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Doro RingPlus
Doro RingPlus

"... The audio signal is impressively loud enough to catch the attention of most individuals with hearing difficulties. I was less impressed with the visual signal aspect. During tests the …


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Plugs, adapters and cables are without a doubt the most sought accessories for phones. However, an important niche market is that of accessories for seniors' phones, such as ring boosters or emergency dialers. Business customers, in turn, depend on conference room microphones or special phone holders.

The market of accessories for fixed phone lines is relatively simple in comparison to that of mobile phones. Essentially, all the necessary cables and adapters for connecting phones, such as analog-digital converters or ISDN terminal adapters can of course be found here. Plugs and sockets are also available at many retailers, while ISDN splitters are usually available only through providers. The necessary wiring, such as splitter cable, is also available in most specialty shops. In addition to these everyday telephone accessories there are increasingly important niche markets that deal with the adaptation of phones to the needs of the elderly and the physically disabled. These include, for example, dialers or ringtone amplifiers that boost the sound of the telephone by up to 100 dB (A). Among the former, pre-programmable photo-dialers, which use photographs to connect the user with the chosen destinatary at the press of a button, are becoming more common every day, making it innecesary to remember long numbers and to type them with unsure hands on a usually too small keyboard. Other dialers are not connected externally, between the telephone socket and telephone, but directly to phone models especifically prepared for this function. Emergency dialers in turn can act as lifesavers: compatible phones can be instructed remotely to send an emergency text message or to make a voice connection. Somebody who's not feeling well or is too weak to reach the phone will find this accessory to be a true guardian angel. In addition to this niche segment, there are also accessories that target business customers: for example, conference room microphones allow a higher voice quality when using hands-free sets, while special phone holders can be mounted on the wall and picked up from there - this way the phone is not lying on the table, in the way, and can be used easily if needed.