Sony HDR-TD10 Review

(Flash Memory Camcorder)

Above average (B) 7 reviews 09/2011
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Product specification:
  • Type: 3D Camcorder
  • HD Standard: Full HD
  • Special Features: 3D shooting, …
  • Display diagonal: 3.5"
  • Optical zoom: 12x
  • Digital zoom: 160x … more information

Single test
4 out of 5 stars

New technologies are never cheap and the HDR-TD10E is no exception, but in T3's opinion, it goes a long way towards justifying its luxury price tag thanks to its ease of use, impressive 3D footage and stills, and very convenient 10x zoom. The touchpanel is not as responsive as it should be and the camera itself is a bit heavy, but it's nonetheless a superb effort on Sony's part.

The Gadget Show
Single test
4 out of 5 points

If you're after a Full HD 3D camcorder, then the Sony HDR-TD10E is certainly worth considering, says FiveFwd, whose reviewers were impressed with how gorgeous its content looked when displayed on a 3DTV. While they weren't as taken with its boring design, which they felt wasn't the most ergonomic, they did mention that it was at least practical, and could be easily stored away.

Stuff TV
Single test
5 out of 5 stars


"... By a very narrow margin, the TD10 trumps its 3D rivals. It's cheaper and sharper than the TD1, has a more extensive zoom and a more responsive touchscreen, all wrapped up in a smaller footprint."

Magazine 7/2011
Single test
“good” (72%)

Value for money: “good”

“Likes: no zoom limitations; good operation, 3D monitor. Dislikes: no viewfinder; no side by side view.”

Magazine 7/2011
Single test
“good” (74%)

Value for money: “very good”, “3D test winner”

“Although the TD10 records pretty good 2D films, its bulky dimensions (almost three times the size of other Sony 3D cameras) mean it’s only really suitable for those who intend to use it for shooting in 3D and who only want to then watch the results live on TV. Nevertheless, this camera sits very comfortably in your hand and its menu navigation via touchscreen is much more advanced than the other candidates in our test. ...”

Single test
without final score

“If you directly compare it with the SDT-750 from Panasonic, you can clearly see the leap that’s been made in terms of quality. You can clearly see the higher resolutions levels which are a real novelty in this price class. ... The HDR-TD10 is most definitely the market’s first ever affordable HD-3D camera ...”

Magazine 4/2011
Single test
“very good” (73 out of 100 points)

Value for money: “very good”, “Best Buy”

“The TD 10 makes 3D all the more appealing thanks to its very good 3D ready monitor. It means you can also have a lot of fun being able to directly watch what you’ve recorded. It also wins points for its menu navigation. Its 3D picture was the best in our comparison test; when it came to 2D, the device failed to live up to the quality of its not too distant 2D cousins. Sony needs to come up with a universal 3D standard and fast.”

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