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Sony KDL-37EX524

LCD; Full HD; 37"; Internet TV, 24p, LED Backlight, Media Streaming, WLAN

The KDL-37EX524's flaws are well balanced out by its good qualities, resulting in a good value TV that can stand up competently to more expensive sets. Pocket-lint pointed out its excellent …

3 reviews | 10 opinions (Excellent)


Viera TX-P46 GT30 B
Panasonic Viera TX-P46GT30B

Plasma; Full HD; 46"; 3D-ready, Internet TV, 3D Conversion, 24p, WLAN, Media player, …

With manufacturers like LG and Samsung biting at its heels, Panasonic seem to have felt the need to make it clear why there's no better 3D experience than the one that its plasma sets offer. …

4 reviews | 80 opinions (Above average)


Lenovo SmartTV K91

LCD; Full HD; 55"; 3D-ready, LED Backlight, Internet TV, 3D Conversion; 200Hz

T3, says Lenovo is getting ready to launch an alternative to the bona fide platform of Android for its new television. The SmartTV K91 is a progressive take on the Android operating system, and …

2 reviews


Viera TX-P55VT50
Panasonic Viera TX-P55VT50B

Plasma; Full HD; 55"; 3D-ready, HbbTV, Audio return channel, Smartphone controlled, …

TrustedReviews were excited by the flagship 55 inch Panasonic TX-P55VT50 plasma TV, with a smart design and various features. It has Smart TV online and multimedia features, a dual-core processor, it …

1 review


Bravia KDL40NX723
Sony Bravia KDL-40NX723

LCD; Full HD; 40"; 3D Conversion, Internet TV, 24p, LED Backlight, Media Streaming, WLAN

The design of the Sony KDL-40NX723 is nice and elegant, and this set offers superb online services and an impressive 2D performance, according to Trusted Reviews. The problem is that it comes at a …

3 reviews


Viera TXL37GW20
Panasonic Viera TX-L37GW20

LCD; Full HD; 37"; 100Hz

“Likes: Recording function; Skype option; range of data applications. Dislikes: no access to company network at the beginning.”

5 reviews


LE 40 C 679
Samsung LE40C679

LCD; Full HD; 40"; Media Streaming, 24p, Internet TV, WLAN; 100Hz

“Likes: switching times, menu navigation. Dislikes: No automatic DiSEqC calibration.”

5 reviews


46 WL 768
Toshiba 46WL768

LCD; Full HD; 46"; 3D-ready, Internet TV, LED Backlight, WLAN, Media Streaming, 24p; 200Hz

“The Toshiba TV combines an extensive set of features with very good image quality.”

3 reviews | 2 opinions (Excellent)


Toshiba 46SV685D

LCD; Full HD; 46"; Media Streaming, 24p, LED Backlight; 200Hz

"We love: Stunning contrast levels, great colours and fine detailing deliver great viewing pleasure. We hate: It costs too much, especially with no web access, occasional motion-handling …

9 reviews | 1 opinion (Excellent)


Regza 55SV685DB
Toshiba Regza 55SV685D

LCD; Full HD; 55"; 24p, LED Backlight; 200Hz

"By murdering the price of the 55SV685DB ahead of this review (though oddly some sites are still carrying it for well in excess of £3,000!), Toshiba has turned an excellent TV that nobody could …

5 reviews | 2 opinions (Excellent)


PS 50 C 6970
Samsung PS50C6970

LCD; Full HD; 50"; 3D-ready, WLAN, Media player, 24p, PVR, Internet TV, Media Streaming

“Its 3D mode is almost brilliant. Records programmes onto external USB media. Good HDTV and satellite picture, standard resolution is also good. Very large viewing angle but a fairly dark picture.”

2 reviews


PS 50 C 687
Samsung PS50C687

Plasma; Full HD; 50"; 3D-ready, WLAN; 400Hz

“Very affordable Plasma TV with excellent sound quality and good features.”

3 reviews


Panasonic TX-P42X50B

HD-Ready; 24p, Audio return channel

From a hardcore movie fan's point of view the Panasonic TX-P42X50 is a fantastic television. It is unmatched for the picture quality, including motion clarity and contrast, that it provides at a …

1 review | 81 opinions (Excellent)


Philips 32PFL7605H

LCD; Full HD; 32"; Internet TV, LED Backlight, 24p, WLAN; 100Hz

TechRadar says that with this TV, Philips' not only puts high-end LED technology firmly in the hands of the masses, but also manages to do so without really sacrificing performance. Although …

6 reviews | 1 opinion (Above average)


UE 40 C 7700
Samsung UE40C7700

LCD; Full HD; 40"; 3D-ready, 24p, LED Backlight, Internet TV; 200Hz

“Likes: good contrast; reads many data formats; plenty of upgrading options. Dislikes: no fast forward with some media files.”

5 reviews


Sony Bravia KDL-40EX524

LCD; Full HD; 40"; HbbTV, Wi-Fi Direct, PVR, 24p, Internet TV, Web browser, Smartphone …

CNet saw the Bravia KDL-40EX524 as something of a mixed bag; it's very slim, its colours and contrast are terrific and its Internet features are very impressive, but on the other hand, it has …

5 reviews


Bravia KDL-46 HX 753
Sony Bravia KDL-46HX753

Full HD; 3D-ready, Media Streaming, Internet TV, WLAN, 3D Conversion, Wi-Fi Direct, 24p, …

"FOR: Lovely looks; ample spec; tremendous picture, with black tones a real highlight. AGAINST: Sounds frankly poor; contrast could be starker; so-so DVD upscaling."

1 review | 65 opinions (Above average)


Regza 37 TV 743 G
Toshiba Regza 37TV743G

LCD; Full HD; 37"

“Likes: very good picture; Dolby volume. Dislikes: -.”

3 reviews


Samsung UE46D7090
Samsung UE46D7090

LCD; Full HD; 46"; 3D-ready, HbbTV, LED Backlight, Media player, PVR, Web browser, 24p, …

Picture (HDMI) (45%): 1.2; sound (5%): 1.5; features (20%): 1.1; workmanship (15%): 1.2; operation (15%): 1.2.

5 reviews


Bravia KDL26EX302
Sony Bravia KDL-26EX302

LCD; HD-Ready; 26"; 24p

The KDL-26EX302 is first and foremost a TV, and although it can be used as a computer monitor, its sharpness when displaying text leaves a lot to be desired according to MacWorld, making it suitable …

7 reviews | 71 opinions (Above average)



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