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Google Nexus 5
LG Nexus 5

Megapixel: 8 MP; Display Size: 5"; CPU cores: 4; Smartphone; Weight: 130 g; Candybar; …

Going for a phone like the Galaxy S4 or the HTC One will get you a better camera, a more attractive design or superior battery life, but when it comes to value for money, the Nexus 5 is unbeatable, …


12 reviews


D 801

Megapixel: 13 MP; Display Size: 5.2"; CPU cores: 4; Smartphone; Weight: 140 g; Candybar; …

The G2 comes across as a very pleasant surprise from a company whose products aren't usually at the top of reviewers' and users' shortlists. It's a bit dull and it doesn't …


12 reviews


F 240 K
LG Optimus G Pro

Megapixel: 13 MP; Display Size: 5.5"; CPU cores: 4; Smartphone; Weight: 172 g; Candybar; …

It's hard to believe the Optimus G Pro can sell for such an affordable price tag considering its 4G connectivity and 5.5-inch screen, but not only is it true, but it turns out it's a very …


5 reviews


Optimus L5 II (E450)
LG Optimus L5 II

Megapixel: 5.0 MP; Display Size: 4"; CPU cores: 1; Smartphone; Weight: 110 g; Candybar; Radio, …

Expert Reviews were very impressed by the LG Optimus L5 II, saying that its responsive touchscreen, excellent colours, nippy performance and NFC connectivity were pleasant surprises, as was its …


7 reviews | 1 opinion


Optimus L7 2
LG Optimus L7 II

Megapixel: 8 MP; Display Size: 4.3"; CPU cores: 2; Smartphone; Weight: 118 g; Candybar; WAP, …

The build quality of the Optimus L7 II won't impress anybody and its performance is definitely on the sluggish side despite being a dual-core model as opposed to the single-core found on its …


5 reviews


Optimus L-7
LG Optimus L7

Megapixel: 5.0 MP; Display Size: 4.3"; CPU cores: 1; Smartphone; Weight: 120 g; Candybar; …

The screen of the Optimus L7 is nice and bright but it has issues when used in sunlight. The Ice Cream Sandwich OS gives this device a nice boost and the UI over it works well. Expert Reviews found


10 reviews | 3 opinions


More information at: Expert Reviews, 9/2012 LG Optimus L7 LG have added a big screen to their Optimus range, but will bigger mean better for the L7? … to review

LG Optimus 4X HD
LG Optimus 4X HD

Megapixel: 8 MP; Display Size: 4.7"; CPU cores: 4; Smartphone; Candybar; MHL, WAP, Radio, …

"FOR: Simple but effective design; clean and fast interface; sharp screen; good sound and video. AGAINST: Some buttons are poorly placed; music lacks a little punch, video a little


12 reviews | 13 opinions


More information at: Expert Reviews, 9/2012 LG Optimus 4X HD LG seem to be holding nothing back judging from the specs on their new flagship, but will performance be as good as those specs would lead you to believe? … to review

Nexus 4
LG Google Nexus 4

Megapixel: 8 MP; Display Size: 4.7"; CPU cores: 4; Smartphone; Weight: 139.5 g; Candybar; MHL, …

"FOR: Pure Android experience; seamless in use; build and finish; good music/video performance. AGAINST: Lacks the stylish touches of some; video could be punchier; no 4G or expansion


15 reviews | 85 opinions



More information at: IT PRO, 11/2012 Google Nexus 4 The cutting-edge specs and low price of the Nexus 4 make it a bargain, but is it a good choice for business users? … to review

Optimus L-3
LG Optimus L3

Megapixel: 3.0 MP; Display Size: 3.2"; CPU cores: 1; Smartphone; Candybar; WAP, Radio, …

Despite being a budget friendly handset, the compact sized LG L3 E400 feels well built and although you can see it's a lower-end model, it looks quite good. The screen is a reasonable size, but


7 reviews | 21 opinions


More information at: Pocket-lint.co.uk, 6/2012 LG L3 E400 Does the budget-end LG L3 E400 put in a good enough performance to set it apart from all of the other competitively priced handsets? … to review

Optimus G
LG Optimus G

Megapixel: 13 MP; Display Size: 4.7"; CPU cores: 4; Smartphone; Weight: 145 g; Candybar; MHL, …

The plasticky build quality of the Optimus G worried The Inquirer, who said that it didn't seem particularly well equipped to deal with bumps or scraps. The design itself and the camera are


5 reviews



More information at: TechRadar UK, 9/2012 Hands on: LG Optimus G LG hope to cause a stir with the Optimus G, the first LTE-equipped quad-core smartphone to hit the market. … to review

Optimus L3 II (E430)
LG Optimus L3 II

Megapixel: 5.0 MP; Display Size: 3.2"; CPU cores: 1; Smartphone; Weight: 106 g; Candybar; …

The stripped feature set of the Optimus L3 II came across as a disappointment to Mobile Choice, who had been very impressed with its L5 II stablemate. The tiny screen's low resolution, the …


6 reviews | 1 opinion


Prada Phone 3.0
LG Prada Phone by LG 3.0

Megapixel: 8 MP; Display Size: 4.3"; CPU cores: 2; Smartphone; Weight: 138 g; Candybar; …

"FOR: Classy; individual interface; interesting apps; good DLNA integration; fast web access. AGAINST: So-so audio and video; lower resolution screen is noticeable."


14 reviews | 3 opinions


More information at: Pocket-lint.co.uk, 4/2012 Prada Phone by LG 3.0 LG's latest pairing with Prada has produced a full Android device, rather than the previous feature phone versions - making it the best LG Prada yet. Will it prove to be a great Android device, rather than just a label though? … to review

Optimus F-5
LG Optimus F5

Megapixel: 5.0 MP; Display Size: 4.3"; CPU cores: 2; Smartphone; Candybar; WAP, MP3 player, …

According to TechRadar's fist impressions, LG's Optimus F5 is looking like a very appealing midrange smartphone which could give competitors in its price range a run for their money. …


1 review


LG Optimus 3D
LG Optimus 3D

Megapixel: 5.0 MP; Display Size: 4.3"; CPU cores: 2; Smartphone; Candybar; 3D display, GPS, …

"FOR: 3D playback and capture works well; big screen is used effectively; good web browsing. AGAINST: Average video and audio performance; lacks wow factor; clunky feel."


28 reviews


Optimus Black P970
LG Optimus Black

Megapixel: 5.0 MP; Display Size: 4"; Smartphone; Weight: 109 g; Candybar; Radio, MP3 player, …

LG's Optimus Black was quite an impressive offering when it first arrived on the market, but one year later, it's already beginning to show its age. It's still a very decent


20 reviews | 4 opinions


More information at: Computer Bild, issue 8/2011 Light and shadows The LG smartphone Optimus Black is available with discount flatrate deals from 0 Euro. But how good is this smartphone with the brightest ever phone display really? The test results will enlighten you.

LG G Flex
LG G Flex

Megapixel: 13 MP; Display Size: 6"; CPU cores: 4; Smartphone; Weight: 177 g; Candybar; Camera, …

"... it’s no dud, but ... there’s little genuine benefit to the curved design. ... Give us back our Full HD, OIS and make it genuinely flexible, and we’ll be right at the front of the queue for …


4 reviews


Optimus L-5
LG Optimus L5

Megapixel: 5.0 MP; Display Size: 4"; CPU cores: 1; Smartphone; Weight: 125 g; Candybar; …

With its large 4-inch display, Android 4.1 operating system and NFC connectivity, the Optimus L5 should be a good midrange handset, but unfortunately, its performance leaves a lot to be desired in


3 reviews


More information at: CNET.co.uk, 2/2012 LG Optimus L5 With its new L line of smartphones, LG wants to offer droolworthy design at reasonable prices. Since this always implies a compromise, CNET set off to see what corners have been cut to make it possible. … to review

LG Optimus 2X

Megapixel: 8 MP; Display Size: 4"; CPU cores: 2; Smartphone; Weight: 147 g; Candybar; …

There are slicker more dapper dual-core smartphones on the market than the LG Optimus 2X, but IT Pro still deemed it to be a very capable Android device. It might not match up to the highly desirable …


21 reviews


E900 Optimus 7
LG Optimus 7

Megapixel: 5.0 MP; Display Size: 3.8"; CPU cores: 1; Smartphone; Candybar; Camera, GPS, …

The Optimus 7 doesn't have any particularly distinctive or unique features, but it's a solid handset that doesn't disappoint either. Smartphone Daily were particularly fond of the …


13 reviews


P500 Optimus One
LG Optimus One

Display Size: 3.2"; Smartphone; Weight: 129 g; Candybar; Camera, Touchscreen

TrustedReviews said that the LG Optimus One P500 is a decent budget smartphone, and found it to be a capable all-rounder. They commented that if you can find it for a reasonable price, then it's …


15 reviews | 3 opinions



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Product information and further reviews

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LG Optimus One P500 PC Advisor 11/2010 - The LG Optimus One P500 is a great example of an affordable yet highly functional Android smartphone. A successor to the original LG Optimus, the Optimus One includes a 3.2in capacitive touchscreen and runs the latest version of Google's Android platform. It is excellent value for money and has plenty of features.

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