Technisat Digit ISIO S1 Review

(digital MHP receiver)
Digit ISIO

Excellent (A) 5 reviews 04/2011
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Product specification:
  • Type: Satellite (Freesat & Sky)
  • Integrated Modules / Features: …
  • Interface: USB, Card reader, HDMI, …
  • CI-Slots: 2 … more information

Magazine 5-6/2011
Single test
“good” (79.9 out of 100 points)

Value for money: “good”

“The Digit Isio is a fantastic satellite receiver - not least because of its twin tuner, PVR function and intuitive operation. However, its online functions seem to be rather awkward to use: from the second menu level onwards you’ll only find a boring list of web services; behind its much praised Maxdome integration you’ll find the same Maxdome interface that is also displayed on the HbbTV portals from the main German broadcasters ‘ProSieben’ and ‘Sat.1’. ...”

Magazine 5-6/2011
Single test
“excellent” (1.3); top class

Value for money: “very good”

“Well done Technisat! The company has managed to produce a particularly innovative product in the shape of its Digit Isio S1 model. As well as its first-class HDTV reception and simple operation, this satellite receiver also allows you to access the web and can be used as a programme recorder as well.”

Magazine 4/2011
Single test
“very good” (1.3)

“Likes: easy operation; very good features; access to online media portals; wireless stick accessory available.”

Magazine 4/2011
Single test
“very good” (94.1%)

“With its Digit ISIO S1 model, Technisat shows that it is definitely possible to integrate new functions into a solidly built system in a practical way. Despite the optical facelift, this test subject still offers a standard and straightforward user interface. Its large selection of online features along with its UPnP function are what makes this Technisat device a true multimedia talent ...”

Magazine 3/2011
Single test
without final score

Value for money: “very good”, “Value for money: very good”

“... As well as having the basic features of a luxury satellite video recorder with an undeniably sophisticated and easy-to-use operating concept, this set-top box has been perfectly designed to allow you to get connected to the web. Even if its online functions still have room to grow in these early stages, this steadily-functioning multimedia box is a real innovation... .”

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