Panasonic ES -LA93 Review

(Electric razor)

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Product specification:
  • Shaving System: Oscillating head
  • Equipment: Battery gauge, Washable …
  • Operating time: 45 minutes
  • Number of heads / sounds : 4
  • Type: Mens shavers
  • Use: Wet & dry shaver, … more information

Fit For Fun
Magazine 2/2011
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“Fast, gentle and (almost) as thorough as a wet shave - a real alternative!”

Plus X Award
“Plus X Award Recommendation”

“Plus X Award: Quality”, “Plus X Award: Design”, “Plus X Award: Ergonomics”

“The new ES-LA93 wet/ dry razor ensures the best shaving results - with both short and long hairs. Thanks to the multi flexible active head, the razor adjusts to the contours of your face unusually well, avoiding skin irritation. Its blue LCD screen, with remaining battery and cleaning display, goes stylishly with the functional design. The ergonomically formed grip means the device sits perfectly in your hand, even when it’s wet. The Lithium-Ion battery ensures 45 minutes of operation after a charging time of just 60 minutes.”

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