Technisat Technistar K1 Review

(digital MHP receiver)

Excellent (A) 4 reviews 04/2011
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Product specification:
  • Type: Cable (DVB-C)
  • Integrated Modules / Features: …
  • Interface: USB, HDMI, LAN, CI+, …
  • CI-Slots: 1 … more information

Magazine 10/2011
without final score

Features: “good”; Range of functions: “good”; Operation: “good”.

Magazine 3/2011
“very good” (92.1%)

“Test Winner”, “Energy saving champion”

“Likes: remote access, UPnP, operation, SFI-EPG. Dislikes: number of recordings, only 1x USB, no mains switch, switching times.”

digital home
Magazine 1/2011
Single test
without final score

“If your TV programming is provided via a cable connection, the TechniStar K1 will give you fantastic picture and sound quality, and it also comes with HDTV. The device also allows access to your home network and can be transformed into a recorder with the aid of a USB hard drive.”

Magazine 1/2011
Single test
without final score

“Value for money: very good”

“The TechniStar K1 is a compact HDTV receiver for the reception of cable programming which impresses with its practical and effective features and very good picture. External USB media allows you to turn the device into a high-quality digital video recorder and its fantastic network support makes it a flexible multimedia centre that is very good value for money.”

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