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Western Digital My Cloud (2 TB)

Hard Drive

The ease of use and huge capacity of WD's My Cloud are two of its best features, but its ability to create a cloud storage space that any of your devices can access is its real selling point.

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More information at:, 12/2013 Western Digital My Cloud We accumulate more and more data every day, and one possible solution to store it is to upload it to the cloud. But if you don't trust third party providers, WD's My Cloud offers you the possibility of creating your own cloud in your home. … to review

LaCie 2Big NAS (6TB)
LaCie 2Big NAS (6TB)

Hard Drive

Reviewers at MacWorld found LaCie's 2Big NAS to be a bit less straightforward than many rivals to configure, but once it's up and running, maintenance is easy. Its performance will depend

1 review | 1 opinion (Excellent)


More information at: MacWorld, 4/2013 LaCie 2Big NAS Lacie's NAS boxes haven't changed much visually over the years, but given that they sport such a nice design, that's not exactly a reason to complain. But what about performance? … to review

Ready NAS Duo V2 (2 TB)
NetGear ReadyNAS Duo V2 (2 TB)

Hard Drive

Thanks to a well-organized Dashboard, the ReadyNAS Duo V2 is very easy to configure and use. It doesn't have much in the way of software extras, but it does the basics really well and it's

1 review


More information at: MacWorld, 4/2013 Netgear ReadyNAS Duo V2 With its metal grills and industrial looks, the ReadyNAS Duo V2 certainly sets itself apart from the competition, at least on an aesthetic level. … to review

MyBook Live Duo (8 TB)
Western Digital My Book Live Duo (8TB)

Hard Drive

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More information at: MacWorld, 4/2013 Western Digital MyBook Live Duo WD's MyBook range has a reputation for good looks and innovation, and the Live Duo doesn't let it down, at least regarding the former. … to review

Buffalo LinkStation 410 LS410D0201-EU (2 TB)
Buffalo LinkStation 410 LS410D0201-EU (2 TB)

Hard Drive

For those who don't need oodles of features or advanced management tools, Expert Reviews reckon LinkStation LS410D is a decent choice. It's a breeze to use except for the odd fussy option …

1 review | 8 opinions (Above average)


Iomega StorCenter ix2
Iomega StorCenter ix2

Iomega's StorCentre ix2 in 1 or 2TB split drives has specs to find impressive. The network set-up though proved unnecessarily complex, irritating and highly unintuitive. For this NAS device to …

10 reviews | 6 opinions (Below average)


MyBook Live Duo (4 TB)
Western Digital My Book Live Duo (4TB)

Hard Drive

The Western Digital My Book Live Duo 4TB NAS drive comes with Windows software that helps you to setup the drive. Expert Reviews say the web interface, that you can access once it's been …

5 reviews | 99 opinions (Average)


Iomega Home Media Network Hard Drive Personal Cloud Edition
Iomega Home Media Network Hard Drive Cloud Edition

NAS Server, Hard Drive

It's very easy to secure your files with the LaCie CloudBox Network Hard Drive 100GB, as you backup your files to the ethernet connected drive, which automatically saves them again to online …

4 reviews | 42 opinions (Average)


Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex Product Line
Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex Product Line

Type: External

Tom's Hardware recommend Seagate's complete and adaptable product line saying it does a good job, provided you don't mind paying separately for the drive and interface connection, …

21 reviews | 114 opinions (Above average)


Dane-Elec MyDitto
Dane-Elec MyDitto

Hard Drive

Computer Act!ve see the Dane-Elec Myditto as an innovation and a easy method of gaining access to your files from any location, being UPnP compliant, simple to install and secure. Some negatives were …

7 reviews | 1 opinion (Excellent)


MyBook Live
Western Digital My Book Live

Hard Drive

CNet heartily recommends this fantastic NAS, describing it as speedy, stylish, and providing ample storage. It's also very user-friendly, and offers a wide array of useful media features, such …

5 reviews | 484 opinions (Above average)


Linkstation Live LS-XL (LS-X1.0TL-EU)
Buffalo Linkstation Live LS-XL (1TB)

Hard Drive

Buffalo have a vast range of storage devices, this LinkStation Live LS-XL 1TB among them. The only external control it has is an in-line flick switch, to turn the power on and off without having to …

2 reviews | 66 opinions (Average)


Cloud Box
LaCie CloudBox

NAS Server, Hard Drive

The LaCie CloudBox is a 100GB hard disk but it also comes with 100GB of online storage for a year. The bundled Intego backup software can schedule backups whenever you wish. Macworld found it easy to …

2 reviews | 1 opinion (Above average)


MyBook Live 1 TB WDBACG0010HCH
Western Digital My Book Live 1TB (WDBACG0010HCH)

Hard Drive

Fitting in with the brand's usual designs, the Western Digital My Book Live 1TB has a simple, book-like shape. Micro Mart experienced some problems when trying to set the drive up but once it …

2 reviews | 484 opinions (Above average)


DiskStation DS411j
Synology Disk Station DS411j

Hard Drive, NAS Server

The installation guide missed out a crucial step, but once Synology's Diskstation DS411j was set up, Computer act!ve were impressed by the large-capacity drive's advanced multimedia and …

3 reviews | 40 opinions (Excellent)


Buffalo LinkStation Pro LS-V2.0TL-EU (2 TB)
Buffalo LinkStation Pro LS-V2.0TL-EU (2 TB)

Hard Drive

Unlike larger NAS drives, the Buffalo LinkStation Pro 2TB can't be opened or upgraded, though there's a Gigabit Ethernet port and USB 2 port to which you can connect another drive to

1 review | 14 opinions (Above average)


More information at: Expert Reviews, 4/2012 Buffalo LinkStation Pro 2TB The Buffalo LinkStation Pro 2TB is an easy to use single-disk NAS. Does it have any features that set it apart from the competition? … to review

Synology Disk Station DS210j

NAS Server, Hard Drive

Expert Reviews believe that the Synology DS210j network attached storage unit is an excellent buy. It comes with really fantastic software that is normally only available on more costly devices. They …

3 reviews | 17 opinions (Above average)


Buffalo LinkStation Pro Duo (2 TB)
Buffalo LinkStation Pro Duo (2 TB)

Hard Drive

Before picking up the Buffalo LinkStation Pro Duo 2TB, give some consideration to how you intend on using your NAS, advises ExpertReviews. They said that although its features function well and …

3 reviews | 4 opinions (Above average)


FreeAgent GoFlex Home (2TB)
Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex Home (2 TB)

Hard Drive

Seagate's 2TB FreeAgent GoFlex Home comes in two parts - the docking station connects to your network router and then you attach the hard drive. Micro Mart warn that the SATA connection between …

1 review


LaCie Wireless Space
LaCie Wireless Space

NAS Server, Hard Drive

Combining NAS storage and a router in the one sleek body, the LaCie Wireless Space is a unique device that left an overall positive impression on the team at Zath. Although basic users may find it …

3 reviews | 7 opinions (Average)



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Product information and further reviews for network attached storage devices

Synology DS411j PC Pro 1/2011 - Synology’s range of NAS devices reach right into the business-class stratosphere, but the DiskStation DS411j is altogether more modest. With four disk bays, Synology’s excellent DiskStation Manager 3.0 front-end and a host of features, the DS411j has its sights set on your home network.

Western Digital My Book World Edition Network Home Drive 5/2009 - Similar in some regards to Apple's Time Capsule, Western Digital's My Book World Edition 1TB networked drive gives you access to files and media from a variety of sources around the home from your wired network.

Synology DiskStation DS411+ Nas box Register Hardware 11/2010 - Review: From the outside, the Synology DiskStation DS411+ appears pretty much identical to the DS410n – a fairly heavy duty home and small business four-bay Nas box, reviewed recently. However, internally, the DS411+ is is quite a different beast, aimed at the small and medium business sector.

Dane-Elec MyDitto (1TB) ZDNet 7/2010 - These days, we want access to our data wherever we are. Portable hard drives are easy to use, but the capacity is limited and you don't always want to carry one in your pocket. Cloud storage is accessible everywhere, but the capacity is very limited and both the cost and the access speeds don't compare to network drives. But network storage is too complicated for many individuals and small businesses, and getting remote access can mean complex network changes or compromising security. Dane-Elec's MyDitto looks like any other two-drive Network Attached Storage (NAS) unit, but it has interesting ways of addressing both those issues.

Synology Disk Station DS508 PC Pro 9/2008 - Synology makes the move to a more business-oriented offering with its new DS508 chassis, a five-bay RAID-capable device with bags of features under its belt.

Synology DS508 network-attached storage Personal Computer World 8/2008 - Despite its low price, the DS508 has more in common with an enterprise network device than a standard consumer product, so just what can one expect from a NAS such as this?

Buffalo LinkStation Mini 1TB MacUser 13/2008 - As hard drive sizes increase, it is now not uncommon to find devices with more than one terabyte of storage. However, the Linkstation Mini is the first to offer such capaciousness in a 2.5in form factor by bundling up two 500GB disks into an impressive NAS device offering RAID, DNLA compliant media-server, print server and iTunes compatibility.

XiVA musicm8 TechRadar UK 3/2010 - Imerge's elegant XiVA musicm8 rips and streams audio around your home.

TS-239 Pro Turbo MacWorld 2/2010 - If you’re an audio, video or IT professional or have prosumer-level storage and security needs, QNAP’s TS-239 Pro Turbo NAS might be on your wish list. While the average consumer won’t appreciate the high-end features of this network-attached storage (NAS) device, tech enthusiasts will see a list of the things they seek in a NAS drive. iSCSI? Check. Hot-swappable bay drives? Yep. iTunes server? Of course. Volume-management software that lets you configure the device into RAID 0 and RAID 1 arrays? Absolutely. And there’s more.

Netgear ReadyNAS 3200 PC Pro 12/2009 - Up until now, Netgear's only rack appliance was the four-bay ReadyNAS 2100, but their new 3200 has got a lot more to offer. Review details: Single Test. One storage appliance was reviewed and rated on features and design, value for money and performance.

LinkSys by Cisco MediaHub PC Advisor 5/2009 - Cisco are making an effort to introduce some ease and enjoyability into NAS drives. The set-up still takes 18 steps, though the install software guides you through them. Linksys by Cisco's MediaHub also comes with a Flash-based browser, capable of playing all your media. Review details: Single Test. One NAS drive was reviewed and rated on build quality, features and value.

EZY MyXerver MX3600 media server 4/2009 - For some the idea of a NAS, Network Attached Server is immediately obvious. For others it might just induce a frown of incomprehension. EZY's MyXerver MX3600 tries to come up with a reason for not just leaving your computer on and streaming from there.

Linksys Media Hub NMH305 Computer act!ve 3/2009 - The more computers you have the more you need to share data across each. Linksys's Media Hub NMH305, about the size of a wine cask and with 500GB of space, allows you to share and backup your data over your network.

LinkStation Quad MacWorld 3/2009 - Buffalo's LinkStation Quad NAS, with up to 4TB of storage, with numerous features, RAID, WebAccess and built-in BitTorrent, this is a storage device meant for access-anywhere and loads of data.

Synology Disk Station DS-207+ TrustedReviews 1/2008 - It might be a compact little NAS appliance, but Synology's new Disk Station DS-207+ certainly knows how to pack the features in, as this dual disk desktop box takes most of the features of its bigger Cube Station stable mates and delivers them at a competitive price. The family comprises two models with the DS-207+ on review equipped with a 500MHz processor partnered by 128MB of memory. The lower-end DS-207 comes with a basic 266MHz FreeScale processor and 64MB of RAM and costs around £25 less. The feature list is very similar as both appliances offer Gigabit Ethernet plus a triplet of USB 2.0 ports for external storage or printer sharing but the DS-207+ also has an eSATA port at the front.

3Ware Sidecar MacUser 12/2007 - After reading Howard Oaklay's in-depth labs on Raid arrays, you'd be forgiven for wondering why another Raid storage product is being put under the microscope. But the 3Ware Sidecar Kit is not just another Raid box, it is a combination of the 3Ware Sidecar enclosure itself and the obscurely-named 9650SE-4LPME, a 'multi-lane, high-bandwidth' 3Gb SATA II Raid controller PCI-Express expansion card.

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In today's digital age, storage has become a much sought after commodity, this coupled with the increasing popularity of home networks has seen to it that large networked storage devices have entered the mainstream market with prices easily within the reach of the average consumer.

The benefit of a NAS hard drive, as opposed to a direct attached drive, are that the contents can be simultaneously accessed by any computer on the network. This is becoming increasingly more important as music, photo and film collections grow and expand, it is now possible for two people to be watching the same film, or listening to the same track in different parts of a building with no loss in quality or speed.

A NAS drive can also be used as an important backup for personal files. Many higher-end models come with support for RAID mirroring, where the contents of one disk are automatically copied to another disk and thus protected against crashes and potentially devastating power outages.

There are also software NAS solutions, allowing an older or low specced computer to be reused as a storage device. In such a configuration, a computer running a stripped down version of an operating system, often Linux, which runs enough services to support one or more file serving protocols and a web-based interface for set-up and configuration.

NAS drives range in price from less than one hundred pounds to over five hundred, depending on storage capacity which can be as high as two terabytes in some models.