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IN 3118 HD
InFocus IN3118HD

Full-HD; Projector Type: DLP; Extras: Keystone correction

"FOR: Clear and bright image; smooth motion; enjoyable viewing experience; backlit remote. AGAINST: No 3D; lacks the detail definition and black levels of the class leader."

1 review | 1 opinion (Excellent)


InFocus IN146
InFocus IN146

Projector Type: DLP; Projector brightness: 2500 ANSI lumens; Extras: 3D-ready

Because it's only 3D capable, 3D viewing options on offer from the Infocus IN146 DLP are actually pretty limited, but Computer act!ve say picture quality is impressive for videos, games and

1 review


More information at: Computer act!ve, 6/2011 Infocus IN146 DLP projector A 3D TV is, of course, a great way to get 3D images into your living room, but you'll have to fork out a fair bit more than you would for a normal telly. Luckily, there is another, far cheaper way to enjoy a bit of 3D viewing at home. … to review

InFocus IN3116

Projector Type: DLP; Projector brightness: 3500 ANSI lumens

As far as PC Advisor is concerned, the InFocus IN3116 is certainly a handy little projector. It's light enough to be nicely portable, but still packs in some powerful performance. It's …

1 review | 1 opinion (Above average)


InFocus ScreenPlay 8600

Full-HD; Projector Type: DLP; Projector brightness: 1800 ANSI lumens; Extras: 1080p

Expert Reviews considered the InFocus SP8600 to be one of the lowest priced 1080p projectors they have ever seen, but they point this out as being a false economy, saying that a little bit more money

5 reviews | 4 opinions (Above average)


More information at: TechRadar UK, 7/2011 InFocus SP8600 Pictures that are 100 inches wide will show up even the smallest flaw with a poor quality projector, and the cheaper projectors are usually aimed at businesses or education facilities. So is it possible to get a decent quality high definition projector for home cinema for as little as £800? … to review

InFocus IN104

Projector Type: DLP; Projector brightness: 2500 ANSI lumens

Although its maximum resolution is a tad low for Micro Mart's liking, and HD sharpness was lacking, the InFocus IN104 still impressed them in other areas. The picture was nice and clear, and one …

1 review | 2 opinions (Above average)


InFocus ScreenPlay 8604

Full-HD; Projector Type: DLP; Projector brightness: 1700 ANSI lumens; Extras: 1080p, Lens Shift

"FOR: Highly effective; easy to set-up and install; well-equipped, with a good range of inputs. AGAINST: BenQ's amazing W1200 is nearly as good and half the price; 3D kit isn't much …

2 reviews


X 10
InFocus X10

Full-HD; Projector Type: DLP; Projector brightness: 1200 ANSI lumens; Extras: 1080p

"... Picture-wise, the InFocus X10 picks out detail like skin pores and nose hairs with unnerving accuracy, and the 7,500:1 contrast ratio (thanks to a smart Iris) means blacks are as black as

5 reviews


More information at: Register Hardware, 11/2008 Infocus X10 projector Infocus is known for its excellent projectors but with prices usually high and financial markets in turmoil, has its most affordable Full HD projector yet come at the wrong time? … to review

InFocus IN1503
InFocus IN1503

Projector Type: DLP; Projector brightness: 3000 ANSI lumens

As well as being suitable for off-site presentations, the InFocus IN1503's versatility means it's a business projector that can also be used for watching movies. PC Advisor would suggest

1 review


More information at: PC Advisor, 11/2009 InFocus IN1503 With a 3000 lumen ANSI brightness rating, 1800:1 contrast ratio and a widescreen 1280x800 resolution, the IN1503 is a business DLP projector from InFocus. … to review

Work Big IN1102
InFocus IN1102

Projector Type: DLP; Projector brightness: 2200

The InFocus IN1102 impressed PC Advisor with its ability to produce bright widescreen images. Text was pin-sharp and colour graphics were fantastic, but they point out that it is on the pricey side.

1 review | 1 opinion (Above average)


More information at: PC Advisor, 10/2009 InFocus IN1102 Capable of projecting colourful, bright images in a large meeting room or snug sitting room, the double-duty, lamp-based IN1102 is a versatile little projector from InFocus. … to review

InFocus X9
InFocus X9

HD-ready; Projector Type: DLP; Projector brightness: 1800 ANSI lumens

"Pros: Compact and versatile. Short throw ratio. A solid all-round performance-per-pound projector. Cons: No match for bigger, pricier machines."

2 reviews | 2 opinions (Excellent)


InFocus ScreenPlay 8602

Full-HD; Projector Type: DLP; Projector brightness: 1300 ANSI lumens; Extras: Lens Shift

“InFocus’ comeback on the home cinema market has been a success - the SP8602 is a high contrast and bright projector which already comes with good from the factory default settings. The different

5 reviews


More information at: Heimkino, issue 8-9/2010 Return of a legend Between the years 2003 and 2005 the US manufacturer InFocus was the forerunner on the home-cinema projector market with its screenplay range. Now the powerful name is being resurrected.

IN 76
InFocus IN76

HD-ready; Projector Type: DLP

"... All that really matters about the IN76 is that it doesn't just outperform every rival in its own price bracket; it completely outclasses them."

10 reviews | 2 opinions (Excellent)


InFocus IN2114
InFocus IN2114

HD-ready; Projector Type: DLP; Projector brightness: 3000 ANSI lumens

"... The lens of the InFocus IN2114 is sharp, with manual controls that allow finetuning of focus and screen size. ... For regular presentation duties and the occasional Friday afternoon movie, …

1 review


IN 82
InFocus IN82

Full-HD; Projector Type: DLP; Projector brightness: 1500 ; Extras: 1080p

"... video quality from a variety of sources and connectivity (HDMI v1.3, DVI, PC, RS232) is excellent. The InFocus IN82 only really stumbles when it comes to the fan. Turn this baby on and it

4 reviews


More information at: TrustedReviews, 1/2008 InFocus IN82 DLP Projector InFocus really took the quality end of the affordable HD Ready projector market by storm with its highly rated IN78 and IN76 DLP offerings. And now it's got its sights firmly set on the affordable full HD market too, with the £3,000 IN82. … to review

InFocus IN3106
InFocus IN3106

HD-ready; Projector Type: DLP; Projector brightness: 3000 ANSI lumens

The main drawbacks in InFocus's IN3106 projector are lack of Ethernet and noisiness at high brightness. Other than this, with a comprehensive set of inputs including HDMI, USB-DisplayLink and

2 reviews


More information at: ZDNet, 4/2009 InFocus IN3106 Built to be a match for widescreen notebooks and HD presentations, InFocus's IN3106 projector is a powerful device, with 3000 Lumen intensity, 2000:1 contrast, 1280 x 800 resolution with Full-HD input via compression and other features to make it an extremely attractive model. Single Test. One projector was reviewed and rated on service and support, design, features and performance. … to review

InFocus IN80

Full-HD; Projector Type: DLP; Projector brightness: 1300 ANSI lumens

Despite the older DLP chipset used in this projector, it still delivers excellent images and with its resolution advantage over similarly priced rivals, What Hi-Fi feels this is a compelling choice …

1 review


IN 83
InFocus IN83

Full-HD; Projector Type: DLP; Projector brightness: 1600 ANSI lumens

Following on in the tradition of its forebears the IN83 is a home cinema enthusiast's dream offering deep, detailed blacks and smooth motion. With Full HD source material, such as Blu-ray, What …

1 review


Work Big IN36
InFocus Work Big IN 36

Projector Type: DLP; Projector brightness: 3000 ANSI lumens

"... The build quality is excellent, the focus is sharp and the brightness of the image is well ahead of the nearest rival."

4 reviews


IN 81
InFocus IN81

Full-HD; Projector Type: DLP; Projector brightness: 1000 ANSI lumens; Extras: 1080p

"Does the IN81 fall short of the glories of the InFocus IN82? Yes it does. But does it nonetheless outperform its £2k asking price by a country mile? You'd better believe it."

2 reviews


IN26 +
InFocus IN26+

Projector Type: DLP; Projector brightness: 2200

"Despite it’s faults the IN26+ does deliver when it comes to image quality, it just would have been nice if the rest of it didn’t scream "budget" quite so loud."

2 reviews



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Product information and further reviews

InFocus IN3902 PC Advisor 4/2010 - The IN3902 from InFocus is a 3000 lumen rated projector with 1024x768 resolution and 2000:1 contrast ratio. It has been designed specifically for educational institutions so how does it cope in the classroom?

InFocus IN3114 PC Advisor 3/2010 - A 1024x7868 XGA data projector, the InFocus IN3114 features a contrast ratio of 2100:1 and a high brightness rating of 3500 ANSI lumens. It promises solid performance for a reasonable price, with punchy colours that don't sacrifice when it comes to image detail.

InFocus SP8600 TrustedReviews 5/2011 - There must be something in the water this week. For hot on the heels of what will likely be one of the best value TVs of 2011, Samsung’s PS51D6900, we now find ourselves spending quality time with what has a very good chance of being the biggest projector bargain of 2011: the InFocus SP8600.

Group Test: Get the big picture: huge HD images for less than £1400 What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision 8/2008 - Coinciding with substantial price cuts over the past year, What Hi-Fi? puts 4 mid-range projectors to the test. Review details: Four high-resolution projectors were reviewed and rated based on picture, facilities, ease of use and value for money. Scores ranged from 3 to 5 out of 5 stars.

Group test: Projectors under £1,000 AVReview 7/2008 - With the desire for larger screens increasing as prices fall, many still view the projector as something whose ownership is still confined to the high-falootin' well-to-do. Not so however, as this quartet of affordable home theatre projectors proves. Review details: Four projectors designed to be integrated into a home theatre system were reviewed and rated based on performance, features and value for money. Scores ranged from 6 to 9 points out of 10.

InFocus X10 DLP Projector TrustedReviews 6/2008 - InFocus's Full HD X10 is reasonably priced and has performance to match. Is there anything not to like about the X10?

Infocus X10 PCFormat 5/2009 - We've been waiting a long time for a 1,080p projector to call our own, but so far they've either cost the wrong side of a holiday in Mauritius, or offered a screen image akin to having your eyeballs attacked with Brillo pads. ...

Beauty is in the eye of the projector What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision 2/2007 - Infocus continues to serve up some of the finest affordable projectors around. In fact, the £999 IN74 and £1400 IN76 are such good performers we gave each model an Award in 2006, including the coveted Product of the Year Award for the latter. The IN78 sits above these two in the current range, and builds on the spec of the IN76 and promises much better performance for just £600 extra. But is it actually worth the premium, more importantly?

InFocus IN10 ZDNet 1/2008 - The InFocus IN10 is a very small projector: measuring 19.8cm wide by 15.5cm deep by 6.35cm high and weighing 1.09kg, it’s just about the most portable projector you can buy. Put it down on a desk and it seems to take up less space than the cables that come bundled with it.

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