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MinoHD 3G (8GB)
Flip Video MinoHD (3rd generation) (8GB)

Pocket Camcorder; Digital zoom: 2x

Computer Act!ve found little to complain about in the MinoHD, praising its sharp footage, comfortable grip and efficient image stabilisation as well as its stable frame rate, helping it rise above …

5 reviews | 61 opinions (Above average)


Panasonic HDC-HS700

Hybrid Camcorder; Full HD; Face recognition, Still image Function; Optical zoom: 12x; …

The HDC-HS700's eye-watering price might seem excessive compared to other camcorders on the market, but according to CNet, it truly delivers its money's worth when it comes to picture …

5 reviews | 6 opinions (Excellent)


Flip Video MinoHD (2nd generation) (8 GB)
Flip Video MinoHD (2nd generation) (8 GB)

Pocket Camcorder; Digital zoom: 2x

"... The key to Flip cameras' ease of use is the software, FlipShare. This sits on the Mino's built-in storage until you plug the camera into your Mac for the first time, at which …

10 reviews | 57 opinions (Above average)


Sony Handycam DCR-SR58E
Sony Handycam DCR-SR58E

Face recognition; Optical zoom: 60x; Digital zoom: 2000x

“Likes: 80 GB hard drive; playback via facial recognition; option of copying directly onto an external HDD. Dislike: moderate sharpness levels; somewhat out-of-place stereo foundation.”

4 reviews | 15 opinions (Above average)


Panasonic SDR-H80
Panasonic SDR-H80

Hybrid Camcorder; YouTube-enabled; Optical zoom: 70x; Digital zoom: 3500x

Despite the highly attractive inclusion of full manual control, along with 60x optical zoom and 60GB of storage, giving it phenomenal ability, the image quality is decidedly poor. Impractical …

6 reviews | 7 opinions (Above average)


Canon Legria HF20
Canon Legria HF20

Full HD; Face recognition, Still image Function; Optical zoom: 15x; Digital zoom: 300x

“Considerably more expensive than the competition, clearly more features: Anyone who is looking for a camcorder with loads of manual setting options, will strike gold with the HF20. However, its 150 …

5 reviews | 1 opinion (Excellent)


Toshiba Camileo H20
Toshiba Camileo H20

YouTube-enabled, Still image Function; Optical zoom: 5x; Digital zoom: 4x

"Pros: Very affordable. Fast YouTube uploading. Super-compact. Cons: Auto focus disappoints. Fussy design."

5 reviews | 22 opinions (Average)


Contour ROAM
Contour ROAM

Helmet camera, Outdoor Camcorder; Full HD; Waterproof, Still image Function

The ROAM is the most affordable camcorder in Contour's lineup, but according to PC Advisor, it's also the most flexible. Not only is it good for all kinds of sports thanks to its water …

1 review | 20 opinions (Above average)


Panasonic SDR-H85
Panasonic SDR-H85

Optical zoom: 78x; Digital zoom: 3500x

“Likes: 80 GB hard drive; pre-record function; focus assistance with peaking; long battery life. Dislikes: mediocre low light quality.”

3 reviews | 14 opinions (Above average)


Samsung SMX-C20
Samsung SMX-C20

Optical zoom: 10x; Digital zoom: 1200.0x

“Likes: elegant, comfortable handling. Dislikes: pauses between clips during playback; very soft picture; visible image artefacts; muffled sound, rustling noise, no viewfinder.”

4 reviews | 1 opinion (Excellent)


Panasonic HDC-SD66

Full HD; Optical zoom: 25x; Digital zoom: 1500x

“Likes: very good image quality; outstanding image stabilisation; simple operation. Dislikes: sound during speech.”

4 reviews


Sony Bloggie Touch
Sony Bloggie Touch

Pocket Camcorder; Full HD; Still image Function; Digital zoom: 0x

“The Sony Bloggie Touch is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a mini camcorder that fits comfortably in any pocket and records decent 1080p videos. However, a lack of setting options and the …

2 reviews | 29 opinions (Above average)


Cateye INOU

Helmet camera; GPS function, Still image Function

The concept behind the Cateye INOU is a good one, but 220 Triathlon say it needs a serious rethink if it's ever going to work. The buttons are somewhat too small, there is no display to show …

1 review


Sanyo Xacti VPC-CG100

Full HD; Still image Function, YouTube-enabled; Optical zoom: 5x; Digital zoom: 12x

“An upright camcorder with macro functions but poor picture quality.”

3 reviews | 18 opinions (Above average)


Polaroid X720

Still image Function, Waterproof; Digital zoom: 3x

The Polaroid X720E is reviewed by IT Reviews as a genuinely impressive underwater, and sporting camcorder. The rugged design makes it perfect for trips, dips and an easy to use aquatic camera. This …

2 reviews | 6 opinions (Average)


Everio GZ-X900 EU
JVC Everio GZ-X900

Pocket Camcorder; Full HD; Still image Function; Optical zoom: 5x; Digital zoom: 200x

"The JVC Everio x GZ-X900 delivers subpar overall performance, and it is definitely a poor option if you plan to shoot in less-than-optimal lighting conditions."

7 reviews | 3 opinions (Above average)


Canon XF105
Canon XF105

Full HD; Face recognition, Still image Function; Optical zoom: 10x

Image quality: 31 out of 40 points; Sound: 22 out of 30 points; Features: 12 out of 20 points; Operation: 9 out of 10 points.

3 reviews


Sony HDR-FX1000

Full HD; Still image Function; Optical zoom: 20x; Digital zoom: 0x

"... The 1080i video quality is second to none thanks to seamless 25p progressive scan and CinemaTone Gamma and Colour’s rich, filmic hues. ... And the audio capture is, well, almost Oscar …

5 reviews


Canon Legria HF21
Canon Legria HF21

Full HD; Still image Function; Optical zoom: 15x; Digital zoom: 300x

“Next to reliable scene modes, the Canon Legria allows extensive modifications of the composition. Furthermore, it is equipped with lavish features and only shows a few weaknesses during twilight …

6 reviews


Canon XF300

Full HD; Optical zoom: 18x; Digital zoom: 1.5x

“Experienced professionals will surely be able to make use of the multiple manual setting options on the XF300, as well as its wide range of applications. ... Ambitious amateurs will, however, …

3 reviews



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