TVs with Hard Drive Recorder

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Humax LP32-TDR1

Built-in hard drive

Although the built in hard disk recorder saves on space and clutter, AVReview found the Humax LP32-TDR1 to be lacking in performance with detail lost in dark areas and weak sonic ability.

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LCD; HD-Ready; 22"; Built-in hard drive

Although no home run in terms of performance and picture quality and exhibiting a few build quality issues, the ease of use that an integrated PVR gives and the relatively affordable price leads What

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More information at: What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision, issue 6/2008 DMTech drives sector forward DMTech has carved out a niche for itself with its TV/DVD combos. Its new LV22HF goes one further with the inclusion of a 160GB hard drive for recording shows with the added bonus of this being user replaceable. … to review

Humax LP40-TDR1

LCD; HD-Ready; 40"; Built-in hard drive

While the design is tidy and the feature list impressive, performance doesn't match up to the very best sets out there. Still, for the price and for the added convenience of a built-in PVR, What

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More information at: What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision, issue 5/2008 Neat Humax is almost a triumph Featuring a strikingly interesting design and integrated PVR functionality, this 40in LCD television set from Humax aims to tick all the boxes on consumers' shopping lists. But, can its performance live up to this impressive feature-set? … to review

CE 32 LDY1-B
Sanyo CE 32LDY1-B

LCD; Built-in hard drive

"If you're looking to save on space this TV/PVR offers a very neat solution."

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Humax LGB-32TPVR

LCD; Built-in hard drive

"... although performance is more competent than class-leading, it's easy to ignore the slight flaws for the sake of convenience."

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Devices that combine LCD TV and hard drive receivers are ideal if you either don't have the finances or the space for more specialised 'stand alone' units. Most are LCD TVs but it's important that they have Full HD so they will be equipped for upcoming high definition digital TV.

TVs with integrated hard disk receivers or recorders have clearly replaced video recorders as the TV recording medium of choice. Combining two devices means users save the space and the money they would have needed for an extra machine. Most are LCDs with modern TFT technology and an integrated receiver and a hard disk. There are also tuners for both digital and analogue TVs and further features like a HDMI connection. When buying, it is important to check that the device is really sustainable because if just one component is outdated, a whole new device is needed. An LCD TV with Full HD is advised so it will be equipped for upcoming high definition digital TV because HD ready devices must convert HDTV to a lower number of lines which leads to a loss of quality. The number of hours that can be recorded depends on hard disk storage space. 20GB, 60GB and 80GB devices are currently available. 80GB devices can record up to 56 hours of film which in most cases is plenty. Recording TV shows or films is very straightforward, provided there is an EPG (Electronic Program Guide). Some devices also have a card reader and a common interface slot which can receive PAY TV programmes. The integrated hard disk receiver can automatically record TV programmes as they're being broadcast so users won't miss key scenes and can play them back at a later date. A high quality hard disk recorder can't replace these multifunctional devices but they do allow users to save their favourite series and films for a certain period of time.