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CoreHT 252B-4G50
Asrock CoreHT 252B

ViiV-PCs; Number of processor cores: Quad-Core

The Core i5-2520M driving the ASRock nettop is much quicker than the competition, and can even compete against some desktops for processing power. It far exceeds the rest in the Tom's Hardware

2 reviews | 1 opinion (Above average)


More information at: Tom's Hardware, 10/2011 Nettop Round-Up: Four Tiny PCs, Benchmarked And Reviewed The four nettops in this test all approach compact computing in very different ways. Find out what the driving force is behind each and how they fare against each other when put through their paces. In test: Four Nettop PCs were reviewed. … to review

Pavilion Slimline S7640 ukv
HP Pavilion Slimline

All-round PC, ViiV-PCs

"HP's S7640.ukv is a compact, amply powerful PC for a very reasonable amount of cash."

2 reviews


More information at: PC Pro, 4/2007 HP Pavilion Slimline It's tempting to regard small-form-factor PCs with a degree of suspicion. Airflow and cooling restrictions typically rule out installing the hottest, fasting CPUs, while space considerations meant he latest graphics cards are equally impractical. But, with even the cheapest PCs more than capable of running Windows Vista, a PC doesn't necessarily need to knock our socks off with its performance to impress. … to review

GM5066 B
Gateway GM5066B

All-round PC, ViiV-PCs

"... It will zip through any office tasks with ease and has a full complement of multimedia goodies to round out the package, making it the perfect all-round PC for the new buyer or student. …

1 review


XPC M M 2000
Shuttle XPC M M2000

ViiV-PCs, All-round PC

"... Despite our affection for the Shuttle M 2000M's excellent design, we can't recommend it."

1 review


More information at: PC Pro, 2/2007 Shuttle XPC M 2000M We were quite taken with Shuttle's previous media netre PC, the XPC M 1000. With great internal design, sleek looks and a quietness that would put the best-behaved children to shame, it won many admirers. Only its price and sluggish Pentium M processor held it back. The XPC M 2000M is the answer to our criticisms, with a dual-core CPU and other internal upgrades offered for slightly less money that the XPC 1000M. But has Shuttle done enough? … to review

Hi-Grade DMS II 3000

ViiV-PCs, All-round PC

"We were disappointed with this PC's slow Windows performance and its lack of a digital TV tuner. ..."

1 review


Evesham Mini II


"Pint-sized, but impressively powerful as long as you forget about upgrade potential."

1 review


Dell Dimension 9150 Superior
Dell Dimension 9150 Superior

ViiV-PCs, PC Packages

"The emphasis on multimedia features makes this a great entertainment PC for home users."

1 review


Evesham Ebox V

ViiV-PCs, All-round PC

"A well-designed and versatile Viiv entertainment system, marred only by poor 3D performance."

1 review


DMS 2 3200
Hi-Grade DMS II 3200

ViiV-PCs, All-round PC

"... the Hi-Grade DMS II is designed for its Media Center functionality rather than its general capabilities – and for that purpose, it's very effective and fantastically well priced."

3 reviews


Elonex Artisan
Elonex Artisan

ViiV-PCs, All-round PC, PC Packages

"Living room styling and a well thought-out chassis design make the Artisan a plausible home PVR."

1 review


More information at:, 7/2005 Elonex Artisan Microsoft's assault on the living room has been more of a trickle than a stampede, but manufacturers are slowly catching on to the fact that determination is not enough -- this is a battle of stealth. … to review


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Information about the category

The most popular Viiv systems are those which resemble hi-fi systems, but for the purists, there are also systems that look like conventional multimedia computers. Viiv PCs provide a centralised integration of hi-fi and entertainment technology. Their price is on a par with superior multimedia PCs without having to compete with them directly.

Although the appearance of Viiv PCs is not set in stone, most manufacturers tend towards designs which resemble living room stereos. This way, multimedia servers can blend in with the system's overall appearance and form a harmonious whole with any attached peripheral devices. In fact, they usually don't look like full-blown systems. There are also Viiv PCs which use regular PC cases as well as mini-PCs, which are similar to standard multimedia PCs. Some very important factors to consider before buying are noise levels and energy consumption, which can be quite high due to these computers' permanent stand-by mode. Viiv PCs, with their Intel components, are designed specifically for convenient home entertainment. Thanks to Intel's powerful dual-core processors, they act as comprehensive, easy-to-use multimedia centers without sacrificing the capabilities of conventional computers. Their main feature is their readiness at the touch of a button on a remote control. Price-wise, these computers are on a par with upscale multimedia PCs at £1500 or more. They are usually very well featured, which allows them to easily function as a hard disk recorder, TV receiver and audio and video player. In addition to their powerful processor, they usually include at least a large hard drive with, for example, 500 GB and one or two fast graphics cards with 256 MB RAM. There are also Viiv PCs with a DVD or Blu-Ray burner and tuner for receiving digital satellite and analogue cable television. Additional HDCP (copy protection)-enabled DVI outputs, or HDMI outputs allow the reception of high definition HD-ready TV, an Internet connection for downloading videos and a 5.1-channel sound providing good audio quality.