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Panasonic Viera TX-L32DT30B

LCD; Full HD; 32"; 3D-ready, LED Backlight, Media Streaming, Internet TV, WLAN; 400Hz

If anything, the Viera TX-L32DT30B proves that LCD TVs are indeed capable of providing crisp, enjoyable 3D imagery that's comparable to their plasma rivals, says CNet. However, though they were …

5 reviews | 38 opinions (Above average)


Samsung UE46D7090
Samsung UE46D7090

LCD; Full HD; 46"; 3D-ready, HbbTV, 3D Conversion, Internet TV, LED Backlight, Media Streaming, …

Picture (HDMI) (45%): 1.2; sound (5%): 1.5; features (20%): 1.1; workmanship (15%): 1.2; operation (15%): 1.2.

5 reviews


Philips 55PFL7007K

LCD; Full HD; 55"; 3D-ready, Audio return channel, 3D Conversion, Internet TV, LED Backlight, …

Philips' 55PFL7007T is dangerously close to perfection thanks to its drool-inducing design, impressive feature list and top notch pictures. Trusted Reviews warned that it needs fiddling with to …

1 review


Samsung PS50C6900
Samsung PS50C6900

Plasma; Full HD; 50"; 3D-ready, Internet TV, WLAN, Media Streaming; 100Hz

The Samsung PS50C6900 is very likely the best deal out there at the moment, says PC Advisor, who found it fantastically priced for the value it offers. Especially impressive were its HD and 3D …

8 reviews | 24 opinions (Above average)


UE 32 ES 6800
Samsung UE32ES6800

LCD; 3D-ready, 3D Conversion, Internet TV, WLAN, Smartphone controlled; 400Hz

"FOR: Good detail, contrast and colours; active 3D and glasses included; impressive features. AGAINST: Slight blue tint; colours can be a bit overstated; picture isn't as subtle as the …

1 review | 120 opinions (Excellent)


UE 32ES5500
Samsung UE32ES5500

LCD; Full HD; 32"; HbbTV; 100Hz

"FOR: Decent detail; vibrant colour; plenty of smart content; nice design and interface. AGAINST: Some picture noise; whites lack subtlety; rivals offer more insight."

1 review


LG 47LX6900
LG 47LX6900

LCD; Full HD; 47"; 3D-ready, WLAN, LED Backlight, Media Streaming, Internet TV; 200Hz

Judging by their assessment of the LG Electronics 47LX6900, reviewers at PC Advisor concluded that this is a TV which plays it safe, aspiring to be nothing more than just pleasantly entertaining. …

5 reviews | 3 opinions (Excellent)


Samsung UE40D7090
Samsung UE40D7090

LCD; Full HD; 40"; 3D-ready, HbbTV, LED Backlight, Media Streaming, PVR, Media player, 24p, …

“... The picture is visibly darker in 3D mode, but it is definitely lighter than the Panasonic TX-P42VT30E which took second place. Occasionally during brighter scenes, double contours are visible …

5 reviews


Sony Bravia KDL-32EX525
Sony Bravia KDL-32EX525

LCD; Full HD; 32"; Media Streaming, PVR, 24p, Media player, Internet TV, WLAN, LED Backlight; …

Image quality (58%): “satisfactory” (2.75); sound quality (9%): “satisfactory” (3.17); ports (4%): “satisfactory” (2.50); multimedia functions (7%): “satisfactory” (3.06); operation and features …

2 reviews


UE 40 C 7700
Samsung UE40C7700

LCD; Full HD; 40"; 3D-ready, LED Backlight, 24p, Internet TV; 200Hz

“Likes: good contrast; reads many data formats; plenty of upgrading options. Dislikes: no fast forward with some media files.”

5 reviews


Viera TXL37GW20
Panasonic Viera TX-L37GW20

LCD; Full HD; 37"; 100Hz

“Likes: Recording function; Skype option; range of data applications. Dislikes: no access to company network at the beginning.”

5 reviews


Philips 32PFL7605H

LCD; Full HD; 32"; Internet TV, WLAN, LED Backlight, 24p; 100Hz

TechRadar says that with this TV, Philips' not only puts high-end LED technology firmly in the hands of the masses, but also manages to do so without really sacrificing performance. Although …

6 reviews | 1 opinion (Above average)


Sony Bravia KDL-32EX725
Sony Bravia KDL-32EX725

LCD; Full HD; 32"; 3D-ready, HbbTV, 3D Conversion, Internet TV, LED Backlight, Media Streaming, …

“It definitely has its shortcomings when it comes to image quality, which is less than optimal. The lack of SD card reader is also a disadvantage, especially for film makers. But ultimately, the main …

3 reviews


40 VL 733 G
Toshiba Regza 40VL733G

LCD; Full HD; 40"; WLAN, LED Backlight, Media Streaming, 24p; 100Hz

“The Toshiba 40VL733G scores points with its extensive features and very good film playback, even if there are some small weaknesses with the motion compensation. The internet capabilities could also …

5 reviews


Philips 40PFL9704H

LCD; Full HD; 40"

£1800 is a rather high price for a 40-inch TV, but the Philips 40PFL9704H/12 gives a top quality performance. With this TV, the home user not only gets all the features they could possibly want, but …

8 reviews


LE 40 C 679
Samsung LE40C679

LCD; Full HD; 40"; Internet TV, WLAN, Media Streaming, 24p; 100Hz

“Likes: switching times, menu navigation. Dislikes: No automatic DiSEqC calibration.”

5 reviews


Panasonic Viera TX-P42ST30B

Plasma; Full HD; 42"; 3D-ready, Internet TV, WLAN, Media Streaming, 24p

"FOR: Impressive all-round performance; 3D is comfortable; plenty of smart services including BBC iPlayer, Acetrax; detailed, sharp pictures. AGAINST: Typically anaemic flatscreen sound."

3 reviews | 72 opinions (Above average)


Bravia KDL32EX524
Sony Bravia KDL-32EX524

LCD; Full HD; 32"; 24p, Internet TV, LED Backlight

CNET thinks that there is lots to like about Sony's KDL-32EX524 32inch TV. Colours are warm and it can upscale non-HD channels well. There are some problems with motion blur and also the …

4 reviews


Regza 32HL833
Toshiba 32HL833

LCD; Full HD; 32"; LED Backlight

The picture quality offered by the Toshiba Regza 32HL833 is fairly good, and support for multimedia is excellent, it also has an above par UI for a budget set. Expert Reviews point out though that …

4 reviews


Viera TXP50X50B
Panasonic Viera TX-P50X50B

Plasma; HD-Ready; 50"; Audio return channel; 600Hz

"FOR: Great picture, with decent blacks and plenty of detail; low price. AGAINST: Only two HDMI inputs - but at this price, that's about it."

1 review | 82 opinions (Excellent)



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