Cordless phones with answering machine

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Connectivity: Wireless; Technology: VoIP Telephone; Videophone, Telephone with Answering …

The Fritz!FON MT-F DECT phone from AVM connects to a Fritz!Box router, allowing you to listen to online radio, make internet phone calls and email, as well as acting as a normal landline. …

6 reviews | 4 opinions (Excellent)


Gigaset SL400A
Gigaset SL400A

Connectivity: Wireless; Technology: Analogue Phone; Telephone with Answering Machine; …

“If you want your landline to deliver top communication quality, there’s no way you can bypass the Gigaset SL400A. This Gigaset flagship is the perfect combination of form and functionality.”

4 reviews | 76 opinions (Above average)


Gigaset SL910A
Gigaset SL910A

Connectivity: Wireless; Telephone with Answering Machine, Videophone; Functions: Bluetooth, …

The landline based smartphone Gigaset SL910A has a large touch screen, 14 hours of talktime and not to mention 200 on standby. The slim looking phone includes a base, one handset and others are …

1 review | 6 opinions (Above average)


Sinus A-602 Touch
Deutsche Telekom Sinus A602 Touch

Connectivity: Wireless; Technology: Analogue Phone; Telephone with Answering Machine

“This telephone wins points for the bluetooth interface and answering machine it has integrated into its base unit. The latter can be set up via the handset but unfortunately it can only record …

3 reviews


XL3000 Series
Philips XL 3000 Series

Connectivity: Wireless; Technology: Analogue Phone; Telephone with Answering Machine

While the Philips XL 3000 Series won't be the first choice for the fashion conscious, it is a great option for those who value ease-of-use and functionality, says FiveFwd. Reviewers felt that …

1 review | 1 opinion (Poor)


Gigaset S685 IP

Connectivity: Wireless; Technology: VoIP Telephone; Telephone with Answering Machine; …

“Thanks to its more than satisfactory acoustic levels (both in HD and in narrowband mode) and its wide range of features, this CAT-iq Gigaset model made it to number 1 on our favourites list.”

6 reviews


vtech LS5145
vtech LS5145

Connectivity: Wireless; Telephone with Answering Machine

"WIRED: Sleek, portable phone system that handles both in/out landline and cell phone calls with wired landline phone quality. Thin handset with color screen is more comfortable to hold for long …

1 review


Gigaset SL565
Gigaset SL565

Connectivity: Wireless; Telephone with Answering Machine

"It’s an awful lot of functionality packed into a DECT phone, but Siemens has wisely opted for a mobile-esque and very user-friendly layout and interface ..."

2 reviews | 10 opinions (Average)


Gigaset S 455
Siemens Gigaset S455

Connectivity: Wireless; Telephone with Answering Machine

"Call-wise the S455 proved problem free – a decent if not outstanding example of a modern DECT phone designed specifically for the family household."

1 review


BT (British Telecom) Verve 450

Connectivity: Wireless; Telephone with Answering Machine

The long design might not be everyone's cup of tea, and in terms of performance it can't match even entry-level mobile phones, but Pocket-lint found that although BT Verve 450 initially …

1 review | 293 opinions (Above average)


Reveal DECT Cordless Phone with Answerphone
BT (British Telecom) Reveal

Connectivity: Wireless; Telephone with Answering Machine

"... there are plenty of features here for those willing to pay the £130 price tag; including the Sim Reader, text messaging functionality and the ability to add up to four more phones to the …

1 review | 10 opinions (Average)


KX-TG 9150
Panasonic KX-TG9150

Connectivity: Wireless; Technology: VoIP Telephone; Telephone with Answering Machine

"Frees the Skype user from the PC, and the need for two phones, at a reasonable price."

1 review


Panasonic KX-TCD 290

Connectivity: Wireless; Telephone with Answering Machine

"... It is well made, easy to use, has a good range and lives up all of its claims as a rugged phone built for more demanding environments. ..."

1 review | 2 opinions (Excellent)


Panasonic KX-TCD 820

Connectivity: Wireless; Telephone with Answering Machine

"Versatile if ugly, with a booming voice - the Chris Moyles of the DECT world."

1 review



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An integrated answering machine is a useful addition to an ISDN- or VOIP-enabled analog or digital cordless phone, especially for home offices or for those who spend long periods away from the phone. The more expensive models don't necessarily produce better quality recordings, but they do support much longer recording times.

The ease of use of an analog or digital cordless phone can only increase with an answering machine. And while this additional feature is also reflected in the price, the premium is often lower than one would perhaps expect. Most manufacturers ask for an extra outlay of just £10 for a simple base model with an integrated answering machine. This way, the user never has to miss an important call anymore. Many users don't want to do without an answering machine, especially those who work in a home office or who for professional or personal reasons travel a lot. That's why the manufacturers of a large number of cordless telephones, whose analogue, ISDN and VOIP versions have become absolute best sellers in recent years, have decided to integrate an answering machine into their models' base units. By default they have the ability to record a pre-defined voice message and to play back the messages remotely, which comes in especially handy during longer absences. Convenient models also offer the option to save the time of the call and the caller's number automatically. But the main differences between the various models come down mainly to their recording capacity, which can vary between 10 and 60 minutes. Most answering machines these days use almost exclusively digital memory as their recording medium. The almost extinct now analog variants use audio compact or mini-cassettes which have a relatively limited playing time. The digital models popular nowadays offer numerous advantages like doing away with the time-consuming fast-forward and rewind functions or the fact that the sound quality of the messages doesn't degrade no matter how many times they're played back. Newer cordless phones also offer the convenient option of making the answering machine controllable via the cordless phone, thus saving the user many trips to the base station. In any case, the phone should definitely be equipped with a speakerphone function.