Onkyo TX-NR 807 Review

(Surround Sound Receiver)
TX-SR 807

Excellent (A) 5 reviews 03/2010
2 opinions (Excellent)
Product specification:
  • Type: AV Receiver
  • Speaker Support: 7.1
  • Features: RDS
  • Weight: 18 kg … more information

Single test
9 out of 10 points

"The Onkyo TX-NR807 is a fully-specced, very capable AV receiver for its price. It's great to be able to try out the Pro Logic IIz and DSX modes without splashing out four figures though you may end up feeling a little cheated that you've had to sacrifice your rear speaker options to do so. The sheer bass power that's available can get a wee bit much to be honest, but there's already plenty without having to crank it up unless your viewing room is getting on for tennis court proportions. All in all, it's a bit of a bargain."

Single test
9 out of 10 points

Value for money: 9 out of 10 points, "Recommended"

"On this evidence, it’ll be criminal if Onkyo doesn’t get another Christmas number one. Like the TX-SR607 before it, the NR807 delivers phenomenal sound quality with poise and power in spades, making for an unforgettable movie-viewing experience. Yes, its relentless, unsubtle ear bashing won’t suit all tastes, but those who like their movies loud will go nuts for it. It’s also easy to use, simple to install and, as AV receivers go, it looks great. But what’s most impressive is the ridiculous amount of features you get for a fairly reasonable outlay, which puts it firmly in ‘must-buy’ territory."

TechRadar UK
Single test
5 out of 5 stars

"For: Full-on gung-ho sound with massive bass; DSX/DPLIIz; SD upscaling.
Against: The bass is a little too massive; Slightly flimsy build; No USB."

What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision
Magazine 11/2009
Place 2 out of 3
"very good" (4 out of 5 stars)

What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision were impressed by the Onkyo TX-NR807's delivery of immense weight and authority on movie soundtracks and its very good steering of surround effects, however they found it unruly and uncompromising at times, stating that it lacked the subtlety and low-level dynamics of class-leaders, making it a good amp that could with greater subtlety, have been great.

Magazine 10/2009
“very good” (top class; 90 points)

Value for money: “very good”

“Likes: Presently, the king of features in its price category. It has everything and it can do everything. Dislike: slightly imprecise CD sound.”

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