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Toshiba Regza 42HL833

LCD; Full HD; 42"; LED Backlight

In order to offer edge LED lighting on such a cheap TV, Toshiba have had to make some cuts to the 42HL833. For example, there is no Freeview HD tuner included and no online features or DLNA. The …

3 reviews | 44 opinions (Above average)


Philips 46PFL8605K
Philips 46PFL8605K

LCD; Full HD; 46"; 3D-ready, Internet TV, WLAN, LED Backlight, Media Streaming, 24p; 200Hz

“... Scoring 90.5%, the Philips TV received an overall grade of “good” and is suited for those who place a lot of value on the appearance of their TV and don’t have 3D in the forefront of their …

4 reviews


UE 46 D 7000
Samsung UE46D7000

LCD; Full HD; 46"; 3D-ready, LED Backlight, Internet TV, WLAN

"FOR: Handsome TV with a spec-sheet as long as your arm; great interface; fine picture quality. AGAINST: 3D could bear even more refining; Smart Hub still awaits BBC iPlayer."

4 reviews


Panasonic Viera TX-P50GW20

Plasma; Full HD; 50"; WLAN, 24p

“Likes: low power consumption; fast internet application; recording function; USB keyboard can be connected.”

4 reviews


Quattron LC46LE831E
Sharp AQUOS Quattron LC-46LE831E

LCD; Full HD; 46"; 3D-ready, Internet TV, WLAN, LED Backlight, Media Streaming; 200Hz

As far as picture quality goes, only Panasonic's plasma TVs can hold a candle to the LC-46LE831E. Contrast, colour and sharpness are all top notch, and even its 3D performance is quite decent …

3 reviews | 5 opinions (Excellent)


Sony Bravia KDL-32EX500

LCD; Full HD; 32"; Internet TV

“The KDL-32EX500 can receive digital TV via cable or aerial. It presents TV programs and films from Blu-ray discs with natural colours, fluid movements and rich black tones. Its sound quality was the …

3 reviews


Life S 16000 (MD 30408)
Medion Life S16000 (MD 30408)

LCD; Full HD; 40"; LED Backlight, 24p; 100Hz

“By itself the Medion is a solid TV, but in this review it came up against some tough competition. In comparison to the others, this device suffers because of its rather meagre set of features and …

3 reviews


84 LM 960 V
LG 84LM960V

LCD; Ultra HD; 84"; 3D-ready, HbbTV, 3D Conversion, Internet TV, Web browser, LED Backlight, …

In Expert Reviews' opinon, the outrageous price tag that the 84LM960V commands is not worth forking out right now due mainly to the current scarcity of native Ultra HD content. It is a truly …

9 reviews


Philips 19PFL3405H

LCD; HD-Ready; 19"; LED Backlight

“Likes: stylish housing; good sound. Dislikes: no media player.”

3 reviews | 6 opinions (Above average)


LE 40 C 530
Samsung LE40C530

LCD; Full HD; 40"

“Likes: good sharpness levels; extensive format support via USB. Dislikes: juddery Blu-ray playback; few ports.”

4 reviews | 150 opinions (Excellent)


BenQ ML2441
BenQ ML2441

LCD; Full HD; 23.6"; LED Backlight, 24p

Energy efficiency: “Upper Class” (85.0 out of 100 points); image quality: “Mid Range” (72.8 out of 100 points); ergonomics: “Upper Class” (88.3 out of 100 points); features: “Top class” (96.3 out of …

5 reviews


Technisat TechniLine 32 HD
Technisat TechniLine 32 HD

LCD; Full HD; 32"; 24p

“The TechniSat TechniLine 32 HD is an 80 centimetre LCD TV with a physical resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. It scores a ‘good’ picture in overall ratings (close to ‘satisfactory’) It is well suited …

5 reviews


Sony Bravia KDL-40EX500

LCD; Full HD; 40"; Internet TV

“... A weak TV signal via DVB-T may well be a sight for sore eyes on this Sony TV, but it’s visibly better at formatting than the competition ... This LCD-TV copes fantastically with low quality …

3 reviews


37 LD 450
LG 37LD450

LCD; Full HD; 37"; 24p

Picture (40%): “average”; sound (20%): “average”; versatility (10%): “average”; handling (13%): “good”; energy consumption (5%): “average”; Extras (12%): “very good”.

3 reviews | 38 opinions (Above average)


Panasonic Viera TX-P42GT20

Plasma; Full HD; 42"; 3D-ready, Internet TV, WLAN, Media Streaming, PVR, 24p, Media player; …

Picture (40%): “average”; sound (20%): “good”; versatility (10%): “very good”; handling (13%): “good”; energy consumption (5%): “not satisfactory”; Extras (12%): “good”.

6 reviews | 16 opinions (Above average)


Viera TX-P55VT50
Panasonic Viera TX-P55VT50B

Plasma; Full HD; 55"; 3D-ready, HbbTV, Internet TV, Media Streaming, PVR, Media player, 24p, …

TrustedReviews were excited by the flagship 55 inch Panasonic TX-P55VT50 plasma TV, with a smart design and various features. It has Smart TV online and multimedia features, a dual-core processor, it …

1 review


Samsung UE46C9090

LCD; Full HD; 46"; 3D-ready, PVR, 24p, Media player, 3D Conversion, Internet TV, WLAN, …

“Likes: super sleek design/ HDTV twin tuner/ very good picture.”

3 reviews


Regza 40 RV733G
Toshiba Regza 40RV733G

LCD; Full HD; 40"; Media Streaming, 24p

“Likes: network connection for DLNA; good connector panel. Dislikes: choppy Blu-ray playback; USB only supports photo playback.”

4 reviews


Bravia KDL52LX905
Sony Bravia KDL-52LX905

LCD; Full HD; 52"; 3D-ready, LED Backlight, 24p, WLAN; 200Hz

“With innovative features, high contrast and excellent motion sharpness, the Sony performs well as a normal TV, home theatre as well as a 3D device. The only things to criticize are the somewhat …

5 reviews


Viera TX-P42VT20B
Panasonic Viera TX-P42VT20

Plasma; Full HD; 42"; 3D-ready, PVR, 24p, Media player, Internet TV, WLAN, Media Streaming; …

Trusted Reviews reckon that the Panasonic VT20 range of 3D televisions are the most reliable and watchable that you can buy, and the introduction of this new Viera TX-P42VT20 to the series, only …

2 reviews | 9 opinions (Above average)



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