Samsung WD8704RJA Review

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WD 8704 RJA

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  • Energy efficiency compliance: B
  • Features: Child safety, Door lock, …
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Coolkitchen were pleased with the efficiency of the Samsung WD8704RJA washer dryer. Having a good energy efficiency rating, the model partially saves energy through its dryer sensor feature, meaning that the dryer automatically stops once a load is dry. Also present are 16 different wash cycle options, a fault diagnosis feature and an out of balance spin protection.

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Samsung WD8704RJA v1400 rpm 7kg wash/5klg dry full graphic display d├ęcor door

Energy Rating: B Rated Wash Performance: A Rated Wash Load: 7 Kg Drying Load: 5 Kg Spin Speed: 1400 RPM

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