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XL3000 Series
Philips XL 3000 Series

Connectivity: Wireless; Technology: Analogue Phone; Telephone with Answering Machine

While the Philips XL 3000 Series won't be the first choice for the fashion conscious, it is a great option for those who value ease-of-use and functionality, says FiveFwd. Reviewers felt that …

1 review | 1 opinion (Poor)


Philips VoIP 841

Technology: VoIP Telephone

"The fact that you can access the whole thing with the press of a button and not have to be anywhere near your computer is very much welcomed - we might be geeks, but we don't like showing …

7 reviews


Philips VoIP 321

Technology: VoIP Telephone

"... Calls over our landline using the Dual Phone were every bit as good as a standard DECT phone. Using Skype was almost as good. The Dual Phone produced clean sounds while reducing background

4 reviews


More information at: Computer act!ve, 9/2006 Philips VoIP321internet telphony We've been reviewing Skype handsets and headsets for some time. However, all of them require the PC to be on and for it to be connected to the internet to work. What people have been asking for is for one that can work independently of a computer. Sadly, although the Philips VOIP321 looks the part, this isn't quite it. … to review

VoIP 080
Philips VoIP080

Connectivity: Wireless; Technology: VoIP Telephone

"... may not be robust enough to replace your current house phone but for Skype calls and occasional use, it’s more than up to the task, especially at the great asking price."

1 review | 19 opinions (Average)


Philips VOIP 433

Technology: VoIP Telephone

"This VoIP phone can be fiddly to use, but it's a great add-on for Windows Messenger users."

1 review


More information at: Computer Buyer & Upgrades, 10/2006 Phillips VoIP Dual Dect Desktop Phones A normal phone that can also make free calls to broadband PCs and cheap calls over the itnernet. … to review

Philips 4331S
Philips 4331S

Technology: VoIP Telephone

"It has good battery life and call quality, but there are few extras. If you use Live Messenger, then this is a competent handset, but it's not like you're spoilt for choice."

1 review


More information at: Windows XP Made Easy, issue 108 VOIP phones Internet phone calls are a great way of cutting down on your phone bill, enabling you to make unlimited free calls around the world to other Voice-over-IP users. In test: Four VOIP phones were reviewed and rated. Scores ranged from 7 to 9 out of 10 points. … to review


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