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Connectivity: Wireless; Technology: VoIP Telephone; Telephone with Answering Machine, …

The Fritz!FON MT-F DECT phone from AVM connects to a Fritz!Box router, allowing you to listen to online radio, make internet phone calls and email, as well as acting as a normal landline.

6 reviews | 4 opinions (Excellent)


More information at: Expert Reviews, 4/2012 Fritz!FON MT-F DECT Phone The Fritz!FON MT-F DECT has been designed to be used with Fritz!Box wireless routers, so you can access the internet via the phone … to review

Gigaset SL910A
Gigaset SL910A

Connectivity: Wireless; Telephone with Answering Machine, Videophone; Functions: …

The landline based smartphone Gigaset SL910A has a large touch screen, 14 hours of talktime and not to mention 200 on standby. The slim looking phone includes a base, one handset and others are

1 review | 6 opinions (Above average)


More information at: IT Reviews, 12/2011 Gigaset SL910A The Gigaset is an unexpected landline phone that has smartphone technology and a surprising colour touch screen. … to review

Archos 35 Smart Home Phone
Archos 35 Smart Home Phone

Connectivity: Wireless; Technology: Analogue Phone; Videophone; Functions: Colour display

The Archos 35 Smart Home Phone combines some features usually found on a smartphone but with a DECT handset. It has a touchscreen and an Android operating system. TechRadar say that it is really

4 reviews | 3 opinions (Average)


More information at: GadgetSpeak, 2/2012 A DECT and Android Phone Archos have created a DECT phone that uses an Android operating system. Is it a combination that works? … to review

Asus AiGuru SV1
Asus AiGuru SV1

Connectivity: Wireless; Technology: VoIP Telephone; Videophone; Functions: Colour display

Make video Skype calls independently of your computer either by plugging an ethernet cable directly into the AiGuru SV1, or by connecting wirelessly via wifi internet.

3 reviews | 4 opinions (Above average)


Round Table
Microsoft RoundTable

"With its straightforward hardware installation, relatively compact size and decent value for money, the Microsoft RoundTable may be just what your business needs. ..."

1 review



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Archos 35 Smart Home Phone PC Pro 1/2012 - An interesting home phone DECT hybrid, the Archos 35 Smart Home Phone doubles up as a cordless landline with access to apps and Android customisation.

Colour phone c't 6/2010 - AVM’s DECT telephone, which comes with a colour display, can access web radio and more via the FritzBox.

Great Performance connect 3/2010 - Just like mobile phones, cordless telephones have also long been able to do more than simply make calls. The cordless MT-F from AVM shows just where this journey’s heading. But does it deliver what it promises? Review details: Single test. Among the test criteria were features (basic functions, luxury features, phone number management ...), handling (menu navigation/ keypad, display/ manageability, processing quality/ instruction manual ...) and sound (lab readings for reception/ sending).

Archos 35 Smart Home Phone TechRadar UK 5/2012 - Whilst it is very common to have a smartphone to use on the go, a home phone with smart features is rare. See what the Archos 35 Smart Home Phone offers.

Gadgets MacFormat 7/2009 - New and hot, here are six gadgets out now or coming soon. From Amazon's Kindle DX to Gramo's solar-powered speakers, these are great additions to your Mac or digital lifestyle. Review details: Six new electronic devices were individually reviewed. No final scores were given.

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Phones with a video screen make communication easier, especially for the hearing impaired, since they allow for the use of sign language. These expensive devices have now been superseded by IP telephony, which is cheaper. Manufacturers in the mobile sector promise a renaissance of video telephony in the future through the use of UMTS networks.