Gigaset DX800A Review

(analogue phone)
Gigaset DX800A

Above average (B) 3 reviews 03/2011
1 opinion (Excellent)
Product specification:
  • Connectivity: Wired
  • Technology: ISDN Telephone, VoIP …
  • Type: Telephone with Answering …
  • Functions: HD telephony, … more information

Magazine 4/2011 DECT Special
Practical test verdict: 4 out of 5 stars

“Likes: excellent speaker phone; internal and external HD calling; bluetooth interface for mobile syncing; sleek design; large display; ISDN, VoIP and analogue connection; three separate answering machines. Dislikes: software can be upgraded; shortcut buttons can’t be used for call forwarding.”

Magazine 3/2011
Single test
Practical test verdict: 4 out of 5 stars

“If you’re looking for a top performing and easy to use telecommunication solution for a small office, which includes an IT connection option, the Gigaset DX800A is the right choice for you. A few minor software issues and poor execution mean that a few applications make the phone more difficult to use, but overall the business Gigaset has definitely earned its best buy rating.” Info: This product was retested here 4/2011 DECT Special by connect and received the same final score.

Magazine 12/2010
Single test
without final score

“... As with previous models, the technicians at Gigaset have done a great job. Various easy to follow set-up assistants guide you through the phone configuration process. You can connect the device to the internet and set up your VoIP account within ten minutes. ...”

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Gigaset DX800a German Version

UK Version The Gigaset DX800A all in one is the professional multiline desktop phone for small offices and home offices. ,...

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