O2 XDA Flint Review

(Windows CE PDAs / Pocket PCs)
HTC Advantage X7510

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Product specification:
  • Internal memory: Flash-Speicher
  • Compatible operating systems: …
  • I/O ports: Wireless LAN, USB
  • Processor clock speed: 624 MHz
  • Type: Palmtop / Windows … more information

Mobile Choice
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3 out of 5 stars

"... The integrated GPS and large display means it works great with Google Maps, and Wi-Fi in combination with HSDPA ensures consistent data speeds. ... Unfortunately, because O2 has pitched it as an ideal mobile device for document creation and office applications, for example, it has almost forced the device to compete against both netbooks and phones – and it's slower than a netbook, yet much more unwieldy than the average phone. Still, if you don't take the Xda Flint as a PC replacement, it’s a decent smartphone, albeit one with less consumer appeal than most."

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