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UE 40 C 6700
Samsung UE40C6700

LCD; Full HD; 40"; Internet TV, WLAN, LED Backlight; 100Hz

“Everything from the image quality to the features of the UE40C6700 is as it should be: TV images are sharp and colourful, movements are clean and scrolling text is jerk-free. The quality of DVD and …

5 reviews


Viera TXL55ET5B
Panasonic Viera TX-L55ET5B

LCD; Full HD; 42"; 3D-ready, Internet TV, WLAN, LED Backlight, Media Streaming; 100Hz

For Trusted Reviews, the Panasonic TX-L55ET5B is a success. It is a large TV that provides decent picture quality and good passive 3D technology, and is priced accordingly. It is not perfect, …

2 reviews | 60 opinions (Above average)


Sharp LC-60LE650U

LCD; Full HD; 60"; MHL support, Web browser, Smartphone controlled, Internet TV, …

It's large, it looks nice, its pictures are sharp and its feature list is extremely generous, but all that isn't enough to quite make the LC-60LE650U a steal. IT Reviews said that colours …

1 review


65PFL9708 S
Philips 65PFL9708S

LCD; Ultra HD; 65"; 3D-ready, HbbTV, Media player, Internet TV, Miracast, 4K upscaling, …

The 65PFL9708S has the potential to be a huge hit, since its combination of a relatively affordable price tag and stunning performance after calibration make it the best value 4K set currently on the …

1 review


Connect 40 LED 200DR+
Loewe Connect 40 LED 200 DR+

LCD; Full HD; 40"; HbbTV, Internet TV, WLAN, LED Backlight, 24p; 200Hz

"FOR: Design, clever features, good picture; PVR; twin Freeview HD and Freesat tuners. AGAINST: Price; internet TV could be stronger; motion not perfect; black levels not very deep."

5 reviews


Aquos Quattron 3D LC-60LE925UN
Sharp Aquos Quattron 3D LC-60LE925E

LCD; Full HD; 60"; 3D-ready, LED Backlight, Media Streaming, 24p, Internet TV, WLAN; 100Hz

"FOR: Vibrant but natural colours; decent detail and contrast; good scaler; reasonable sound. AGAINST: Reflective panel; no Freeview HD; backlight isn't even; iffy EPG; imperfect …

7 reviews


47 S 9100-T
Finlux 47S9100-T

LCD; Full HD; 47"; 3D-ready, PVR, Media player, Smartphone controlled, 3D Conversion, …

"FOR: Price; colourful and detailed picture; passive 3D is comfortable and smooth. AGAINST: Black levels could be deeper; rivals have more insight; needs more smart content."

1 review


LG 55LM760T
LG 55LM760T

LCD; Full HD; 55"; 3D-ready, HbbTV, Gesture controlled, Audio return channel, 3D Conversion, …

Although the gorgeous-looking 55LM760T puts on a superb performance most of the time with its great picture quality - especially with 3D material -, versatile media playback and abundance of online …

3 reviews


Samsung UE32D5000

LCD; Full HD; 32"; WLAN, LED Backlight, Media Streaming, 24p; 100Hz

It's far from perfect, but the UE32D5000's fantastic price, classy looks, fantastic image quality and, above all, media streaming capabilities make up for its shortcomings in CNet's …

5 reviews | 48 opinions (Above average)


Regza 40RL953
Toshiba 40RL953B

LCD; Full HD; 40"; 3D-ready, LED Backlight, Media Streaming, 24p

Tech Radar were hoping for good looks, affordable pricing and reliable performance from the Toshiba 40RL953. Instead, what they got was jerky images and poor picture quality from the Freeview tuner. …

3 reviews | 30 opinions (Average)


Samsung UE32C6200
Samsung UE32C6200

LCD; Full HD; 32"; LED Backlight; 100Hz

“The stylish Samsung UE32C6200 with Edge LED convinces in every respect: The image quality is second to none compared to other TVs with a similar screen size, and the sound is similarly excellent. On …

4 reviews


Bravia KDL40EX724
Sony Bravia KDL-40EX724

LCD; Full HD; 40"; 3D-ready, HbbTV, Internet TV, LED Backlight, Media Streaming, Media player, …

Although the Bravia KDL-40EX724 is an excellent TV as far as image quality, connectivity and power efficiency are concerned, its 3D performance is so shockingly awful that T3 concluded that there …

6 reviews


Samsung UE32C6000

LCD; Full HD; 32"; Internet TV, 24p; 100Hz

Pocket-Lint concluded that the main reason for purchasing this LED TV would be for the mere desire to own a flatscreen. This is because of the fact that it only offers the bare minimum when it comes …

7 reviews | 1 opinion (Above average)


Philips 40PFL7605H

LCD; Full HD; 40"; Internet TV, WLAN, LED Backlight, 24p; 100Hz

Overall, the Philips 40PFL7605 shaped up to be a pretty nice television, in the opinion of reviewers at T3, who loved its surprisingly decent audio, unconfined online access, and good image quality. …

7 reviews


Viera TX-L50ET60 B
Panasonic Viera TX-L50ET60B

LCD; Full HD; 50"; 3D-ready, Internet TV, WLAN, Media Streaming, 24p, Web browser, …

"FOR: Detailed picture; comfortable 3D; slim and stylish; great home screen; streaming and smart connectivity; clever remote app. AGAINST: Black levels lack depth ... ; imperfect backlighting; …

1 review


Panasonic Viera TX-L37EW30
Panasonic Viera TX-L37EW30

LCD; Full HD; 37"; Media player, Internet TV, WLAN, LED Backlight, Media Streaming, PVR, 24p; …

“If you’re looking for the smoothest operation available, you’ll have hit the jackpot with the TX-L37EW30. It responds to requests via the remote control quickly, provides clear menus, and offers the …

3 reviews


Philips 22PFL3517T

LCD; Full HD; 22"; Audio return channel, Media Streaming; 100Hz

"... This is an accomplished set, and well worth its five stars. There are small improvements that could be made, sure - BBC iPlayer access and better detail to blacks, for instance - but we …

1 review | 2 opinions (Poor)


22 LED 900
Linsar 22LED900

LCD; Full HD; 22"

"... The picture is sharp, clear and clean. ... Only slightly ropey sound and a lack of smart features lets the side down a bit here. But those are minor points. For £180, we think this is an …

1 review


Viera TX-P50ST50B
Panasonic Viera TX-P50ST50

Plasma; Full HD; 50"; 3D-ready, 3D Conversion, Internet TV, WLAN, Media Streaming, 24p

For S21, the only reason not to go for the TX-P50ST50B would be its high power consumption, something that on the other hand is a problem with all plasma screens. But in all other respects, it's …

3 reviews


Panasonic Viera TX-L42D25E

LCD; Full HD; 42"; Internet TV, WLAN, LED Backlight, 24p; 200Hz

According to TrustedReviews, although the L42D25B is Panasonic's first 42in LCD TV, it is a very capable attempt, offering excellent pictures at times, and reasonable sound, though it was found …

8 reviews



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