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PTV 350
Qualcomm FLO TV Personal Television

Portable Television; 3.5"

"... Everyone we showed, that wasn't a technology journalist, was impressed. However most did comment on the lack of quality on the 320 x 240 resolution screen. From a hardware perspective …

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ViewSonic VTV35
ViewSonic VTV35

Portable Television; 3.5"

"... The program guide and menu system are easy to follow and clearly laid out, with an EPG providing only now-and-next information. The screen flickered a bit in menus, but TV was fine. Our

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More information at: Computer Shopper, 11/2009 ViewSonic VTV35 ViewSonic's VTV35 is the most basic portable TV player we've seen. It has no SD card slot or USB port, so you can't play MP3s or view video or image files on its 3½in screen. This goes a long way towards explaining why it costs so little. … to review

Xoro HSD 7510

Portable DVD player

"... There are better standalone portable DVD players on the market, and better portable TVs, but this one combines those features and then adds some more for good measure. ..."

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10.4in LCD TV analogue & digital tuner + DVD player
Evesham 10.4'' LCD TV analogue & digital tuner + DVD player

Portable Television, LCD

"A versatile, portable LCD TV that provides more than just TV programming."

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More information at: Windows XP Made Easy, issue 115 Evesham 10.4-inch LCD TV This 10.4-inch LCD TV from Evesham is described as a Versatile Ultra Portable Television. This essentially translates to the fact that it is a small TV that has a number of uses. It can be hung or stood in a room of choice, or taken into the great outdoors. … to review

LCD 9283D
Roadstar LCD9283D

Portable Television, LCD

"For: Strong picture; colour balance, good detail; digital tuner. Against: Bright, lightweight sound; hints of picture instability."

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Toshiba 32WLT66 CNET.co.uk 4/2006 - High definition is here, and it's here to stay. So it's high time we started to see more LCD TVs like Toshiba's 32WLT66, which as well as carrying the TV industry's much-coveted 'HD Ready' logo also delivers an HD bonus in the form of two HDMI inputs.

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The big black box in the corner of the living room isn't the only way to enjoy your favourite shows. A portable television is generally any television with its own aerial and so can be used to describe anything from a 14” CRT to a tiny 2” device with a TFT screen. The speakers on a portable television are usually built-in and front mounted. Due to the small size of the devices they are generally not very powerful but there is nearly always provision for using headphones. Portable devices are also now been made with integrated DVD players or radios and most new portable televisions, especially those with LCD screens support the reception of digital signals. As LCD and OLED technology progresses so power consumption decreases and battery powered portable televisions are able to last longer and longer. As mobile telephones and PDAs develop into true multifunction, multimedia gadgets they will begin to include provision for television reception. For this end the two digital broadcast standards DVB-H and DMB were developed. Until digital television is fully rolled out a device supporting both analogue and digital signals will be the safest option, at the moment, the aerials of many small televisions are just now sensitive enough to pick up a good digital signal.