Watchguard Technologies, Inc. XTM 21-W Review

(Firewall (Hardware))

Excellent (A) 1 review 01/2011
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Product specification:
  • Type: Hardware Firewall, WLAN
  • WLAN-Standards (IEEE): 802.11g, …
  • Connectivity: WLAN & … more information

PC Pro
Single test
"very good" (5 out of 6 stars)

Value for money: "very good" (5 out of 6 stars), "Recommended"

PC Pro found this security appliance to be great value for the money, offering numerous features and upgrades. Installation and management are nicely streamlined, and it offers a newly added rogue wireless AP detection feature. It boasts a solid security package, while its proxies and application awareness lend it versatility.

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