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Flip Bluetooth
JBL Flip

Mini Speakers, Computer Speakers, Wireless speaker; Stereo Systems; Features: Bluetooth

"... the Flip sounds extremely lively in a wholly positive way. ... Listen to the JBL Flip and there's a good chance you'll go head over heels for it - you're looking at a …

1 review | 129 opinions (Excellent)



Wireless speaker, Mini Speakers; Stereo Systems; Features: Bluetooth, NFC

"... Low frequencies display decent weight while there's good control and definition. ... If you need a Bluetooth speaker that's nice to use and can handle large volumes, the Sony …

1 review | 124 opinions (Excellent)


Neat Acoustics Iota

Mini Speakers, Bookshelf Speakers; Stereo Systems

"Neat dares to think different, and comes up with an attractive, intriguing design."

2 reviews


Ruark Audio MR1

Mini Speakers, Computer Speakers, Wireless speaker; Stereo Systems; Features: Bluetooth

"FOR: Excellent sound; dynamically strong; good feature set; flexible; stylish design. AGAINST: Nothing of note."

1 review | 7 opinions (Excellent)


NuForce Cube
NuForce Cube

Computer Speakers, Mini Speakers

You can't expect much bass from such a tiny unit, but that aside, the sound quality of NuForce's Cube is pretty impressive, and it sounds better through its headphone output than many …

1 review


iLuv Sound Cubes

Computer Speakers, Mini Speakers; Stereo Systems

There was almost nothing that the iLuv Sound Cubes could do wrong in the eyes of MacWorld. Their lack of batteries and petite size means they are very portable, and they look sleek and trendy. Sound …

1 review | 11 opinions (Excellent)


i-box Twist
i-box Twist

Computer Speakers, Wireless speaker, Mini Speakers; Features: Bluetooth

Although the battery life of i-box's Twist is disappointingly short, its low price, original design and excellent sound quality make it one to consider. PC Advisor pointed out that it can be …

1 review


Fidelio P9WHT/10
Philips Fidelio P9

Wireless speaker, Mini Speakers; Stereo Systems; Features: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth

The premium that you'll pay for the Fidelio F9 gets you a superb-looking, well-built speaker that's easy to carry around and has the additional bonus of being able to charge USB devices. …

2 reviews | 7 opinions (Above average)


Logitech Z305
Logitech Z305

Computer Speakers, Mini Speakers

The Z305 is plain looking but not ugly at all, and it can be hooked to the back of a laptop, which makes it very comfortable to set up and saves space on a desk. TechRadar found its sound quality and …

1 review | 123 opinions (Excellent)


Philips SBT30

Wireless speaker, Mini Speakers; Features: Bluetooth

Eye-catching and easy to grip and carry around, the Soundshooter SBT30 'Grenade' is a decent little speaker that produces good quality sound as long as it's not pushed too much, since

1 review | 64 opinions (Above average)


More information at: Wired, 6/2013 Philips SoundShooter SBT30 'Grenade' THE SBT30 is one of the most original portable speakers you'll come across, but is it all flashy looks and no substance? … to review

Woof-It Speaker
Woof-It Speaker

Wireless speaker, Mini Speakers; Features: Bluetooth

The folks at TechRadar loved the WOOFit's compact form factor and sleek design, saying that its build quality certainly justifies the price. More importantly, it produces excellent sound for …

1 review


On Beat 500
Divoom OnBeat 500

Wireless speaker, Mini Speakers; Stereo Systems; Features: NFC, Bluetooth

Divoom might not exactly be a household name yet, but if the OnBeat 500 is anything to go by, it's definitely on the right path. This is a very impressive speaker considering it costs less than

1 review | 4 opinions (Excellent)


More information at:, 10/2013 Divoom OnBeat 500 The amount of Bluetooth speakers on the market lately makes it a maddening task to choose one, especially when newcomers without previous references such as Divoom are added to the mix. Pocket-lint find out if the OnBeat 500 is worth your attention. … to review

Pasce Minirig
Pasce Minirig

Computer Speakers, Mini Speakers

The industrial-looking design of the Pasce Minirig won't be to everybody's tastes, but it is definitely solid and well built. Pocket-lint were quite impressed by its sound quality, saying …

3 reviews | 270 opinions (Excellent)


X-Mini v1.1 Capsule Speaker
X-Mini v1.1 Capsule Speaker

Computer Speakers, Mini Speakers

The X-Mini V1.1 in a mono speaker which has a round shell which unscrews to reveal a concertina-like tube. It can be linked to other X-Mini's via a lead hidden under the speaker. Though …

2 reviews | 385 opinions (Excellent)


XMini Max Duo
XM-I X-Mini Max Duo

Computer Speakers, Mini Speakers

They're not the cheapest portable mini speakers out there, but the extra outlay that the X-Mini Max Duos demand is well worth it in PC Advisor's opinion, who praised their excellent sound …

1 review | 114 opinions (Above average)


Super Tooth Disco 2
Arcotec SuperTooth Disco 2

Computer Speakers, Wireless speaker, Mini Speakers

You shouldn't expect too much bass from the Supertooth Disco 2, but volume-wise it manages to impress and it could do a good job at outdoors gatherings. TechRadar praised its impressive battery

1 review | 129 opinions (Above average)


More information at: TechRadar UK, 3/2013 SuperTooth Disco 2 The original Disco speaker lacked a bit in the portability stakes, so the Disco 2 sports a more carry-friendly form factor and a long-lasting internal battery. … to review

Frankenspiel FS1
Sound Science Frankenspiel FS-1

Computer Speakers, Mini Speakers

"A surefire hit for playing your tunes anywhere from your laptop, the Frankenspiels punch considerably above their weight."

3 reviews


More information at: TrustedReviews, 5/2012 SoundScience Frankenspiel FS-1 The SoundScience Frankenspiel FS-1 USB speakers are a bit different from the norm. What sets them apart from the competition? … to review

Wren Sound Systems V5PF

Computer Speakers, Wireless speaker, Mini Speakers; Features: Wi-Fi

It looks great, it produces stunning sound quality and it's easy to set up, but Wren's V5PF doesn't come cheap. It's easily the best wireless speaker in this price range that

1 review


More information at:, 7/2013 Wren V5PF Play-Fi Speaker Wren Sound Systems might not be the best-known audio manufacturer around, but it's been around for more than thirty years and now it wants to join the wireless speaker bandwagon with the iOS-compatible, AirPlay-toting V5AP and the V5PF reviewed here, which uses Play-Fi technology and is thus aimed at Android users. … to review

360 Bluetooth - VSS-006-360BT
Veho 360 Bluetooth speaker

Mini Speakers

The Veho Portable 360 Bluetooth is a very small yet simple speaker that can work perfectly with your laptop or smartphone, and PC Advisor believe it looks fairly attractive too. During their testing

1 review | 101 opinions (Above average)


More information at: PC Advisor, 11/2011 Veho Portable 360 Bluetooth Speaker It is a surprise to see such a small battery-powered speaker perform so well - is the Veho Portable 360 Bluetooth as well rounded as it promises to be? … to review

Speaker 2 go
Loewe Speaker 2go

Wireless speaker, Mini Speakers; Stereo Systems; Features: NFC, Bluetooth

The integrated subwoofer of Loewe's Speaker 2go means its sound quality gives competitors a run for their money, and features such as NFC support and its Apt-X codec only add to its appeal.

4 reviews | 32 opinions (Excellent)


More information at: T3, 8/2013 Loewe speaker 2go It's taken Loewe quite a while to make its entry into the Bluetooth speaker arena, but it's here at last with the speaker 2go, and it looks every bit as stunning as you would expect from the company. But how does it sound? … to review


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Reviewed: Razer Ferox - good sound in the smallest body 3/2011 - It’s no secret that the mobile sector is becoming increasingly popular. Alongside laptop producers, there is of course another group who is benefiting from the constantly growing number of customers: the accessory branch. Be it carry bags, keyboards, mice or even sound systems - everything is now being labelled as ‘mobile’. Razer is now also trying to hop aboard this concept with its Ferox mini loudspeaker system - we’re intrigued to see whether the balancing act works.

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X-mini Max II: portable mini loudspeaker for MP3 players and the like 12/2010 - Although MP3 and media players, mobile phones, smartphones and other mobile end devices (like the Playstation portable) can play music, and usually videos too, their tiny integrated loudspeakers (if they even have them) mean they are very limited when it comes to sound. The small X-mini Max II is practically sized and promises to produce a decent sound. Our review reveals whether this miniature loudspeaker can deliver the goods.

X-mini II speaker MacWorld 12/2010 - 11 hours of continuous playback from small but mighty speakers.

Thin speaker, thin sound What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision 3/2008 - Just mentioning the name 'TDK' around here can be enough to push some reviewers into a misty-eyed reminiscence of mix-tapes, and the company's apparently wonderful blank cassettes. Now, TDK is back with some ludicrously cheap portable speakers.

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Information about the category

Mini speakers are, just as the name suggests, small speakers which are gradually improving in quality and design to rival the sound produced by larger models. Modern mini-speakers are fully capable of producing big sound from boxes less than half the size of traditional speakers. All that there is to see from these modern small loudspeakers are the small cubes usually mounted on the wall and directed to achieve the sought after 'sweet spot' for the listener. This is usually the sofa or comfortable chair and with the speakers correctly positioned, is the convergence point of all the sound waves. When sitting in the sweet spot the sound will reach you from all speakers at the same time and so the sound will not be out of phase and will be exactly how the studio engineer or artist intended it. Small speakers do have one drawback; they are not capable of room filling bass. Most small speaker systems will be complemented by a larger sub woofer unit but this is easy to hide behind a sofa or unit and need not detract from the minimalist effect achieved from the tiny mug-sized speakers on display. Speakers are also being designed to be even smaller and even flatter, using NXT technology, flat speakers can produce sound just as true to the source from a speaker about the width of a paperback book. Mini loudspeakers are perfect for computers, and also in the car where space is at a premium. Audiophiles will claim the sound is not as good as a large set of expensive speakers and that the effect is lost but the inherent inefficiency of speakers themselves (in the region of 1-10 percent) and the more appealing aesthetics of the mini speaker leads many to opt for such devices when looking to upgrade their bulky old Hi-Fi.