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LinkScanner Free Edition (2011)
AVG LinkScanner Free Edition (v10.0.1382)

Virus Scanner, Online Virus Scanner; Freeware

A program that will check out whether a site could cause you problems, might be nice, but it will slow you down, says They describe it as quite a process, seeing as one must first run a …

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Panda Security Cloud Antivirus 1.0
Panda Security Cloud Antivirus 1.0

Online Virus Scanner; Freeware

PC Advisor spotted that the Panda Cloud Antivirus 1 added a higher than average amount of time to startup and shutdown time. It performed excellently on signature-based detection. They feel that they

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More information at: PC Advisor, 12/2010 Panda Cloud Antivirus 1 Panda Cloud Antivirus 1 is a unique entry in the free antivirus race. Most free antivirus products still rely on signature updates to detect new malware, but Panda's program instead uses fresh data about malware direct from Panda's servers. … to review

Trend Micro House Call
Trend Micro House Call

Platform: Win Vista, Win XP; Online Virus Scanner; Freeware

"Trend Micro HouseCall is a great resource for anyone who suspects that their computer woes may be related to malicious files - or for those who just want to double-check that their installed …

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Online virus scanners are able to react particularly fast to new infections thanks to their daily updated databases. However, the online connection needed for this to work could also be harbouring potential risk as any lurking malware could then also take advantage of the link to the world wide web. A few online virus scans are also only capable of tracing viruses but not deleting them.

Unprotected computers are easy prey for viruses, spyware and malware. That's why virus scanners have long been an essential part of any computer. As well as comprehensive software, you can also make use of online virus scanners. Although these are rarely capable of replacing a complete solution, they are good for a one-off scan or for the odd virus check. Additionally, these tools can be used for an initial diagnosis or for checking the status of an already running virus software. The main advantage of using these scanners is the low number of files needed for the program; this is why online virus scanners are so fast. What's more, they are always up-to-date as they are offered as daily-updated downloads; their makers generally side-step all but the essentials. This does, however, have a downside. This means that some online virus scanners can only find viruses and report them, they are not capable of removing them. This is admittedly quite pointless as you ultimately have to get another anti-virus software to get rid of them. On top of all of this, the internet connection to access these programs is a risk in itself - lurking malware could be activated. So if you've got a virus hiding inside your system it's probably waiting for this moment to release your personal data online or initiate the download of other viruses. That's why installed virus scanners are always better. Almost all online virus scanners work reactively; they only recognise viruses when they have the matching signature in their database. Proactive technologies, however, are mostly found on installed anti-virus programs as certain procedures, such as the sandbox technology, require a specially protected environment which is anchored within a system.