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Glofiish X-500+
E-TEN Glofiish X500+

Palmtop / Windows PDA / Pocket PC

"A very nice update to what was already an impressive Windows Mobile PDA."

3 reviews


More information at: Smartphone & PDA Essentials, issue 65/2007 E-TEN glofish X500+ E-TEN isn't one of the better known producers of Pocket PCs here in the UK, and that is because the company sells Sim-free rather than having deals with network operators. The fact also means that if you choose an E-TEN device you'll have to pay more for it than you would with an operator subsidy. On the plus side you can swap Sims at will, and in the case of this particular PDA, just about everything except 3G is here at your beck and call. With so many features packed into this PDA, it might at first glance seem difficult to pick one that stands out from the rest. In fact, that task is easy. This is a very rare PDA indeed because it has a VGA display. Where other PDAs tend to offer 240x320 pixels, this one can do a massive 480x640. … to review

CoPilot Live 7 Software for Windows Mobile (UK & Ireland)
Alk CoPilot Live 7(UK + Ireland Maps)

Type: PDA Navigation System; TMC: Yes; Weight: 182 g

Speed, accuracy and a price substantially cheaper than a standalone satnav device, ALK's CoPilot Live goes from download to route setting in mere minutes. Highly configurable for car, bike or

10 reviews | 18 opinions (Poor)


More information at: connect, issue 8/2008 On the way with your mobile phone The modern mobile phone is designed for much more than just making calls and sending texts. With a GPS receiver and software it can turn into a navigation system in no time at all. In test: 14 navigation systems were reviewed and were rated from “very good” to “satisfactory”. Test criteria included features (navigation, communication ...), handling (operation, destination entry ...) as well as destination guidance (audio and visual guidance ...).

Nokia Maps 2.0
Nokia Maps 2.0

Type: PDA Navigation System; TMC: Yes

While Maps' OTA downloading of map data and wealth of bolt-on extras make for a very versatile package, Personal Computer World warns that pricing can often become a complicated and convoluted

6 reviews


More information at: connect, issue 7/2008 Last minute sat-nav So you’re on holiday and urgently need a navigation system? No problem - thanks to free downloadable navigation software for your mobile phone, you will always have a navigation computer with you. Three off-board systems were tested and all were given an overall “good” rating. Test criteria included features (navigation, communication, entertainment), handling (operation, destination entry, system speed ...) as well as route calculation (across country, city and dynamic).

Digi-walker A-501
Mio A501

Type: PDA Navigation System; Weight: 135 g

"... The device packs plenty of features into a small space, but its sluggish performance, ugly design and lack of 3G and Wi-Fi support are just too off-putting to make it a success."

5 reviews


Navigation Suite (for BlackBerry)
Jentro FoxNav Mobile Navigation (for BlackBerry)

Type: PDA Navigation System; TMC: Yes

While navigation is competent, address finding and contacts searching are both on the slow side. Unlike stand-alone sat-navs, FoxNav doesn't feel as responsive and engaging. The convenience of …

1 review


Telmap Navigator for BlackBerry
Telmap Navigator for BlackBerry

Type: PDA Navigation System; TMC: Yes

Rapid updating and as useful for pedestrians as well as drivers, Telmap's Navigator for BlackBerry handsets allows you to have complete confidence in its route planning. With Europe-wide maps …

1 review


Digi Walker P550
Mio DigiWalker P550

Type: PDA Navigation System; Weight: 170 g

"A fully featured yet affordable PDA with great navigation software."

6 reviews | 5 opinions (Above average)


e 310
Acer e310

Type: In-car, PDA Navigation System; Display size: 2.8"; TMC: Unavailable; Weight: 130 g

"At less than £200 this is a great all-round solution. It may not have the largest screen and it has a few kinks but the extras and all round useability make it a worthwhile investment."

7 reviews


Wayfinder Systems Navigator Preloaded

Type: PDA Navigation System; TMC: Yes

Personal Computer World suggested the Preloaded version of Wayfinder Navigator is a much better bet than the OTA (over-the-air) version. The magazine reported good prompts, comprehensive speed camera …

1 review


Nokia 6210 Navigator
Nokia 6210 Navigator

Megapixel: 3.2 MP; Slider; MP3 player, Camera, Radio

Combining handset and satnav is attractive for those who need both but don't want the inconvenience of two devices. Nokia's 6210 Navigator makes a commendable job of this, but for regular

6 reviews | 1 opinion (Above average)


More information at: areamobile.de, 9/2008 Nokia 6210 Navigator A year and a half ago, Nokia brought out the first navigation based mobile phone on the market in the form of the 6110 Navigator. Now, more and more mobile phones feature GPS and enable reliable navigation with the right software. So what’s special about the Nokia 6210 Navigator? Single Test. Among the test criteria were call quality, multimedia, manageability/ handling and sound/ media player.

Wayfinder Systems Navigator 7

Type: PDA Navigation System

"... the maps lack detail and, even on a fairly new Windows Mobile phone, watching the map drag around the screen was a sobering experience compared with the smoothness of some of the standalone

4 reviews


More information at: TrustedReviews, 7/2007 Wayfinder Navigator 7 It might seem a bit of a weird idea, using your phone as a sat-nav system. But when you think about it, all of the ingredients are there. Most phones these days have full colour screens and enough horsepower to run sat-nav mapping software. And though built-in GPS receivers are still a novelty, most modern handsets are equipped with Bluetooth, meaning you can add GPS functionality really easily with a Bluetooth GPS receiver module. And because many phones have some form of Internet connection now, it's a snap to integrate stuff like traffic information, and update maps seamlessly. As a result, many of the major navigation software makers are now offering their packages for smartphones. Wayfinder Navigator 7, however, takes the concept of the connected sat-nav system to extremes. Instead of storing the maps on a data card locally Wayfinder takes your route request and sends map, route and other pertinent data in small chunks to the phone as and when required. … to review

Vodafone UK Navigator
Vodafone UK Navigator

Type: PDA Navigation System

A cheap and cheerful sat-nav system that works well on any Blackberry with GPS. Trusted Reviews thought Vodafone Navigator (Telmap v4) was great value for money but one shouldn't expect anything …

1 review


Mio P560

Smartphone; Weight: 170 g; Candybar; MP3 player, Camera, Keyboard

"... if you have your eye on a standalone satnav device with Bluetooth and some added features, the the P560 makes a good argument for approaching your search from a PDA perspective

3 reviews


More information at: Smartphone & PDA Essentials, issue 72/2008 Mio P560 Mio manages to keep one foot in the PDA world, one in the standalone navigation device world, and somehow to also straddle the two. Its new P560 is an example of the 'foot in both camps' approach. A standard PDA, the P560 has a GPS antenna built in and is available with or without Mio's own MioMap 3 navigation software. … to review

P 3470 Pharos
HTC P3470 Pharos

Megapixel: 2.0 MP; Smartphone; Weight: 122 g; Candybar; Radio, Camera

The P3470's low price somewhat makes up for the lack of 3G or wifi plus the fact that the device comes with bundled TomTom software to complement the built in GPS means that slow data speeds

1 review


More information at: Smartphone & PDA Essentials, issue 75/2008 HTC P3470 HTC's Pharos, or P3470, integrates all the usual features of a smartphone plus an integrated GPS receiver and improved Windows Mobile interface to make up for the lack of a hardware keyboard. … to review

Keychain GPS2000
Freedom Input Keychain GPS 2000

Type: PDA Navigation System

According to Smartphone & PDA Essentials, the Freedom Keychain GPS 2000 comes in as a close second to having in-built GPS, and at the end of the day it is the convenience of it that you're

1 review | 10 opinions (Above average)


More information at: Smartphone & PDA Essentials, issue 72/2008 Freedom Keychain GPS 2000 GPS receivers are all around us, and the way in which we use it is also changing. Many handheld devices include GPS as yet another feature, and it often gets ignored until it's needed, the trouble is that not every device has it built-in. … to review

My Pal A696
Asus MyPal A696

Type: PDA Navigation System, In-car; Display size: 3.5"; Weight: 165 g

"... Windows Mobile 6.0 will drive your multimedia and organisational software just fine, but in a hugely competitive market flooded with GPS enabled smartphones, this little PDA may just get …

3 reviews


iPAQ rx 5935 Travel Companion
HP iPAQ rx5935 Travel Companion

Type: PDA Navigation System, In-car; Display size: 3.5"

"It's hard to argue too much with the package - good specs at a good price."

1 review | 6 opinions (Excellent)


Nomad 800-L
Tripod Data Systems Nomad 800L

Type: PDA Navigation System

"... It's built like the proverbial brick outhouse and can take a hell of a lot of abuse. The screen is the most vulnerable area, but the odd scratch doesn't stop it working and, more …

1 review


Map v3.0
Mio MioMap v3

Type: PDA Navigation System

"Nice upgrade with a few design quirks. Does the job, but there's better around."

1 review | 1 opinion (Poor)


BT-Q 818
Qstarz BT-Q818

Type: PDA Navigation System

"... on first impressions, this is one to watch."

1 review



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Product information and further reviews

Live from the cockpit Navi-Magazin 9-10/2008 - An ever increasing number of smartphones with integrated GPS receivers are coming onto the market - and the navigation software on offer is also becoming more interesting.

Revolution! connect 5/2008 - Nokia is getting serious: GPS is to be a standard feature of mid-range mobile phones from summer, and of entry-level devices starting in autumn. So what is the navigation program Nokia Maps 2.0 actually capable of? Review details: Single test. Test criteria were features (navigation, communication, entertainment), handling (operation, destination entry, system speed voice control ...) as well as destination guidance (audio and visual guidance, positioning accuracy) and route calculation (across country, city ...).

Qstarz BT-Q818 Smartphone & PDA Essentials 62/2007 - We've looked at many Bluetooth GPS receivers before, and frankly it's becoming difficult to tell them apart. Performance is now generally so reliable across the board that price is the only real key factor in the purchasing decision. But the BT-Q818 is different. It eschews the ubiquitous SiRFStarIII chipset seen in just about every other device in favour of the new MTK chip. Among the chief promises of MTK are lower power consumption and high sensitivity, leading the BT-Q818 to be dubbed 'Double 32' - 32 hours of battery life and 32 channel tracking.

Nokia 6210 Navigator Mobile Choice 1/2009 - Built-in GPS (Global Positioning Systems) are becoming so common place on mobile phones that the folks at A-Z must be cursing the day someone first uttered the words 'sat nav'. Nokia has pioneered mobile mapping solutions more than any other manufacturer and what's refreshing is that they don't appear to be resting on their laurels. Take the Nokia 6210 Navigator for example, not only is it fitted with the latest Nokia Maps 2.0, it is also purpose built for both the pedestrian and the driver. Review details: Single Test. One smartphone was reviewed and rated on look and feel, ease of use, features, performance and battery life.

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Information about the category

Alongside traditional GPS navigation systems built into cars and handheld devices there are also GPS software packages and receivers available for use with a PDA. These are becoming increasingly popular as the power and versatility of PDAs is constantly improving and allowing their users to do things that were previously not possible with such a tiny device. The antennae to receive GPS signals can be in the form of a slot-in card or an external device connected either by cable or via Bluetooth. The software is available from many manufacturers and can be updates to include maps from other countries or with updated travel information. These updates will come on a memory card, normally 256MB will be enough for one country, anything larger will require a 512 card or bigger. PDA GPS navigations systems can also plug into the car cigarette charger to stay working while needed and while on the move are powered by a rechargeable battery. GPS signals are weaker in some areas. In a tunnel for instance there may be no signal what-so-ever and in heavily built up areas the signal may be intermittent or weak. The beauty of a PDA based navigation system lies in its flexibility When not being used as a router planner they can be used as a diary, day planner, for watching films or listening to music, it is even possible with some software versions to plan a route to or from an entry in the PDA's address book or to show the location of an address from an internet page. PDAs with GPS software still offer audible guides and as some can be used as a telephone are the complete solution for finding your way or getting lost and calling the AA.