Analogue Phones

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ePure BH 01i
Swissvoice ePure BH01i

Connectivity: Wireless; Technology: Analogue Phone, VoIP Telephone; Telephone without Answering …

Swissvoice's ePure BH01i is a fantastic idea that actually does everything it claims to and does it well. PC Advisor loved its looks and said that the Bluetooth handset's call quality was …

1 review | 1 opinion (Average)


Gigaset SL400A
Gigaset SL400A

Connectivity: Wireless; Technology: Analogue Phone; Telephone with Answering Machine; …

“If you want your landline to deliver top communication quality, there’s no way you can bypass the Gigaset SL400A. This Gigaset flagship is the perfect combination of form and functionality.”

4 reviews | 76 opinions (Above average)


Gigaset SL400
Gigaset SL400

Connectivity: Wireless; Technology: Analogue Phone

“The Siemens Gigaset SL 400 comes in three versions: as a base unit and hand-held device with an integrated answer machine, as a station and hand-held device or as a hand-held device without the base …

4 reviews | 7 opinions (Excellent)


Archos 35 Smart Home Phone
Archos 35 Smart Home Phone

Connectivity: Wireless; Technology: Analogue Phone; Videophone; Functions: Colour display

The Archos 35 Smart Home Phone combines some features usually found on a smartphone but with a DECT handset. It has a touchscreen and an Android operating system. TechRadar say that it is really …

4 reviews | 3 opinions (Average)


Gigaset DX800A
Gigaset DX800A

Connectivity: Wired; Technology: Analogue Phone, ISDN Telephone, VoIP Telephone; …

“Likes: excellent speaker phone; internal and external HD calling; bluetooth interface for mobile syncing; sleek design; large display; ISDN, VoIP and analogue connection; three separate answering …

3 reviews | 1 opinion (Excellent)


Sinus A-602 Touch
Deutsche Telekom Sinus A602 Touch

Connectivity: Wireless; Technology: Analogue Phone; Telephone with Answering Machine

“This telephone wins points for the bluetooth interface and answering machine it has integrated into its base unit. The latter can be set up via the handset but unfortunately it can only record

3 reviews


More information at:, 12/2010 The Sinus A 602 Touch reviewed - design isn’t everything What should a modern landline phone look like nowadays? Generally speaking DECT telephones tend to have a rather boring design. But that isn’t the case when it comes to the Sinus 602 Touch model currently on offer from Deutsche Telekom. Instead this telephone has a rather unusual look. We put this small (or better put, long) black beauty through its paces. ...

MagicBox Torque
MagicBox Torque

Connectivity: Wireless; Technology: Analogue Phone; Functions: Blocked caller list, …

The Torque from MagicBox is a very attractive looking and stylish phone which offers good call quality. It has some flaws though, like an overly sensitive keypad and it takes up a lot of space as it

1 review | 7 opinions (Average)


More information at: Computer act!ve, 9/2011 Magicbox Torque home phone Magicbox have created a good looking cordless phone for your home landline, and called it the Torque. … to review

Panasonic KX-TG8522

Connectivity: Wireless; Technology: Analogue Phone; Functions: Colour display, SMS function

Although the Panasonic KX-TG8522's keys seemed a bit too tightly packed at times, and its piano-black finish tended to attract dust, reviewers at FiveFwd concluded that this is still the best …

1 review | 293 opinions (Excellent)


XL3000 Series
Philips XL 3000 Series

Connectivity: Wireless; Technology: Analogue Phone; Telephone with Answering Machine

While the Philips XL 3000 Series won't be the first choice for the fashion conscious, it is a great option for those who value ease-of-use and functionality, says FiveFwd. Reviewers felt that …

1 review | 1 opinion (Poor)


750x DECT Cordless Phone
Doro DECT 750x

Connectivity: Wireless; Technology: Analogue Phone

GadgetSpeak says that the Doro DECT cordless 750x is a fairly rugged phone meant for use at a worksite, such as what a handyman would need. They say that its range of 50 metres for indoor use

1 review | 1 opinion (Excellent)


More information at: GadgetSpeak, 11/2010 A Handyman Phone While perhaps not the first item you would think you might find in a handyman's tool kit, a DECT phone could prove to be a useful addition. … to review

Geemarc Mayfair Classic Telephone
Geemarc Mayfair Classic Telephone

Technology: Analogue Phone

"From the moment we opened the box, the nostalgia came flooding back."

1 review



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For a good chat connect 1/2011 - So that you don’t end up wandering aimlessly down the DECT aisle, we tested 13 cordless telephones in our labs. Review details: 13 cordless telephones were tested including 3 upper range telephones, 6 mid-range devices and 4 basic models. Test criteria were long lasting performance, features, handling and sound.

Delicate touch connect 10/2010 Telecom special - Button-less operation is no longer a feature reserved only for mobile phones: the Sinus A 602 Touch designer telephone is trying to emulate touchscreen phones.

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The word analogue stems from the Greek for ''accordingly'' or ''continuously''. An analogue transmission can therefore be seen as a constant, continuous signal and is "digital", in which the signal is something like a series of interruptions. Germany as changed its telephone network to a digital system which means that the analogue data from a telephone needs to be first converted to digital signals and then reconverted at the other end. This is, however done automatically with no disruption to the end user. If you are planning on buying a new analogue telephone unit to add to your existing set up you must take care that you do not exceed the limit on your line. For a normal household the Ring Equivalence Number (REN) is 4.0 where a normal phone has a load of 1 and more modern devices typically 0.5. In comparison to ISDN-Lines, analogue lines are slower and less secure. Another drawback of analogue lines is that connection to the internet can take up to two minutes whereas ISDN takes as little as thirty seconds. DSL works by using the spare bandwidth on an analogue line and offers speeds even higher than that of ISDN but the monthly cost is, at the moment, relatively high.