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Elements Ruggedised Phone
BT (British Telecom) Elements

Connectivity: Wireless

Pocket-lint think that the Elements landline telephone from BT does serve its target audience rather well, but they point out that it is a particularly niche market it's aimed at.

1 review | 1 opinion (Above average)


More information at:, 7/2007 BT Elements landine telephone If you like to think you're a bit of a rugged type, BT's Elements could be the cordless landline handset for you. … to review

BT (British Telecom) Verve 450

Connectivity: Wireless; Telephone with Answering Machine

The long design might not be everyone's cup of tea, and in terms of performance it can't match even entry-level mobile phones, but Pocket-lint found that although BT Verve 450 initially

1 review | 292 opinions (Above average)


More information at:, 11/2007 BT Verve 450 telephone With the belief that most of us haven't yet gone fully mobile, BT continue to release landline handsets such as the new Verve 450. … to review

Reveal DECT Cordless Phone with Answerphone
BT (British Telecom) Reveal

Connectivity: Wireless; Telephone with Answering Machine

"... there are plenty of features here for those willing to pay the £130 price tag; including the Sim Reader, text messaging functionality and the ability to add up to four more phones to the

1 review | 10 opinions (Average)


More information at:, 7/2007 BT Reveal telephone With more and more of us opting to use our mobile phones, landline providers like BT are having to really attempt to spruce up the boring landline phone to entice us back, so can British Telecom's latest handset do that? We get calling to find out. … to review

BT (British Telecom) Calypso 225

Connectivity: Wireless

Register Hardware had mixed feelings about the BT Calypso 225's styling, but they didn't have any doubts about the impressive functionality. The mobile-esque handest boasts a menu system …

1 review | 4 opinions (Poor)


Glide Bluetooth Cordless Phone
BT (British Telecom) Glide Cordless Phone

Connectivity: Wireless

The technology gives a sound performance, but Pocket-lint just weren't convinced that they'd need to connect a Bluetooth headset to a landline phone anyway. They also thought the BT

1 review | 1 opinion (Above average)


More information at:, 10/2006 BT Glide Bluetooth Cordless Home Phone BT are of the opinion that Bluetooth needn't be the reserve of the mobile phone, but does the technology really have a place on a landline phone? The Glide Cordless Home Phone has the answer. … to review

Zenith Flipphone
BT (British Telecom) Zenith Flip

Connectivity: Wireless

"... If you can get over the Zenith Flip looking a bit dated compared to your shiny new mobile, this will give you more than you ever wanted from a home phone."

1 review | 7 opinions (Poor)


More information at:, 3/2006 BT Zenith Flip telephone With landline telephones catching up in features, you need to stay ahead of the pack if you want to make the most out of what is on offer out there. … to review


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