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Toshiba Regza 32SL738

LCD; HD-Ready; 32"; LED Backlight, Media Streaming

“Likes: flat body; lowest energy consumption levels during operation; low price. Dislikes: slightly juddery picture; somewhat mute and tin-like sound; no video playback via USB.”

3 reviews | 2 opinions (Above average)


LED 55
Kogan LED55

LCD; Full HD; 55"; LED Backlight; 100Hz

The 55 inch LCD TV from Kogan has an integrated Freeview HD tuner and a D-Sub PC port, so it can be used as a computer monitor too. The user menus are easy to navigate, as they only have a limited …

3 reviews


PS 51 D 8000
Samsung PS51D8000

Plasma; Full HD; 51"; 3D-ready, Media Streaming, 3D Conversion, WLAN, Internet TV

For the price, this is a very impressive performer, say Pocket-lint. The quality of its 3D pictures can't compete with that of Panasonic's plasma sets, but it's nonetheless well above …

4 reviews | 3 opinions (Excellent)


Viera TX-P42S30B
Panasonic Viera TX-P42S30

Plasma; Full HD; 42"; 24p, Media Streaming, WLAN, Internet TV

The styling of the TX-P42S30 is rather bland, but with excellent contrast and black levels, brilliant handling of motion and superb audio quality, CNET reckon this Panasonic is a fantastic budget …

3 reviews | 88 opinions (Excellent)


LG 50PA6500

Plasma; Full HD; 50"; 24p

"FOR: Decent detail; convincing flesh tones; good HD tuner; nice design. AGAINST: Washed-out blacks and whites; gradients need more subtlety."

1 review


Viera TX-P42 VT 30E
Panasonic Viera TX-P42VT30

Plasma; Full HD; 42"; 3D-ready, Media player, PVR, 24p, 3D Conversion, Internet TV, …

According to Pocket-Lint, the TX-P42VT30 is a leader in its class. Not only did they love its cross-talk free 3D, but they were also taken by its excellent 2D imagery. Its refined styling, top-notch …

5 reviews | 37 opinions (Above average)


Samsung UE32C6000

LCD; Full HD; 32"; 24p, Internet TV; 100Hz

Pocket-Lint concluded that the main reason for purchasing this LED TV would be for the mere desire to own a flatscreen. This is because of the fact that it only offers the bare minimum when it comes …

7 reviews | 1 opinion (Above average)


LG 42LW550T

LCD; Full HD; 42"; 3D-ready, Internet TV, WLAN, 24p, Media Streaming; 100Hz

"FOR:Comfortable 3D with seven pairs of glasses; good selection of smart TV apps; decent all-round picture. AGAINST: 3D performance is so-so compared with others here; black levels could be …

6 reviews | 78 opinions (Above average)


Bravia KDL 40 HX 805
Sony Bravia KDL-40HX805

LCD; Full HD; 40"; 3D-ready, LED Backlight; 200Hz

“Good image with HD and via Scart and analogue tuner. Weak 3D. Good moving images. Large viewing angle. Very good USB photos. Good sound. Easy to operate. Power consumption low, apart from in quick …

5 reviews


Sony Bravia KDL-40NX713
Sony Bravia KDL-40NX713

LCD; Full HD; 40"; 3D-ready, LED Backlight, Media Streaming, WLAN, 24p

The folks at Expert Reviews were impressed by the 40NX713's amount of Internet features and gorgeous styling, not to mention its sharpness when displaying Blu-ray content or its superb …

8 reviews


Sony KDL-32CX523

LCD; Full HD; 32"; Internet TV, WLAN, Media Streaming

Priced at less than £350, the Sony KDL-32CX523 managed to put on quite an impressive performance, says Trusted Reviews. They found it boasting solid performance, as well as a surprising feature set, …

6 reviews | 162 opinions (Above average)


Sony Bravia KDL-40HX723

LCD; Full HD; 40"; 3D-ready, LED Backlight, Media Streaming, Internet TV, 24p, WLAN; 200Hz

"FOR: Strong smart TV content offering; natural, subtle picture; good detail; solid Freeview HD tuner. AGAINST: Colours lack punch and dynamics."

5 reviews | 1 opinion (Excellent)


Bravia KDL60LX905
Sony Bravia KDL-60LX905

LCD; Full HD; 60"; 3D-ready, LED Backlight, WLAN

“The Sony KDL-60LX905 looks good, delivers a splendidly massive picture in both 2D and 3D and impresses with its practical haul of features. What more could you want? If you’ve ever sat in front of …

5 reviews


UE 46 F 7000
Samsung UE46F7000

LCD; Full HD; 46"; 3D-ready, Web browser, Media Streaming, Face recognition, Smartphone …

While the picture quality of Samsung's UE46F7000 is not as sublime as that of the F8000 series, it's still jawdropping both with 2D and 3D material. Home Cinema Choice were also quite taken …

4 reviews | 2 opinions (Excellent)


KDL 55HX823
Sony KDL-55HX823

LCD; Full HD; 55"; 3D-ready, 24p, LED Backlight, WLAN, Internet TV; 400Hz

Sony's KDL-55HX823 impressed CNET reviewers with its snazzy styling, nice range of Internet video services, and crisp, bright 2D pictures. However, considering it's pretty high price tag, …

4 reviews


LE 46 C 650
Samsung LE46C650

LCD; Full HD; 46"; 3D-ready, WLAN, Media Streaming, Media player, Internet TV, PVR, 24p; 100Hz

TV/ video quality (30%): “Top class” (94 out of 100 points); Display quality (25%): “Upper class” (88 out of 100 points); Sound quality (5%): “Top class” (93 out of 100 points); Ergonomics (20%): …

4 reviews


Samsung UE37C6700
Samsung UE37C6700

LCD; Full HD; 37"; WLAN, LED Backlight, 24p, Media Streaming, Internet TV; 100Hz

“Great design, excellent picture and a wonderfully low power consumption as well.”

4 reviews


Regza 47 VL 863
Toshiba Regza 47VL863

LCD; Full HD; 47"; 3D-ready, HbbTV, Internet TV, Audio return channel, Smartphone controlled, …

As a family-oriented set, the 47VL863 ticks all the right boxes: excellent picture quality, no motion blur, an eye-catching design and of course, its wallet-friendly passive 3D technology. …

5 reviews


22 LED 900
Linsar 22LED900

LCD; Full HD; 22"

"... The picture is sharp, clear and clean. ... Only slightly ropey sound and a lack of smart features lets the side down a bit here. But those are minor points. For £180, we think this is an …

1 review


26 F 7030
Finlux 26F7030

LCD; Full HD; 26"; 3D-ready, Media player, PVR

"... The 26F7030 offers good performance, a decently sized screen - and the killer feature of 3D - for a great price. It'll be ideal for those who have a smaller living room and a …

1 review | 20 opinions (Above average)



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