Rear Projection TVs

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KDS-55A 2000
Sony KDS-55A2000

Widescreen Television, Rear Projection

"For big-screen thrills on a budget, this Sony TV makes an awful lot of sense."

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More information at: What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision, issue 5/2007 Big Sony offers Full HD for less Not everyone wants to wall-hang their flat TV. Many buyers position their new screen across the corner of a room, where it takes up as much practical space as their outgoing CRT. if that's your plan, consider a rear projection TV. … to review

HD-65DS8DDJ 65in Rear Projection TV

Rear Projection; Full HD; 65"

The picture quality might not be perfect but felt that if it was size you were looking for, then you need not go any further than the HD-65DS8DDJ. For this price you will not find

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More information at: TrustedReviews, 4/2008 JVC HD-65DS8DDJ 65in Rear Projection TV These days it is a rarity to see a rear projecting TV be released by a major manufacturer. JVC has done just this and sent their design team back in time to produce a whopping 65 incher. But will it still have the technology to out class the abundance of flat screens out there? … to review

KDS-70R 2000
Sony KDS-70R2000

Widescreen Television, Rear Projection

"If you fancy a projection-sized picture without having to put up with the installation hassles and dark room of a projector, this outstanding Sony rear projection TV is a stunning option.

2 reviews


More information at:, 10/2007 Sony KDS-70R2000 The rear projection TV market has practically disappeared, thanks to the general lust for flat TVs these days. Sony is out to revive this undervalued and misunderstood part of the industry in style with the simply vast, 70-inch KDS-70R2000. It's the first TV to use Sony's new SXRD projection technology, a device that enables film-quality smoothness on high-resolution images. For around £3,650, is bigger better? … to review

Sony KDS-R50XBR1
Sony KDS-R50XBR1

Widescreen Television, Rear Projection

"High points: Loads of groovy inputs, including HDMI, FireWire (Sony's iLink), VGA, and more; great video processing for SD and HD; plasma ass-kicking good picture. Low points: Pretty but

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More information at: Digital TV & Sound, issue Spring 2006 More than just high resolution Sony adds 1080P to the feature set of its rear-projection televisions, but is that enough? … to review

md 5880n
HP md5880n

Rear Projection

"High points: High-resolution image; accepts 1080p signals; groovy thumbnail source selection mode. Low points: Slow to switch to film mode with film content; can't program universal …

1 review


50DSZ 644
Thomson 50 DSZ 644

Rear Projection; 50"

"... in all respects other than depth (only 17cm), this set is a huge performer. ..."

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Product information and further reviews

Sony KDS-55A2000 2/2007 - Available for around £1,500, this is one of the cheapest 'full HD' televisions on the market -- meaning it has a 1,920x1,080-pixel resolution and can display the best quality 1080p high-definition video. Not only that, its screen measures up at a whopping 55 inches, boasts one of the highest contrast ratios around and, well, it's made by Sony, not some no-name Chinese brand.

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Information about the category

A rear projection television, also known as RPTV, is a device consisting of an integrated projector which is positioned to face a mirror, which in turn faces the screen. This provides for a very good picture quality and as the screen and projector are integrated into one box, it makes for fewer devices in the room. A rear projection television can use the same technology as any screen currently available. Therefore there are CRT, LCD and DLP rear projection televisions. A CRT projector uses a separate CRT tube for each of the three primary colours and can produce the highest colour range of all three technologies. The blacks will be black, saturation and brightness will be optimal, and the price will generally be lower than a newer projector as the technology has been around for a long time and is therefore cheaper to manufacture. An LCD or DLP projection television is smaller, uses less energy and produces less heat. Screen sizes can still reach up to about 76 inches. Most rear projection televisions will have a 16:9 widescreen aspect and a resolution of around 720p. The size and weight is nothing to worry a flat screen but the quality and larger sizes may be. The price of a rear projection TV is generally in line with that of a flat panel and as flat panel technology develops into larger size screens and its popularity carries on increasing the number of places offering rear projection sets decreases.