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iPhone 3G S
Apple iPhone 3GS (32 GB)

Megapixel: 3.0 MP; Display Size: 3.5"; Smartphone; Weight: 133 g; Candybar; GPS, WAP, …

“Everyone who regularly uses the Smartphone to access the internet and who still wants to carry along their music selection, won’t find a better option than the iPhone 3G S.”

7 reviews | 26 opinions (Above average)


Nokia E72
Nokia E72

Megapixel: 5.0 MP; Display Size: 2.36"; Smartphone; Weight: 128 g; Candybar; GPS, Camera, …

"... The E72 is an improvement over the E71 and worth the little extra it will inevitably cost businesses to roll out. But – and it's an awfully big but – the E72 faces extremely stiff …

14 reviews | 3 opinions (Average)


Apple iPhone 3G
Apple iPhone 3G

Megapixel: 2.0 MP; Display Size: 3.5"; Smartphone; Candybar

Much of what made it into the iPhone 3G was yearned for in the original model. Excellent audio and design combined with 3G and an enviably responsive touchscreen. But lack of MMS and small 2mp camera …

20 reviews | 96 opinions (Average)


Motorola Flipout

Megapixel: 3.0 MP; Display Size: 2.8"; Smartphone; Weight: 110 g; Swivel; GPS, MP3 player, …

Trusted Reviews describes the Motorola Flipout as an example of a design concept that was taken too far. Still they say that Motorola has managed to create a rather decent phone out of the idea, and …

12 reviews


Motorola Milestone
Motorola Milestone

Megapixel: 5.0 MP; Display Size: 3.7"; Smartphone; Weight: 170 g; Candybar; MP3 player, …

"... The battery lasts for a few days in very light use, but surfing the web or running lots of applications at once - something Android, unlike current iPhone models, can do without fuss - will …

13 reviews | 24 opinions (Average)


iPhone 4G (16 GB)
Apple iPhone 4 (16 GB)

Megapixel: 5.0 MP; Display Size: 3.5"; Smartphone; Weight: 137 g; Candybar; MP3 player, …

“In terms of hardware technology, the iPhone 4 has clearly caught up and is now on the same level as top smartphones from other manufacturers. Its 1-GHz processor means it’s faster than its …

5 reviews | 206 opinions (Above average)


Doro Phone Easy 505
Doro Phone Easy 505

Megapixel: 0 MP; Display Size: 1.8"; CPU cores: 1; Basic mobile phone, Seniors mobile phone; …

Like all phones from Doro, the Phone Easy 505 is simple to use, with large buttons and no bells or whistles to distract you from its main purpose, which is to make and receive calls and send text …

2 reviews | 48 opinions (Excellent)


Nokia Asha 203
Nokia Asha 203

Megapixel: 2.0 MP; Display Size: 2.4"; CPU cores: 1; Basic mobile phone; Candybar; WAP, …

The Nokia Asha 203 features the older Series 40 OS, making it a resolutely budget handset. The interface has been made to fit the small screen and it's designed so that you can access things …

1 review | 1 opinion (Excellent)


ZTE Racer
ZTE Racer

Megapixel: 3.2 MP; Display Size: 2.8"; Smartphone; Candybar; MP3 player, WAP, Radio, GPS, …

Smartphone Daily have reviewed the ZTE Racer and are pleased with the value this android phone provides. They think it is nicely designed and laid-out. Android 2.1 is unadulterated, but launcher apps …

8 reviews


Google Nexus S
Google Nexus S

Megapixel: 5.0 MP; Display Size: 4"; CPU cores: 2; Smartphone; Candybar; WAP, Touchscreen, …

The Google Nexus S is a great smartphone that packs all the features and hardware that one would expect from a top-end device, but apart from its integration with Google it lacks that special touch …

19 reviews


Motorola Backflip

Megapixel: 5.0 MP; Display Size: 3.1"; Smartphone; Weight: 133 g; Slider; Keyboard, …

"... All the features and benefits of Android are present on the Motorola Backflip but it's Motorola's MotoBlur service that the company is touting as a key feature. ... Motorola …

7 reviews | 2 opinions (Average)


Nokia C3
Nokia C3

Megapixel: 2 MP; Display Size: 2.4"; Basic mobile phone; Weight: 114 g; Candybar; Camera, …

PC Advisor reckon that the Nokia C3 is one of the best value phones they have ever reviewed. It will be ideal for a specific type of person, one that doesn't really need a smartphone, but would …

9 reviews | 40 opinions (Above average)


Emporia Elegance
Emporia Elegance

Megapixel: 0 MP; Display Size: 1.8"; Seniors mobile phone, Basic mobile phone; Candybar

“If all you want to do is call and text, but you still want a sleek and easy to use mobile, then this is the right one for you.”

5 reviews | 5 opinions (Average)


Swissvoice SV29
Swissvoice SV29

Megapixel: 0 MP; Basic mobile phone, Outdoor phone; Candybar; Radio

“A robust, reasonably priced phone without any bells or whistles for outdoor use.”

3 reviews | 1 opinion (Above average)


Liquid Z-2
Acer Liquid Z2

Megapixel: 3.0 MP; Display Size: 3.5"; CPU cores: 1; Smartphone; Candybar; Camera, MP3 player, …

Those looking for the latest and greatest smartphone tech won't find the Liquid Z2 too exciting, but for first time users or those not wanting to spend too much, its low price tag and Android …

2 reviews


Motorola Defy Mini
Motorola Defy Mini

Megapixel: 5.0 MP; Display Size: 3.2"; CPU cores: 1; Smartphone; Weight: 107 g; Candybar; …

The Defy Mini is similarly priced to many budget smartphones, so having a unique feature, like toughness, is a good way to stand out. What Mobile admit it functions well enough, but it doesn't …

10 reviews


One Touch 602
Alcatel OT-602

Megapixel: 2 MP; Display Size: 2.4"; Basic mobile phone; Candybar; MP3 player, Camera, WAP, …

The highly affordable Alcatel One Touch 602 has a compact design, which is suitable as a starter mobile phone. There's a headphone socket, micro USB port and microSD slot, so you can add up to …

3 reviews


Orange Stockholm
Orange Stockholm

Display Size: 2.8"; Smartphone; Candybar; Radio, Camera, Touchscreen, MP3 player

Not everything about the Stockholm is bad, but it has too many flaws for Trusted Reviews to recommend it: the screen's low resolution makes text blurry and browsing a chore, the processor is …

4 reviews | 4 opinions (Average)


Motorola Atrix 2
Motorola Atrix 2

Megapixel: 8 MP; Display Size: 4.3"; Smartphone; Candybar; MP3 player, Camera, Touchscreen

The Atrix 2 plays in the same league as top-drawer smartphones such as the Galaxy S2 and the iPhone 4S, but it doesn't manage to reach their performance levels, mainly because of its 1GHz …

1 review


Sharp Aquos Phone SH80F
Sharp Aquos Phone SH80F

Megapixel: 8 MP; Display Size: 4.2"; CPU cores: 1; Smartphone; Weight: 135 g; Candybar; …

“Likes: top 3D display; very good camera. Dislikes: software has its shortcomings; short battery life.”

3 reviews



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