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Street Walker

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Product specification:
  • Type: Rucksack
  • Weight: 1100 g
  • Colour of product: Black … more information

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With a depth of just 15cm but enough space to carry all your kit and an airflow channel to keep you cool in crowded spaces, Digital SLR User reckon the Streetwalker is the perfect bag for urban photograhers. To make it even more comfortable and safe, the harness is contoured and there's a waist belt available.

Digital Photo
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The Think Tank is slim and appears to have limitations in what it can hold, but that isn't the case. Inside the deepest point measures 16.5cm which afforded room for a telephoto zoom to be upright without the lens hood. In fact there was a lot of extra room left once Digital Photo packed their test kit, they squeezed in another telephoto zoom, a 50mm and a spare D-SLR body.

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Somewhat small for larger people due to its dimensions meeting international carry-on restriction, Thinktank Photo's Streetwalker does provide a vast array of storage options and robust construction. The narrow design might be unappealing for some.

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Think Tank StreetWalker Backpack

The Think Tank Streetwalker Backpack is a slim, lightweight backpack perfect for use as an international travel carry- ,...