Media Streaming

"FOR: Decently detailed and sharp image; relatively good with 3D. AGAINST: Black levels could go deeper; some motion judder; unsubtle colours."

1 review


Finlux 42FLHDF850U

Large Screen Televisions; Full HD

Finlux's 42FLHDF85OU scored the worst in the What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision Supertest. Poor image quality marred by excessive noise along with average sound and general lack of quality meant that

1 review


More information at: What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision, issue 3/2009 The next big thing for you? Eight of the best 40-42in TVs With large-screen TVs becoming the choice of purchase, eight new and established models, most with Full HD and all able to screen 1080p/24fps Blu-ray, were brought together to see where the state of play is at. In test: Eight 40-42in TVs were reviewed and rated based on picture, sound and features. Overall final scores ranged from "excellent" to "below par". … to review


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Finlux 42F7010 TrustedReviews 4/2012 - The first two TVs from Finlux looked at by TrustedReviews were purely 2D and proved quite impressive. Can their 3D offering also make a good impression?

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