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Nait 5 si
Naim Audio Nait 5si

Integrated Amplifier; Transistor Amplifier; Number of Channels: 2; Output power (4Ω): 90 W

The Achilles heel of Naim's Nait 5si is its stripped-down feature set, but if you're careful when matching it with a pair of speakers, you'll be delighted by its amazing sound quality, …

1 review


Rega Elicit-R
Rega Elicit-R

Integrated Amplifier; Transistor Amplifier; Number of Channels: 2;

"FOR: Superb timing; detailed and dynamic; precise and composed; good build and finish. AGAINST: Some might prefer a more easy-going sonic character."

1 review


NuForce IA-18

Integrated Amplifier; Digital Amplifier; Number of Channels: 2;

The dry personality of NuForce's IA-18 does not flatter recordings, and Hi-Fi World found the chassis a bit too deep, but that aside there's nothing not to like here. It's clean, …

1 review


Tellurium Q Claymore
Tellurium Q Claymore

Integrated Amplifier; Number of Channels: 2;

While reviewers at Hi-Fi World bemoaned the lack of a mono/stereo switch on the Claymore, they said that otherwise this is a superb amplifier indeed. Its clarity and precision are commendable, and

1 review


More information at: Hi-Fi World, issue January 2014 Blade history Back in the 80s, Incatech's Claymore amplifier was a very successful offering, and now that its designer is working for Tellurium Q, the company has decided to update it and give it a new lease of life. Is it as impressive as its previous incarnation? … to review

KA I 180 mk 2
Karan KA I 180 mk2

Integrated Amplifier; Transistor Amplifier; Number of Channels: 2; Output power (4Ω): 180 W

"FOR: A remarkably balanced and discreet presentation that lets the recording shine; immaculate build and finish; lovely to use. AGAINST: If price isn't an issue, nothing."

1 review


More information at: What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision, issue 9/2013 Karan KA I 180 Mk2 We've tried, but we can't see how this integrated amp could be better. … to review

Ming Da MC-300A

Integrated Amplifier; Tube Amplifier; Number of Channels: 2;

Apart from the awkward position of the MC-300A's control knobs, Hi-Fi World found little to criticise in it. The bass is tight and quick, its soundstage is open and direct, and its natural …

1 review


Canor TP134

Integrated Amplifier; Tube Amplifier; Number of Channels: 2;

Canor's valve-powered TP-134 is an astounding offering in all respects: it's superbly well built, it looks like - and requires as little maintenance as - a solid state amp, and its …

1 review


Luxman L-505u

Integrated Amplifier; Transistor Amplifier; Number of Channels: 2; Output power (4Ω): 140 W

The smooth sound and detail-revealing capabilities of the L-505u make it a very interesting proposition for the price, since it can give more expensive separates a real run for their money in Hi-Fi

1 review


More information at: Hi-Fi World, issue October 2012 Yesterday today For a long time, it seemed as if Luxman's fortune had faded, but in recent years the company has made a comeback thanks to a series of brilliant offerings. The L-505u is the latest addition to the company's catalog. … to review

Densen B-175

Integrated Amplifier; Transistor Amplifier; Number of Channels: 2;

Good looking, packing a mighty bass punch and crystal-clear treble as well as producing a staggeringly immersive soundstage, Densen's B-175 is an impressive offering that will delight no matter

1 review


More information at: Hi-Fi World, issue October 2012 Style master The B-175 is Densen's latest flagship integrated, and it boasts a price tag as huge as its footprint is small. Is it worth the outlay? … to review


Integrated Amplifier; Tube Amplifier; Number of Channels: 2;

So awed were reviewers at Hi-Fi World with VLT's IT-85 that they couldn't find anything to complain about in it. Its bass response is superb, tight and punchy, it's a master of detail

1 review


More information at: Hi-Fi World, issue October 2012 Tubular Sells It was a bit frustrating to say the least for VTL to see customers pairing their fine power amplifiers with preamps from other brands, so they have decided to produce their own integrated model, the IT-85. … to review

Devialet 170
Devialet 170

Integrated Amplifier; Hybrid; Number of Channels: 2;

Devialet has achieved the impossible with its 170 amp: it's updated its D-Premier amplifier with USB and network connectivity, it's brought down the price and it's managed to keep its …

1 review


FMJ A-19
Arcam FMJ A19

Integrated Amplifier; Transistor Amplifier; Number of Channels: 2; Output power (4Ω): 350 W

"FOR: Large, authoritative sound; expressive dynamics; detailed and refined; good connections; reasonable price. AGAINST: May be a little laid back for some."

4 reviews | 1 opinion (Average)


Evolution 50 A
Creek Evolution 50A

Integrated Amplifier; Transistor Amplifier; Number of Channels: 2;

If you want an amp that flatters and adds warmth to recordings, the Evolution 50A is certainly not it, but its analytic and detailed nature will appeal to many an audiophile, Hi-Fi World reckon. It …

2 reviews | 1 opinion (Excellent)


Pro-845 SE
Ariand Audio Pro-845SE

Integrated Amplifier; Tube Amplifier; Number of Channels: 2;

There are a few things you must consider about Ariand's PRO845SE if you want to enjoy the stunning purity of its sound and gorgeous looks, mostly that it's heavy, underpowered, and

2 reviews


More information at: Hi-Fi World, issue June 2013 'A' power As far as sound quality goes, it's difficult to beat a single-ended (SE) amplifier, but they offer low power, they run hot and they're expensive, and Ariand's PRO845SE is no exception. … to review

PA 3000 HV
T + A PA 3000 HV

Integrated Amplifier; Hybrid; Number of Channels: 2;

The stunning build quality and engineering of the PA 3000 HV are not its only charms, but they certainly help make an impression. Its sound might be too clean for some, since it doesn't flatter …

1 review


Krell S-550i

Integrated Amplifier; Transistor Amplifier; Number of Channels: 2;

Those who want unlimited power but don't have the space or the disposition to deal with two components will find the S-550i to be a superb choice. Hi-Fi News said that its stunning intensity …

1 review


Teac AI-501DA

Integrated Amplifier; Digital Amplifier; Number of Channels: 2; Output power (4Ω): 90 W

Although it took reviewers at Pocket-lint some time to get used to the purity of the sound produced by Teac's AI-501DA, it is truly a superb piece of hardware that will improve your listening …

1 review


Burmester 101 / 102

Integrated Amplifier; Digital Amplifier; Number of Channels: 2;

Thanks to its powerful sound, grand scale, smooth character and fantastic balance between precision and warmth, Burmester's 101 / 102 combo offers superb value in Hi-Fi News' eyes, who were …

1 review


CD Player / Amp combo (SA-11S3 / PM-11S3)
Marantz SA-11S3 / PM-11S3 System

Audio CD Player, SACD Player

The high price tag of Marantz's SA-11S3 / PM-11S3 combo is easily justified by its smooth and at the same time punchy sound, attention to detail and superb handling of digital sources. Hi-Fi …

1 review


Oxygene system (CD transport + integrated amplifier)
Roksan Oxygene combo (CD transport + integrated amp)

Integrated Amplifier; Transistor Amplifier; Number of Channels: 2;

Not only does the Oxygene amp/CD transport combo make a great first visual impression, but it's an excellent performer too. Hi-Fi News said it produces an extraordinarily pure sound that's …

1 review



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Product information and further reviews for Amplifiers

EAR Yoshino V12 What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision 7/2013 - We can't remember a valve-based integrated amplifier quite like this.

Sound Ethos HI-FI Choice August 2011 - The hybrid Ethos is an integrated amp that offers a DAC, high power output, USB ports and balanced inputs. Can this device offer something for everyone?

Yarland FV-34B Hi-Fi News 1/2011 - Looks Italian, but it's made in China and tweaked in the UK - is the defies-belief Yarland FV-34B line-level integrated valve amp the best £499 you'll ever spend?

Electrocompaniet ECI 5 MK II Hi-Fi News 12/2010 - We discover the latest revisions to the Norwegian company's long-running ECI 5 integrated make an already capable amplifier even more versatile and bombproof.

Pass Labs INT-30A Hi-Fi News 12/2010 - This modestly styled, mostly-Class A integrated delivers more than the specs suggest; it's a pragmatic design that takes into account both purchase and running costs.

Building Block Hi-Fi World May 2011 - Tim Jarman builds his own Design Build Listen Piccolo integrated amplifier...

A delicate powerhouse What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision 9/2010 - This dynamic South Korean big-hitter will caress fragile voices or pump out sofa-shaking sounds - and its on-board DAC is the business.

Devialet D-Premier Hi-Fi News Yearbook 2010 - Once in a generation a company will emerge with a concept so original and innovative that it can re-define the expectations of a product genre. That company is Devialet of France and its product is the D-Premier integrated amplifier. ...

MBL Corona Line C51 Hi-Fi News 11/2012 - MBL's Corona Line range is meant to make audiophile-grade audio components a bit more affordable. The C51 is a class D amp at a very decent - for this kind of kit - price tag, but can it stand its own against the competition?

Do-it-all box helps you keep Control What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision 8/2010 - CONTROL 4 WANTS to make your life easier. In fact, Control 4 thinks getting up out of your chair oughtn't be something you should rush into if it can offer an alternative. So, we're more than happy to give a basic Control 4 system the once-over. ...

EAR Yoshino V12 Hi-Fi News 6/2011 - Bearing the novel looks of the V20 - inspired by a Jaguar engine - EAR-Yoshino's V12 integrated amplifier, offers more power, better bass and more grunt from fewer valves.

Posh and bucks HI-FI Choice March 2011 - It's the best-looking hi-fi in the world and as Jimmy Hughes discovers, the luxurious big Macs sound every bit as good as they look.

Powerplant Hi-Fi World February 2011 - Inspired by its designer's love of Jaguar's seminal 'double six', EAR Yoshino's V12 is no less impressive a valve amplifier. Noel Keywood enjoys its grace, space and pace...

New boy Carat is far from gold What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision 3/2009 - A two year wait for French manufacturer Carat to arrive in the UK, and the A57 stereo amplifier is the first What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision tested. Has the wait been worth it?

Keene KLAB20D TechRadar UK 11/2010 - An in-wall module solved Martin Pipe's Zone 2 audio issues.

Glow amp blows hot and cold What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision 7/2008 - Available from small, Texas-based company Glow, the Amp One is a small valve amplifier with a USB port, line-in and headphone port. Solidly built, the Amp One is available in a number of different colours to suit any decor but is its audio up to scratch?

Tangent amp struggles in class What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision 5/2008 - Tangent is slowly building a name for itself with its affordable hi-fi products. The Amp-200 is another entry but can it hold its own in an increasingly crowded market.

Moon shines at waning price What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision 5/2008 - Moon is well known as a high-end manufacturer of hi-fi equipment. The i-1 is intended to be a more budget oriented product yet still comes in at a hefty price tag of over a thousand pounds. What HiFi? gave the amplifier a thorough run-through to see just what, if anything, of that famous Moon quality had been sacrificed to meet the low(ish) price of the i-1.

Moon i.1 TechRadar UK 3/2010 - Some technical flaws can't dampen this amp's spirit.

Pathos? It's a joy in our book What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision 8/2009 - At the very peak of the top of the range, these £33,500 bulky Pathos amps are not going to be affordable by average music lovers. The question is, compared to fantastic quality available at 1/10 of price, could they possibly be worth it. The conclusion was an overwhelming 'YES'.

Cyclone by name and nature What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision 11/2007 - Things have been rather quiet at Talk Electronics lately and we're bemused to find it doesn't have a single integrated amplifier in our Buyer's Guide. The aggressively priced Cyclone 1.2 remedies that situation, but not in the manner the Surrey firm might have hoped.

Teufel Concept B 200 USB PC Pro 11/2009 - Despite the prevalence of 5.1 and 7.1 PC speaker systems, there's still a lot to be said for sticking with straightforward stereo. If you do, you'll invariably get better quality, and you won't have a mess of cables festooning your computer either. Teufel's Concept B speakers push that theory to the max. Review details: Single Test. One set of speakers was reviewed and rated on features & design, value for money and performance.

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In a Hi-Fi components system the amplifier is perhaps the most important part. Without this there would be no sound. The first amplifiers used valves, also called vacuum tubes, to amplify the sound but this was replaced in the 1960s and 1970s by electronic transistors. The function of an amplifier is to take a weak input signal and increase its power for a specific purpose. In audio, this purpose is to drive the speakers and produce sound. Amplifiers are rated in Watts. Each channel is given the same wattage so a stereo amplifier will be designated 20x2 watts and a car amplifier typically 20x4 watts. Each channel represents one speaker. Incidentally, 20 Watts is usually more than enough to create ear shattering sound. Just like in speakers however, amplifiers can be rated misleadingly. The power output is measured by a sine wave, this looks like a hill and so has a high point and both ends touching zero. To take the peak measurement would give a less accurate representation of what the amplifier is capable of than by taking an average across the wave. The average sound output is given as the RMS value. Generally Hi-Fi equipments will give its power as RMS but an amplifier intended for the home market will concentrate on Peak Music Power Output. A good amplifier will not exhibit too much flutter or distortion but will be expensive. There are also a number of Hi-Fi amplifiers that still use vacuum tubes. Audiophiles claim this gives a richer sound.