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Saturn HD 50
Vivadi Saturn HD50

Integrated Audio-Video systems, Plasma

"... the Vivadi HD50 is one of the the smartest home cinema solutions you'll find anywhere. In short, if the price tag doesn't have you breathing a little too hard, the HD50 is worth


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More information at: What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision, issue 10/2007 Vivadi Saturn HD50 Sometimes, complex problems require simple solutions. And the 'problem' of modern-day home entertainment - how to get a complete computer/TV/home cinema system into your lounge with some semblance of aesthetic taste - has rarely been addressed quite as effectively or straightforwardly as this. … to review


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Medion MD20099 LCD TV AVReview 6/2006 - Although the various industry bodies have successfully had us clamouring for High Definition, compatible TV sets are still out of reach to many of us due to their high price tags. And that's before you even think of paying for any HD content to watch on them. Medion has done what some manufacturer was going to do sooner or later - that is offer an ultra-cheap solution. For a mere £600 you can pick up this 32” LCD HD-Ready set with a resolution of 1366 x 768.

Toshiba Regza 47WLT66 47in LCD TV TrustedReviews 11/2006 - Not so long ago we were pretty much blown away by Toshiba’s 42WLT66: a 42in LCD TV that met the current fascination with ‘full HD’ 1,920 x 1,080 panels at a groundbreakingly low price point. And now Tosh is at it again, adding a whole five inches to the 42WLT66’s screen size to make the 47WLT66, but only adding a relatively paltry £100 to the asking price. So is the 47WLT66 one of the finest big-screen bargains in town, or what?

TechniSat HD-Vision 32 32in LCD TV TrustedReviews 11/2006 - Don’t you just hate those people who reckon there’s no point having hundreds of TV channels when they’re all ‘filled with nothing but rubbish’? Anyone who’s actually spent quality time with hundreds of TV channels knows the real point is that even though 95 per cent of the channels might be showing rubbish at any particular time, there will always be something on somewhere you’ll be interested in. In other words, having hundreds of channels puts your viewing schedule in your hands, rather than at the (often bizarre) whim of a handful of broadcasters. Our clearly strong feelings on this subject (!) inevitably predispose us to feel very favourable towards TechniSat’s HD-Vision 32. For this rather remarkable 32in LCD TV, hailing from Germany, offers you the opportunity to watch potentially hundreds of TV channels without any need for even a single external receiver box. How? By building in tuners for analogue terrestrial and satellite broadcasts, digital terrestrial and satellite broadcasts, and even analogue and digital cable broadcasts.

Vivadi Saturn HD50 50in Plasma & Media Center TrustedReviews 5/2006 - We guess there’s every chance that many of you aren’t even reading this. You probably clocked the £12.5k price tag presented above and clicked your browser’s back button faster than we could say ‘how much?!!’. But if you are still with us, either because money’s no object or you’re intrigued as to precisely why any 50in plasma TV should believe it’s worth so much money, you’re in for a treat. For the key point about the HD50 is that it’s certainly not just a plasma TV.

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A complete DVD/TV/HiFi package is the easiest way to upgrade your old CRT television to take advantage of the advancements in home cinema technology. The set will consist of a television, usually a large flat screen Plasma or LCD, a set of surround-sound speakers and either a DVD player with integrated amplifier or a separate surround decoder. In most newer packages the television will be so-called HD ready. This means that the resolution is high enough to display high definition pictures natively. At the moment this does not mean much as most of the content on HD channels is really nothing more than a standard definition picture. But for films this is different, HD film channels really show HD content and until HDDVD players become available this is the best way to bring the cinematic experience into your living room. The inclusion of a surround sound receiver and set of matching speakers means that not only the picture is perfect, but also the sound. A set of five satellite speakers and a subwoofer will completely envelope the listener in high quality sound and can also be used for music, most DVD players being perfectly capable of being used for CDs, SACDs, DVD-Audio and even MP3 and WMA files. The best thing about buying a complete package is that it normally requires only one remote control instead of three. Also, as all of the individual components come from the same manufacturer, there will be a balanced and harmonious aesthetic.