Sony BDP-S4100 Review

(Blu-ray player)
BDP-S 4100

Above average (B) 2 reviews 10/2013
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Product specification:
  • Features: BD-Live, Controlled by …
  • Interface: Optional WLAN, Coaxial …
  • Multimedia formats: PNG, AVCHD, …
  • Audio Standards: Dolby … more information

Single test
8 out of 10 points

Value for money: 7 out of 10 points

The BDP-S4100 is a deck for those who don't need Wi-Fi at the moment but want to have SACD support and 3D functionality, while the identically priced S3100 offers the reverse features, and the step-up S5100 offers everything. It's an excellent player in any case, but Trusted Reviews say it loses to Samsung's BD-F6500, which features Wi-Fi and more web content for the same price.

Single test
"excellent" (4 out of 5 stars)

With its unique design, 3D support and nice price tag, the BDP-S4100 makes for a great buy in S21's eyes. Additional features such as DLNA connectivity and Sony's Side View app are great to have and add to its value, but if you want Wi-Fi you'll have to pony up for the range-topping BDP-S5100.

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