Philips XL 3000 Series Review

(Cordless phone with answering machine)
XL3000 Series

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Product specification:
  • Connectivity: Wireless
  • Technology: Analogue Phone
  • Type: Telephone with … more information

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While the Philips XL 3000 Series won't be the first choice for the fashion conscious, it is a great option for those who value ease-of-use and functionality, says FiveFwd. Reviewers felt that its large, responsive keypad and clear sound quality make it ideally suited for those with hearing or dexterity issues. They also found that its battery life and range were fantastic.

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Very disappointed. Eric in Lyon wrote on Thursday, 15.09.2011 at 21:04 o’clock:


Advantages: Easy to use, Easy to install, Clear signal, Comfortable receiver, Compact design
Disadvantages: Poor sound quality
I am: Quality-conscious

I had a previous Philips cordless phone CD645 which worked excellently until I smashed the screen on the handset.

How great was my disappointment with the XL3000 when I discovered the sound quality is so poor that I am constantly asking people to repeat themselves. After one week it is unbearable, and I am returning the product.

Otherwise the design is extremely convenient to use, large buttons, and once again someone has made a phone big enough that you can hold it between your head and your shoulder when needed. Replies

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