Samsung BD-C8900S Review

(Blu-ray player)

Excellent (A) 5 reviews 10/2010
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Product specification:
  • Features: WLAN, 3D-ready, BD-Live, …
  • Interface: CI+
  • Audio Standards: DTS-HD MA, Dolby …
  • TV Receiver: DVB-S2
  • Memory / Hard Disk Size: 500 GB
  • Weight: 3.5 kg … more information

EISA Awards
Single test
Without final score

"Best Product 2010-2011: Blu-Ray Player"

The Blu-ray picture quality from the Samsung BD-C8900 is incredibly good, even playing 3D. It loaded discs quickly and, with its inclusive HDTV cable or satellite tuner, generates superb sound and images. The EISA Awards commend the 500GB hard drive which can record 136 hours of HD material and also the inclusion of Wi-Fi, USB playback, Internet TV and a CI+ slot.

Magazine 11-12/2010
Single test
without final score

“ADVANTAGES: HD recorder; Sat tuner; Blu-ray disc drive; access to Samsung apps. DISADVANTAGES: ‘CI+’ interface; recording restrictions.”

Magazine 10-11/2010
Single test
“outstanding” (1.1); Top class

Value for money: “excellent”

“With the BD-C8900S, Samsung is clearly targeting those looking for an ‘HD upgrade’. So if you already have a Full HD set but are not yet able to receive HDTV, or if you don’t own a Blu-ray player, this hybrid device is definitely worth considering. ...”

digital home
Magazine 3/2010
Single test
1.1; top class

Value for money: “excellent”

“The Samsung BC-C8900S is a real HD machine for Blu-ray, HDTV and multimedia!”

EISA Awards (DE)
Single test
without final score

“Best Product 2010-2011: Blu-ray player”

“The Samsung BD-C8900 delivers extraordinary Blu-ray disc picture quality, compared to other up-to-date devices on the market, and it’s also in 3D. Its extremely fast loading time when reading discs is supremely impressive. But the BD-C8900 is more than just a Blu-ray player: even via its integrated HDTV cable tuner (a satellite tuner on the “S” model), this multi-source device delivers fantastic image quality and equally good sound. It’s also possible to record up to 136 hours of HD quality film with its 500 GB internal hard drive. What’s more, the BD-C8900 is also kitted out with a CI+-slot, integrated Wi-Fi, internet TV and the option to playback USB media, which gives it a high degree of flexibility and streaming capacity in addition to its outstanding performance.”

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