Panasonic Pro-Curve ES8249 Review

(Electric razor)

Above average (B) 5 reviews 12/2009
31 opinions (Excellent)
Product specification:
  • Shaving System: Oscillating head
  • Equipment: Battery gauge, Cleaning …
  • Number of heads / sounds : 4
  • Type: Mens shavers
  • Use: Wet & dry shaver, … more information
Single test
8 out of 10 points

"If you're sick of razor rash and have space in your bathroom cabinet for the bulky base the Panasonic ES8249 is a superb choice. We have been thoroughly impressed with the closeness and ease of the shave even around the chin and neck. It isn't flawless, but it's the best we've seen in years and right up there with the Philips ARCitec. Is £200 too much to pay? It is a hefty sum, but when you combine the wet/dry function, powerful motor and quadruple flexing heads, not to mention the excellent cleaning system, we think it's a pretty good investment. "

Magazine 1/2010
“good” (73%)

“Very gentle on the skin while shaving. Weight was perceived as pleasant. The device is self-cleaning and can be used in the shower. Battery perfomance is only average. Makes funny noises while shaving.”

test (Stiftung Warentest)
Magazine 12/2009
“good” (1.9)

Shaving (30%): “good” (1.9); skin protection (30%): “very good” (1.4); handling (20%): “satisfactory” (2.7); processing (10%): “good” (2.0); environmental characteristics (10%): “good” (1.9).

Magazine 4/2008
“very good” (93.3%)

“Test Winner”

“Panasonic’s ES8249 hardly leaves anything to be desired. Excellent shaving results, few skin irritations and simple handling make the electric razor a clear favourite, and finally also the test winner. ...”

Plus X Award
“Plus X Award Recommendation”

“Plus X Award: Design”, “Plus X Award: User Comfort”

“The Panasonic ES8249S803 is equipped with a novel four-fold shaving head which enables best razor performance. The shearing blades with nano particles are polished for even greater sharpness. Flexibility is the strength of the shaving head, so that problem areas, such as the part beneath the larynx, can enjoy a perfect shave. The fully automated 1 hour cleaning system of the water-resistant razor is extremely comfortable.”

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