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Palm Pre 2
Palm Pre 2

Megapixel: 5.0 MP; Display Size: 3.1"; Smartphone; Weight: 138 g; Slider; Camera, GPS, …

Like its predecessor, the Palm Pre 2 is a well-equipped, attractive and speedy smartphone with a good range of features and a fun UI. But like its predecessor it also lacks the range of apps that

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More information at: Mobile Choice, 3/2011 Palm Pre 2 As good as the original Palm Pre was (in fact we awarded it the coveted five stars) it would be fair to say it was a disappointment, commercially speaking. We'd put this down to a couple of factors. One, it's difficult for any manufacturer, even one with a tech background (albeit with PDA's rather than mobile) to muscle it's way next to the likes of Samsung, Apple, Nokia and even LG. And secondly for a manufacturer to successfully achieve said manoeuvre, they must have a product that can compete, not just in terms of hardware and software, but also apps - the essence of any true smartphone. Sadly the original Pre failed on this last point. Eighteen months on, and with a few tweaks to both the hardware and software, perhaps the Palm Pre 2 will fare better? … to review

Palm Pre Plus
Palm Pre Plus

Megapixel: 3.0 MP; Display Size: 3.1"; Smartphone; Weight: 94 g; Slider; WAP, MP3 player, …

The main problem with the Pre Plus, according to Mobile Choice, is simply that it has not kept up with the latest smartphone developments and thus feels dated, even with its multitasking ability and …

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Palm Pixi Plus
Palm Pixi Plus

Megapixel: 2 MP; Display Size: 2.63"; Smartphone; Weight: 92.5 g; Candybar; WAP, MP3 player, …

Anyone looking for a smartphone that is small and cheap when compared to the iPhone, but with an equally easy to use and intuitive operating system, will find the Palm Pixi Plus difficult to beat. …

11 reviews | 3 opinions (Below average)


Palm Pre
Palm Pre

Megapixel: 3.0 MP; Display Size: 3.1"; Smartphone; Weight: 135 g; Slider; WAP, MP3 player, …

"For: Innovative, intuitive WebOS interface; full Qwerty keyboard and multi-touch screen; supports multiple open applications; 8GB of memory. Against: Opening apps is sluggish and it takes an

13 reviews | 9 opinions (Below average)


More information at: What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision, issue 1/2010 Smart multimedia phones yearn for bite of the Apple As the iPhone goes from strength to strength, it's been left to its rivals to rise to the challenge. We put a trio of new multimedia phones up against the top dog - they've certainly got the looks and the features, but how do they fare where it matters most? In test: Four smartphones were reviewed and rated on picture, sound and features. Final verdicts of 1 x "excellent", 2 x "very good" and 1 x "average" were awarded. … to review

Palm Treo 680
Palm Treo 680

Palmtop / Windows PDA / Pocket PC

"Palm's Treo 680 is well designed and very easy to use. Its web browser is fairly primitive compared to those of the other phones in the group, though, and its battery life is poor."

11 reviews | 4 opinions (Average)


Palm Pixi

Megapixel: 2 MP; Display Size: 2.63"; Smartphone; Weight: 100 g; Candybar; WAP, MP3 player, …

"... The Palm Pixi's QWERTY keyboard is, despite its size, simply perfect. The keys are raised and give a reassuring click when pressed ... Don't kid yourself: the Palm Pixi is not …

7 reviews


Palm Treo Pro
Palm Treo Pro

Megapixel: 2 MP; Smartphone; Weight: 133 g; Candybar; Camera, GPS, Keyboard, WAP, Radio, …

Palm's Treo Pro has a lot of nice design touches such as the hardware silent-mode switch and transflective screen, however PC Pro found its keyboard and battery life let the side down and with

6 reviews


More information at: mobile zeit, issue 6/2008 The Blackberry rivals Palm is pitting its Treo Pro business smartphone model against the Blackberry Bold. The challenger is entering the ring with a new design. Single test. Among the test criteria were ergonomics, build quality, performance and handling.

Palm Centro
Palm Centro

Megapixel: 1.3 MP; Smartphone; Weight: 119 g; Slider; MP3 player, Camera, Keyboard, Touchscreen

This new device from Palm resembles a phone more than anything they have released previously but eschews the trend towards Windows Mobile in favour of their own Palm OS. PDA Essentials suggest this

9 reviews


More information at: Smartphone & PDA Essentials, issue 74/2008 Palm Centro After the disaster that was the Palm Folio, a lot is riding on the company's new Centro handset. Can it restore the good name of a once revered manufacturer? … to review

Treo 500 v
Palm Treo 500v

Megapixel: 2 MP; Smartphone; Weight: 120 g; Slider; Camera

"... it falls short in comparison to the rest of the products, with limited features and its qwerty keyboard being a touch harder to use."

9 reviews


More information at: Smartphone & PDA Essentials, issue 70/2008 Business Handhelds In the modern business world, communication is the key to success. Without phone calls, emails or internet access a business would simply grind to a halt. But there comes a time when you need to be away fro your office, so a means of keeping track of your business affairs is essential - and it's here that mobile devices come into play. Unlike consumers, business users tend to require features that enhance their day-to-day business life, so a device that contains the latest modern design and a 5MP camera is not as important as access to emails and a fast means of communication. In test: Four business-oriented smartphones were reviewed and rated based on connectivity, performance, memory and business functions. Scores ranged from 7 to 9 points out of 10. … to review

Treo 750 V
Palm Treo 750V

Megapixel: 1.3 MP; Smartphone; Weight: 154 g; Candybar; MP3 player, Camera, Keyboard, WAP

"Starting to look a little dated and not the fastest of smartphones. Also quite expensive."

10 reviews | 21 opinions (Average)


More information at: Smartphone & PDA Essentials, issue 64/2007 Email smartphones Mobile email has become a function that now rivals voice and organisation for importance to many smartphone users, and the manufacturers are increasingly marketing their new products with the email functionality prominent in the feature list. In test: Four smartphones capable of sending and receiving email were reviewed and rated based on value, connectivity, design and build quality. Scores ranged from 6 to 9 points out of 10. … to review

Palm Treo 650
Palm Treo 650

Megapixel: 0.3 MP; Smartphone; Weight: 178 g; MP3 player, Camera

"A well-sized device with a decent keyboard, but has email flaws."

3 reviews | 12 opinions (Above average)


More information at: What Mobile, issue 5/2006 mobile email supertest If someone aks what you know about instant email, you'll probably think of BlackBerry. For a business user, it's as vital as having a clean shirt and shiny shoes. BlackBerry has become to email what Hoover is to the vacuum cleaner, but it's by no means the only way of getting messages on the move. In test: Five PDAs were put to the test. Their rating range from 3 to 5 out of 5 stars each. The following criteria were taken into account: performance, features and usability. … to review

Palm Treo 500

Megapixel: 2 MP; Smartphone; Weight: 120 g; MP3 player, Camera

"... It's not quite shaken off the PDA feel that would give it mainstream consumer appeal, but it's a fully featured business tool that fulfils all your communications needs and a …

1 review | 9 opinions (Above average)



Product information and further reviews

Palm Pre Review (UK Model) What Mobile Online 12/2009 - Announced in January, on sale it the USA in the summer - and now, finally, available here. Somehow the initial sparkle has started to fade. Review details: Single Test. One smartphone was reviewed and rated on performance, features and usability.

Palm Pre (US) MacWorld 7/2009 - In the '90s, Palm was synonymous with PDAs, and their PalmOS even made it into early smartphones, but then the smartphone revolution passed Palm by. Until this year. The release of the Palm Pre with webOS heralds a return of this once revered manufacturer, but with everything bet on the success of the device, can it deliver?

Palm Pre MacFormat Summer 2009 - Palm have long been forerunners in the PDA field, and the arrival of the Palm Pre, with full QWERTY keyboard and strong internet capabilities looks set to make it the one genuine rival to the iPhone.

Palm Pre 2 Stuff TV 12/2010 - Palm’s previous incarnation of the Pre was a case of so near yet so far. It had the most elegant user interface beside the iPhone, but the hardware was underpowered and cheap-feeling. Version two promises to address both these issues, as well as boasting a new, multitalented webOS 2.0.

Palm Treo Pro Smartphone & PDA Essentials 80 - Aimed more at professional users than a normal consumer audience, the Palm Treo is a sleek PDA with a lot going for it but a hard market to capture.

Palm Pre 2 ZDNet 12/2010 - Following the sale of Palm to Hewlett-Packard earlier this year there was speculation over the fate of Palm's smartphones and WebOS operating system. Having initially said it had no plans to become a player in the smartphone market, HP seems to have changed its mind, releasing the Palm Pre 2 with an updated operating system - WebOS 2.0.

Palm Pre 2 TrustedReviews 11/2010 - Sporting a relatively small 3.1in touchscreen and overall specs that hardly set the pulse racing, the Palm Pre 2 probably doesn’t immediately appeal to those looking for the latest and greatest smartphone. However, with some nice hardware touches and possibly the best mobile phone operating system available, WebOS 2.0, this is still one handset that’s well worth considering.

Palm Pre 2 11/2010 - The Palm Pre 2 is the first Palm branded handset to come to market since HP's high-profile takeover of the company earlier this year. But, unlike the big fanfare that was created when the original Pre launched in June 2009, the Pre 2 sneaked in through the back-door; appearing first at very short notice over in France and then landing, SIM-free, a month or so later here in the UK. So why the low-key launch? Surely HP would have wanted to make a big noise about the first webOS 2.0 device?

Palm Pre smartphone Register Hardware 10/2009 - The most hyped phone of the year, the Palm Pre, has arrived and now you can actually buy one. The 3.1in touchscreen combined with a physical keyboard are welcome features, but it’s the software that might change the face of the smartphone market and challenge the Apple iPhone.

Palm Treo 750V Windows XP Made Easy 108 - The 750v is a euro-centric Windows Mobile phone from Palm.

Palm Centro smartphone PC Advisor 2/2008 - Palm's upcoming Palm Centro smartphone is a big step forward in a small package, and now it's available in the UK.

Palm Treo 500v smartphone Register Hardware 11/2007 - D'you know the most interesting thing about Palm's Treo 500v? It's a Windows Mobile smartphone without a stylus. For years, we've been noting PDA and, later, smartphone makers' attempts to overcome the Microsoft OS inability to work one-handed, but until now no one's quite succeeded.

palmOne Treo 650 What Mobile 8/2005 - Finally a handheld running the Palm OS that can truly replace your PDA and mobile.

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