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L-1 v2
AAXA Technologies L1 v2

Light source: Laser; Projector brightness: 20 ANSI lumens

Versatility is one of the few areas in which the AAXA Technologies l1v2 excels, said, who appreciated its expansive format support, which includes Divx, AVI, WMV and MPEG. They also liked …

1 review


Optoma ThemeScene HD200X

Full-HD; Projector Type: DLP; Projector brightness: 1500 ; Extras: 1080p

“Although it has an affordable market price (less than 700 euros) the Optoma HD200X in no way looks cheap. It’s housed inside a classic black home cinema unit and has been wonderfully built. As its …

5 reviews | 35 opinions (Excellent)


ViewSonic PJD5523w

HD-ready; Projector Type: DLP; Light source: High-pressure lamp; Projector brightness: …

The inclusion of mouse support and a very bright output ensure the Viewsonic PJD553w is a very good projector for business use. Expert Reviews point out that the HD and 3D support and decent picture …

1 review


InFocus IN3116

Projector Type: DLP; Projector brightness: 3500 ANSI lumens

As far as PC Advisor is concerned, the InFocus IN3116 is certainly a handy little projector. It's light enough to be nicely portable, but still packs in some powerful performance. It's …

1 review | 1 opinion (Above average)


InFocus ScreenPlay 8600

Full-HD; Projector Type: DLP; Projector brightness: 1800 ANSI lumens; Extras: 1080p

Expert Reviews considered the InFocus SP8600 to be one of the lowest priced 1080p projectors they have ever seen, but they point this out as being a false economy, saying that a little bit more money …

5 reviews | 4 opinions (Above average)


Sanyo PLC-XK3010

Projector Type: LCD; Projector brightness: 3000 ANSI lumens; Extras: Lens Shift

According to What Laptop, the Sanyo PLC-XK3010's strong and sturdy build and fairly heavy weight mean that while it's not the most portable, it is practical enough for moving between …

1 review


Epson EH-DM3

Full-HD; Projector Type: LCD; Projector brightness: 2000 ANSI lumens; Extras: DVD player

It would be a bit of a stretch to describe the EH-DM3 as a home entertainment center, but it manages to come pretty close, says Tech Radar. They appreciated how cleverly designed it was and found …

4 reviews | 12 opinions (Excellent)


PocketCinema T25
Aiptek Pocket Cinema T25

Light source: LED; Projector brightness: 25 ANSI lumens

Although its tiny size was impressive, Expert Reviews weren't impressed by a lot else from the Aiptek Pocket Cinema T25. They found its control wheel awkwardly placed, and colour, contrast and …

1 review | 4 opinions (Average)


InFocus IN104

Projector Type: DLP; Projector brightness: 2500 ANSI lumens

Although its maximum resolution is a tad low for Micro Mart's liking, and HD sharpness was lacking, the InFocus IN104 still impressed them in other areas. The picture was nice and clear, and one …

1 review | 2 opinions (Above average)


ViewSonic PJD5211

"... we prefer the minimalist approach taken by InFocus. The Economic mode ... would definitely be our preferred choice for watching movies or for use in a quiet meeting room. It's curious …

1 review


S 500 wi
Dell S500wi

Projector Type: DLP; Projector brightness: 3200 ANSI lumens; Extras: 3D-ready, Lens Shift

For those needing a projector that will work effectively in a confined space, the Dell S500wi provides a solid option, concluded ZDNet. Reviewers also found it rather easy to set up and said it …

1 review


Pocket Cinema V20
Aiptek PocketCinema V20

Light source: LED; Projector brightness: 15 ANSI lumens

“... In our image test the Pocket Cinema V20 didn’t quite reach the same standards as its rival from 3M. Although it’s just as bright, it doesn’t manage to muster up anywhere near as bright colours …

5 reviews


Casio XJ-A230

HD-ready; Light source: LED; Projector brightness: 2000 ANSI lumens

“Casio is offering a new and interesting form of technology but it’s still in its infancy.”

5 reviews


Optoma ThemeScene HD82

Full-HD; Projector Type: DLP; Projector brightness: 680 ANSI lumens; Extras: 1080p

"FOR: Good looks; 1080p/24fps video; solid blacks; clean image; natural colours. AGAINST: Doesn't match dynamic colours of others; lacks subtlety of best."

6 reviews


Pico PK301
Optoma PK301

Light source: LED; Projector brightness: 50 ANSI lumens

The PK301 from Optoma is tiny and good looking, but Know Your Mobile's main gripe with it is that it doesn't display the screen of your smartphone, only video content, so it can't be …

5 reviews | 11 opinions (Above average)



Full-HD; Projector Type: D-ILA / SXRD; Projector brightness: 1200 ANSI lumens; Extras: …

"FOR: Staggering image quality, with excellent levels of detail, contrast and colour. AGAINST: Its resolution isn't all it seems; the technology doesn't work with 3D."

2 reviews


Vivitek H5080
Vivitek H5080

Full-HD; Projector Type: LED-DLP; Projector brightness: 1600 ANSI lumens; Extras: Lens Shift, …

Expert Reviews says that this machine easily produces the nicest image quality of all other DLP projectors they've come across, but that for the price one could buy practically two of their …

3 reviews


Sanyo PLV-Z700
Sanyo PLV-Z700

Full-HD; Projector Type: LCD; Projector brightness: 1200 ANSI lumens; Extras: 1080p, Lens Shift

"For: Fully specified 1080p projector; simple set-up; natural, insightful image; supremely confident with bright and dark scenes. Against: It's a bulky unit."

8 reviews | 6 opinions (Excellent)


Dell S300WI
Dell S300WI

HD-ready; Projector Type: DLP; Projector brightness: 2200 ; Extras: 3D-ready

If you are working in a confined space, the S300WI is ideal, with reasonable image quality and quiet operation, it also has great connectivity options and an appealing software bundle. ZDNet found …

2 reviews


Casio XJ-A235
Casio XJ-A235

Full-HD; Projector Type: DLP; Projector brightness: 2000 ANSI lumens

TechRadar found the images projected from the Casio XJ-A235 projector to be bright but ultimately not up to scratch. When in operation at high brightness mode, the fan was extremely noisy. The device …

1 review | 1 opinion (Excellent)



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