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my850 v
Sagem my850v

Radio, MP3 player, Camera

"It's attractive and easy to use, but the audio quality during calls isn't great."

3 reviews


More information at: What Mobile, issue 9/2007 Shining Star Sagem's second contract-only handset in the UK, exclusive to Vodafone, is a stylish clamshell that outclasses anything the French company has produced to date. In fact, with its shiny blue outer casing, the my850v appears suspiciously similar to Sony Ericsson's Z610i. Sagem announced a partnership with the Swedes earlier this year and if it wasn't way too early for a joint effort, this could feasibly be the first result. … to review

my150 x
Sagem my150x

"Gripes about mains power connector and battery life aside, the my150X is the best, ultra low-cost, entry-level mobile I have seen. ..."

2 reviews | 2 opinions (Above average)


my401 c
Sagem my401c

Weight: 82 g; Camera, Radio, MP3 player

"The Sagem my401C is a good looking handset and offers a great range of features for the price. It's a shame it doesn't come with stereo headphones, but it's still a very good

1 review


More information at:, 10/2007 Sagem my401C Costing just £30 on pay as you go, the Sagem my401C is currently the cheapest of Sagem's clamshell handsets. It also boasts a pretty broad range of features for such a low-cost handset and comes with a surprisingly pleasing design, but is it enough to tempt hardcore Nokia and Sony Ericsson fans to make the switch? … to review

my300 C
Sagem my300C

Radio, MP3 player, Camera

"... We like its design and it's straightforward to use, but if you're looking for a feature-packed phone, we suggest you look elsewhere."

1 review


my 411X
Sagem my411 X


"... It handles the basics of making calls and texting well, but the design makes the phone look far better than it actually is."

1 review


More information at: What Mobile, issue 7/2007 Sagem my411x By its own admission Sagem is never likely to be a big player in the UK, and this isn't surprising when most of the handsets we review are low budget models. The my411x is no exception, and it seems that most of the effort has gone into making the phone look good, but very little in making it work well. … to review

MY 215 X
Sagem MY 215X

Radio, MP3 player, Camera

"... Inevitably for the price, the phone is very short on other features, but then that price is very attractive."

1 review


Sagem My 600V

"The Sagem my600v is the first 3G handset to appear exclusively on Vodafone, at a budget price. Although the low-quality features reflect that, there's a lot packed in ..."

2 reviews


More information at: What Mobile, issue 1/2007 Sagem my600v It seems that mobile phone manufacturers have decided that 3G phones are no longer used for video calling. The HTC MTeoR and Nokia 6233 both have only one camera for taking photos and video calling, situated on the rear. Sagem has obviously taken a leaf from their books as the my600v, exclusively available on Vodafone, features a VGA camera on the back of the handset, meaning you either won't be able to see the person who's calling you, or they won't be able to see you. … to review

Sagem my 501C
Sagem my 501C

Radio, MP3 player, Camera

"We like the price tag and it's easy to use, but it's not the most exciting or inspiring phone we've ever seen."

3 reviews | 1 opinion (Above average)


More information at: GadgetCenter, 10/2006 Review: Sagem my501c There are many benefits to getting a contract phone, the most obvious of which is that you can score yourself a big expensive contract handset and dupe yourself into believing that you really will remember to squeeze a new handset out of those blood suckers 12 months down the line. … to review

my501 X
Sagem my501X

"... If you're looking for a handset for a serial texter, the my501X is not a bad option, but serious users should look elsewhere."

1 review


More information at: What Mobile, issue 4/2007 Sagem my501x If you put your hands in front of your eyes, open your fingers and squint a little, you may mistake the Sagem my501x for a Sony Ericsson W800i. The handset features a white casing and is candybar in form, with a silver band around the sides. … to review

my 511X
Sagem my511X

Megapixel: 1.3 MP; Weight: 90 g; Candybar; Camera

"... I do like the music playback controls, especially the side-mounted button, and the battery life is respectable. But usability is an issue due to the flat number pad, and the feature-set is …

2 reviews


Sagem my 401X
Sagem my 401X


"... All in all, it's not a bad phone when you look at the price tag."

2 reviews


More information at: What Mobile, issue 6/2006 Sagem my401x If you're already a Sagem user, this phone is a great upgrade to the my 301x. … to review

Sagem MY 301X
Sagem MY 301X

"... As with so many other Sagem handsets, no UK network has taken this phone on - so the only way to get one is to buy their website."

1 review


More information at: What Mobile, issue 3/2006 Sagem my301x Do budget phones get any thinner or more stylish than this? At just 14mm thick, this is one good looking chunk of plastic. … to review

Sagem my 700X
Sagem my 700X

Radio, MP3 player, Camera

"While the Sagem features everything that you want it to, it just doesn't come with that edge that perhaps other manufacturers ... bring to their handsets ..."

2 reviews


MY X62
Sagem MY X6-2


"... if you're looking for a safe bet you aren't going to opt for a phone that's not a Nokia or an Ericsson and for that reason, that dominance of the big boys will just carry …

1 review



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Nokia E90 Smartphone & PDA Essentials 63/2007 - long-time readers will know all about keyboard clamshells, such as the original Psion palmtop, and will also no doubt have seen the previous Nokia Communicators, the 9210 and then the 9300 and 9500. The E90 is the latest in the Communicator line and brings the hardware and software bang up to date, with HSDPA data speeds, at the expense of losing the previous 'Series 80' interface. The E90 uses the same S60 3rd Edition Feature Pack 1 as used in mass market devices like the N95, but manages to stretch it to a full 800 pixels wide on the internal screen.

Sagem my 501c What Mobile 6/2006 - The my501c clamshell is a good effort from Sagem. It may be mistaken for an upgrade to the E770, however thats not a bad thing.

Sagem my850V Crystal 9/2007 - Hidden in the free upgrade list on Vodafone's product portfolio is a shiny, attractive clamshell phone that goes by the name of the Sagem my850V Crystal. Sagem's history as an entry-level handset manufacturer might be the reason why Vodafone isn't shouting about this one from the rooftops, but it's actually got surprisingly good features, and it looks pretty nifty too.

Sagem my850v TrustedReviews 8/2007 - Sagem isn’t one of the best known handset producers, but it does churn them out at a steady old rate. Most recently I looked at the my215x which, while it didn’t pack in the features, was an absolute bargain for £20 on Vodafone Pay As You Talk. Vodafone also has the scoop on this week’s handset, the Sagem my850v. It’s a 3G mobile, and a flip phone. Online you can find it at Vodafone’s business store and not its consumer store, though I don’t see why it shouldn’t be offered as a consumer phone. In fact its front facing music controls lead me to think it is more¬ of a consumer handset than a business one.

Sagem My600v TrustedReviews 11/2006 - Of all the many handsets I see from day to day, I find Sagem’s to be one of the most aesthetically appealing and the my600v is a good example. The design isn’t groundbreaking by any means, but it does have something that makes it stand out from the crowd - a simplicity that makes for a refreshing change.

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