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Outback Cam
Swann OutbackCam

Pocket Camcorder, Outdoor Camcorder; Waterproof

The Swann OutbackCam has a record delay which can be programmed to suit your requirements, but video clips are a mere 15 seconds long each. It can manage to record for several weeks and IT Reviews …

1 review


Veho VCC-005 Muvi HD Pro

Helmet camera; Full HD; Still image Function; Optical zoom: 0x; Digital zoom: 3x

Surprisingly enough, although the Muvi HD 1080p is meant to be used mainly as an action cam, it's not waterproof, which makes its high price all the more difficult to stomach. Pocket-lint …

1 review


JVC Everio GZ-HM860
JVC Everio GZ-HM860

Full HD; Still image Function, Scene detection, Bluetooth, Video light, Motion detection, …

With an ability to shoot stills at 11MP, reckon you could leave your digital camera at home if you have the JVC Everio GZ-HM860 with you. A wireless bluetooth connection allows for easy …

1 review


Creative Labs Vado Pocket Video Cam

Pocket Camcorder; Optical zoom: 2x; Digital zoom: 0x

Creative's Vado has little that stands out from the average in design and features. Video uses the XviD codec which needs to be downloaded for playback on a Mac. Image and audio quality is poor, …

9 reviews | 38 opinions (Above average)


Summit HD
Liquid Image Summit D1

Outdoor Camcorder; Waterproof

The best thing about the Summit goggles is that they always shoot in the direction that the user is looking and they don't need bulky and complicated attachment systems, but on all other fronts …

1 review


HV 30
Canon HV30

Digital zoom: 200x

"... Thanks to a sophisticated hybrid auto-focus system, an excellent optical image stabilizer and unbeatable sensitivity, great pictures are guaranteed in all lighting conditions. ..."

4 reviews | 19 opinions (Above average)


JVC Everio GZ-MS215

YouTube-enabled; Optical zoom: 39x; Digital zoom: 900x

“Likes: ... very good stereo effect. Dislikes: ... long-winded operation via LCD.”

3 reviews


Toshiba Camileo S10
Toshiba Camileo S10

YouTube-enabled, Still image Function

"Pros: Smooth HD movies. Crisp, clear LCD. Great value for money. Cons: Fiddly controls. Awkward to hold. Sticky zoom."

2 reviews | 5 opinions (Above average)


ViewSonic 3DV5
ViewSonic 3DV5

Pocket Camcorder, 3D Camcorder; 3D shooting, Still image Function; Optical zoom: 0x; …

Computeract!ve think that the Viewsonic 3DV5 pocket camcorder is really just a novelty device, but they say that it is perfectly acceptable, as it achieves its goals at a decent price. It is very …

2 reviews


GPS+ Connect View
Contour GPS+ Connect View

Full HD; GPS function, Bluetooth, Still image Function

On paper, the ContourGPS+ Connect View has some impressive credentials, but BikeRadar say that although it's well featured and well built, out on the road, it has obvious limitations. Images are …

1 review


Panasonic HDC-SD10

Full HD; Optical zoom: 16x; Digital zoom: 1000x

“Likes: good lens; good sound; 16x zoom; very good operation.”

5 reviews | 46 opinions (Above average)


Action Cam Max
Chilli Technologies Action Cam #2

Pocket Camcorder, Helmet camera, Outdoor Camcorder; Still image Function

Expert Reviews weren't too impressed by the Action Cam 2, saying that its footage showed a lot of picture noise, contrast was washed out and the frame rate stuttered when the camera was …

2 reviews


Wearable Camcorder
Contour Contour HD


The Contour+ is a little on the expensive side, but it's worth it, especially considering the only real issue was with the internal microphone's poor quality. PC Advisor say this is a …

3 reviews | 28 opinions (Above average)


HDC-TM900 with VW-CLT1 3D conversion lens
Panasonic HDC-TM 900 + VW-CLT1

Full HD; Scene detection, 3D converter, Time lapse, YouTube-enabled, Face recognition, …

"... unless you're creating macro movies in the studio, the 3D mode is a bit of a washout. The camera itself is sound, and does offer some feature improvements over the already impressive …

1 review


Canon HG10

Still image Function; Optical zoom: 10x; Digital zoom: 200x

PC Pro reports that the Canon HG10 produces great quality HD video, detailed sound recording, supplies a non-proprietary hot shoe for accessory expansion and is backed up by a 40GB hard drive. …

8 reviews | 2 opinions (Average)


Samsung HMX-R10
Samsung HMX-R10

Full HD

"... The R10 follows the trend set by many pocket internet camcorders, as its editing software is built into the device itself. The Intelli-studio app loads onto your desktop computer when you …

5 reviews | 24 opinions (Above average)


Toshiba Camileo P30
Toshiba Camileo P30

Still image Function; Optical zoom: 5x; Digital zoom: 4x

"It would be unfair to compare the Toshiba Camileo P30 to camcorders of three times its price, but the truth is that you get what you pay for. If you're happy to compromise on picture and …

2 reviews | 13 opinions (Average)


MHS-PM5 Bloggie
Sony MHS-PM5

Pocket Camcorder; Digital zoom: 4x

Unfortunately for the MHS-PM5, it's just another pocket video recorder from Sony that is best to avoid, say reviewers at PC Pro. They said that despite boasting high definition and advanced …

1 review | 15 opinions (Above average)


C 20
Samsung C20

YouTube-enabled; Optical zoom: 10x; Digital zoom: 1200x

GadgetSpeak describes the Samsung C20 Memory Cam as a very easy to use camcorder, that offers an ample range of options when it comes to the clarity and sharpness of images, depending on how the …

1 review | 9 opinions (Above average)


Samsung HMX-H104
Samsung HMX-H104

Hybrid Camcorder; Full HD; Still image Function

"... the H104 is a capable, but not outstanding video camera. The 10x zoom range isn't huge, but we're glad to see that optical image stabilisation is included. ... the H104 …

4 reviews | 4 opinions (Above average)



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